Brazilian League 2010/2011

  • :cup::cup::cup::cup::cup::cup::cup: (seven times!!!! :whistle: )

    sorry guys I took to write here, but I yesterday at night left Rio in my way to Belo Horizonte, to watch the match, and its a bit far away, so I almost didnt have time to enter internet in that way. I just arrive home back from the game (after 7 hours inside a bus!!!So Im really glad Unilever won, or I would really be in bad mood!!!:P hehehehehe)

    Well, Ill say honestly, I dont think it was a good game! Tecnicly I mean, of course, the first and second sets were exciting, but in any moment I saw the teams playing their best, specially Osasco, that definetly didnt play well. Their attack was not efective, though they could disturb a bit Unilever reception with good services. It was not a good day by Natalia (well, she cant be a monster always) I think Unilever won they way it happened cause played better as a team...the group was working. Sheilla played really well in the decisive moments, and Mari for me was the best in court for our team, very regular. The midles were not efective in attack, but very efective in block.....I believe once again Unilever block worked pretty well against Osasco.

    Anyway, Im really happy we won (though I still hate the fact the game is just played in one match and that is in a neutral place....the gym was half empty today...cause I mean, Osasco today played bad, I dont think is fair that is decisive in one game, maybe with more they could show better they real game and turn things around...things of CBv I will never understand :aww: )

    Im really tired right now, tomorrow I put some quotes said after the match! ;).

  • Bernardinho is just "in love" for Sheilla! In many interviews he gave this season he said how incredible she is as a player and also as a person. Yesterday after the final he once again showed his admiration..

    Reporter: Of the 25 matches, 19 were won by 3x0. That is an important number, and lets clear that the team deserved a lot.

    Bernardinho: I think that deserved, for the concistence, regularity. By in a general way I was worried, I didnt know about these numbers, I just knew that we had lost 2 matches in hole Superliga, both for 3x0, that was my consern. We knew their strengh and we needed to have consistence. We started the match making a lot of mistakes, giving them, we could had make a better difference of points in the first set, but we suffered with the ansious in first set. But the team showed tehr egularity that showed in hole Superliga, I mean, it was a more regular team, a team that made less mistakes, a team that were more efective in diverse skills and that is what in the finals makes the champion.

    R: A challange, in one word define Sheilla, please.

    B: me I would say exceptional athlete, a human being that deserves all the conquers that she is achieving. The way she gives herself, the way she dedicate herself, the way she plays for the team. She is a star that shines for the group. Its like the biggest pleasure, one of the biggest pleasures in the last years in my life was having the oportunity to work with her. For all that that she gives for everyone, never centralizing in herself, she is all the time giving herself. I think she is an example. She is a leader that leaderates silently, and for us she has been really important.

  • Joana tx for the all videos :rose: But before the caremony I saw that girls wanted Sheilla to sit down.What does it mean ?Is it a tradition? :)

    Is that in the video?

    No that is no tradition ^^ ....maybe it was just a joke between Unilever players. :lol: .(sorry I dont remember watching this, so I dont know exacly what youtalking about, so Im guessing..hehehehehe)

  • Not, for now there isn't video :( Well Bernardinho is a professional in the court and as you said is a adorable person out of it. He likes to speak and to express what he thinks :) Something that Ze Roberto can't do! But even Ze said the same things about Sheilla :) Well many people are sayin she has stange technique, but in my opinion her style of attack is the most beautiful style and make women volleyball more adorable! I saw her playing for the Minas 2003/4 - the girl with narrow shoulders and weak hands! And now this woman is much much stronger! Everything came to her naturally that's why she won't loose it in next 5 years or more :) And her smile is like a bonus for everyone :)

    Short: Completely agree with Bernardinho.
    P.S But we should not forget Mari. Mari has not so perfect temper, but she is a fighter and she gave alot for Uni to win this year.

  • just watched the final. Its so heartbreaking to see Osasco lose the first and second sets wiht so many chances. They are just not stable enough, and unfortunately they dont have a "go to player" like shiela, someone who can make the points when its necessary. I think in the whole team, maybe Sassa is more stable and has a lot of skills.

    Although Carol's setting wasnt very good, it is clear that the outside hitters are very limited with what they can do with the ball. They seem to struggle to know when to tip the ball, when to hit off the block, etc and they struggle to hit when there are two blockers. This is one of the things i like about Del Core and Picinnini - they are very disciplined in their attacking, they dont just think about hitting the ball hard straight down, they have many variations in their attacking.

    I think Natalia still plays an immature game - she needs to be mentally stronger, like Destinee Hooker for example. I have been watching a lot of matches this season and she seems to struggle to play at the same level for the whole match. She is very talented, but mentally still fragile.

    Weaknesses in Osasco remind me of some of the weaknesses Brazil has as a team when they meet more consistent teams like USA. Their outside hitters go through many bad patches.

    On a positive, I really like Camilla, she is turning out to be a good back up for Fabi.

    Having said all of this, i think the Brazilian league is still one of the best in the world, and this year it has provided some outstanding matches. I cant wait to see the national team in action!

  • I think most of the issues with Osasco OH are because of Carol's setting. There is simply no pattern at all. A high ball, a short ball, a low ball a fast ball. How can an OH focus on spiking when she is unsure of how the ball will come? Natalia sure didn't play her best game but once again I thought most of the balls she hit were too low or far from the net.

  • Suelle was really emotional after the match, she could not stop crying!!! ^^ In the podium Mari gave a really big hug on her, Suelle said Mari was a real inspiration for her during the season...and after the match when asked about it Mari said:

    "I had to overcome myself daily, after not being able to go to the World Championship because of the injury. Makes me glad for not only had been able to help the team but also to had inspired some of the players. I told Suelle not to cry. That is a moment for her to be happy with her first title. That during most part of the season she was my half, and I was her half in this final. It is that that makes this group special. One completes the other, one plays for the other and that is reflected inside court. It is our difference to others."

    And Suelle, she completed 24 years old friday, one day before the final, and was really happy with the late gift, when asked why she was crying so much she said: "Everyone notice that I was emocional in the podium. Its that a movie passed in my mind. I started in volleyball with a social project of this team. I know these people since I'm 9 years old, and this title, with this team, it is like coming back home. I really wanted this gold cause I was second two times (with Osasco). I had always waited for an oportunity for me to play and I had to replace a player like Mari. It was complicated, but I learned a lot with her, with this guts she has. I also learned a lot with the other girls and with Bernardinho. This medal will win a special place in my home."

    Sheilla also said MAri was an inspiration for her..

    "Since 2004 she has been doing that. She went to Olympics games with 19 years old and ended being guilty for the fact Brasil didnt arrive to final. Then she had to operate her sholder and even with that we won the gold in Beijing. Last year, she didnt go to the Wolrd Championship cause she injuried her knee. And she turned around again, helping us today. She was an inspiration to us."