Funny Videos! xD

  • Russian TV has bought rights to the movie and They have own movie now.
    It is probably first polish TV thing which was bought by abroad.
    Fans have own site, They meet together with actors every year.

  • I=interview



    C:Colantoni, a tv commentator

    B: Bonetti,Bergamo’spresident

    (....)=added by me to let you undestrand better

    (the interview ask her to say a phrase in english)

    L: Hi, this is Leo. I'm from Italy
    and I know english but now I can't speak english because I'm embarassed.

    I: Surnames

    L: Leo

    A: Leo Lo Bianco! (bianco in italian means white) And where we put red and

    L: In the flag, near white! (italian flag is green, white and red)

    I: What is your best advantage?

    L: I don't know if is an advantage: the stubbornness.

    I: What is your worse defect?

    L: Sometimes I'm too stubborn.

    I: When will re-open your web site?

    L: Never.

    I: Who is the most Cable Guy of your team?

    L: Maybe I, no I don't know, there isn't a Cable Guy but I maybe do it.

    I: But it isn't true!

    I: Do you prefer skirt or pants?

    L: Absolutely pants :lol:

    I: (Do you prefer) Heels or sports shoe?

    L: Sport shoe

    I: Have you ever drink too, to almost become drunk?

    L: Yes, sometimes I've been also drunk, sometimes it has happen to me for some
    special occation, yes.

    I: (when you drink) Do you smile? It become funny.

    L: Yes, I never drink (alcholics XD), I don't like it, when I do it I do it on
    purpose because I know that then I become a little cheerful and now I know
    where I get to not overdo it (to not become drunk)

    I: What is your first thought in the morning?

    L. The coffe

    I: The shock must be done

    L: Really! I am addicted to coffe, so...

    I:What is your favourite song?

    L: Bad question. Oh, but I listen every kind of music.

    I: A book to suggest

    L: "Venuto al mondo" (written by Margaret Mazzantini -
    yesterday I bought it and do you know how much it was? 14 € [Leo's
    number] :white:)

    I: If you were a flower whould you be a...

    L: I would be a margherita.

    I: If you were a flower whould you be...

    L: Blue.

    I:What do you watch on tv?

    L: I watch it for a little time but if I do it I watch cartoons.

    I: What presents would you ask to Santa Claus?

    L: I ask him two, the first is the health for me, for my family and for my
    dears –that is big yet- the second is
    the scudetto [shield] that will be something more far but I want it too much (and you get
    it XD)

    What are your priority in life?

    Certainly the family, the affection for dears and people close to me and
    health, that I said some time ago and now I said it again and more, for me, for
    my family and for people I love.

    “My first 30 years, volleyball’s speaking” If you write a book, your birthday is close, it’s true?


    From where you would start?

    From where I would start…

    You mustn’t start from the beginning. Do you like write?

    Surely I will start from the beginning, when I played in garden with my friend
    Natalia and then we start going to the minivolley’s class.

    I: Where is Natalia?

    Last year (and previous) she played in Busto and this year she isn’t playing.

    Is Viganò?


    Oh, she is!

    Yes, yes


    At the appointments
    are you belated or punctual?

    L: Unfortunately
    I’m punctual and also with a lot of

    I: You get angryif
    someoneis not punctual?


    I’m always belated


    What does means be the number one?

    On the jersey? Once I was number 1 (in the shirt of the team)

    What does means be the capitan of the national team?

    A great pride
    and a great responsibility.

    I: Are you
    sure to not have a joystick in substitution of your hands? Because you are too

    L: Maybe
    have it! No.

    I: Would
    you will make again what have you done?

    L: Yes, but
    some moments are very difficult to do again, also things I’ve done for volley
    when I was younger, but maybe I will do it again to be where I am now.

    (when Leo
    came back after the cancer-the commentary)

    C. Listen
    the audience.

    Attention, attention, attention, attention!!! Standing ovation!

    Attention, standing ovation!

    A: Friends also you, viewers from sofas stand
    up to honor the entry of Leo. Can do it!

    C:Leo Lo Bianco
    in field, we are all very happy.

    A: Beh, yes I
    have chills Mauri (Colantoni’s name)

    C: We are all
    very happy to see her in field.

    A: Great Leo!

    I recived affection from all the volley(world), so also from the palyers of
    opponent’s teams. Every match a banner, a billboard, a clap of hands/applause, I think this is very
    important, especially as a value for this sport.

    I: and it has
    been great for the sport.

    L: Absolutely!

    B: I want dedicate the scudetto to Leo Lo Bianco

    in the room: Great! (and then they start scream and shout) Leo, Leo Leo!

    I: What is
    your favourite ball to set?

    L: For
    quick hit the “two”, quick hit near the setter, behind.

    I: How do
    you call it?

    L: No, I
    can’t say it.. No, it is shown (and she show it)

    I: We see

    L: Instead in zone 4, the super, the quick/fast

    I: For you
    it’s more satisfied make a point with block, serve or second touch?

    L: Second
    touch, but also block… High level!

    I: You have
    won everything, in your palmares there is something miss?

    L: Yes, a
    big thing. I always miss all in the sense every time I win I put away, like as
    a safe. So I want win everything that
    comes. I have a big objective: the Olympics game, certainly I miss it.

    I: So: London
    2012, we are waiting. You should be standard-bearer, you know that starts this.

    L: Yes, It
    has started. For me it will be a dream, according to what I have already said,
    there are athletes that will deserve it more than me, in my opinion, for their
    wins but I’m happy because it
    has been suggested to me.

    I: Absolutely
    yes, we let our voice expand, it hasn’t decided yet. Lo Bianco standard-bearer!

    I: How you see yourselfin 20 years?


    Say a salute to volley’s fans and yours fans

    Hello everybody, don’t see this interview because It made more smile than
    other, hi and follow me! (not on twitter XD)

    It's possible, you just have to believe in yourself and really not care what other people say, because I've heard it all.
    If you let someone else dictate what you're going to do in life, then you won't get there.

    Non so neanche come onestamente: in due mesi ero di nuovo in campo.

  • Amandha Fox, star of adult films coming from Poland, decided to try her hand at politics. She started in the election for mayor of Taranto in Italy. Adds spice to the whole affair that Polish women to rival the mayor's seat is another porn star. Rather than debate the two ladies have planned a joint pole dancing for the residents of the Italian city - tells

  • It's possible, you just have to believe in yourself and really not care what other people say, because I've heard it all.
    If you let someone else dictate what you're going to do in life, then you won't get there.

    Non so neanche come onestamente: in due mesi ero di nuovo in campo.