2010 Asian Games - Guangzhou, China

  • 2010 Asian Games - Womens Volleyball Tournament
    November 13th ~ 25th, 2010

    Participants of 11

    Korea Rep.
    Chinese Taipei
    Korea DPR


    drawing of lots took place in Guangzhou City on 7th of October, 2010

    A: China, Thailand, Korea Rep., Tajikistan, Mongolia

    B: Japan, Chinese Taipei, Kazakhstan, Maldives, Korea DPR, India

    Schedules to be announced....

    i may not be the tallest,
    the fastest, or the strongest,
    but at least i can do one thing better than anyone else,
    to be me...

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  • India beat Kazakhstan 3-1. India has positive progress every year. Tomorrow They will play against South Korea- in My mind Best Male Asian Team now. I remember Kazakhstan from qualification tournament to Athens 2004. Now this Team is shadow of Team from 2004. Tomorrow They will play against Vietnam.

  • Today Pakistan won against Chinese Taipei 3-2, Japan won against Qatar 3-0 but in 3rd set 32-20, Iran won against Indonesia but with problems in 2nd and 3rd set 25-23. On Thursday will begin Women's Games in Volleyball, Handball and Basketball.

  • Will China, Korea and Japan have their best players there or are they sending a "B" team?

    china and korea will be sending their team A their best players...while japan will not send their team A...i think they will be sending their team B...for them to gain more international exposure and prepare to be in the team A if ever some of its members in the team A...will retire... :thumbsup:

  • Today China won over Thailand 2519 2125 2522 2725. Men's Volleyball in Thailand is going up. Tomorrow will start Women's competition. Match of day Thailand-South Korea. Who will win? I think Thailand. In Men's basketball small Chinese Taipei won over high India 93-66 ;-)



    Kazakhstan vs Maldives 3-0 (25-7, 25-6, 25-3)

    top scorers:
    KAZ - matvyeva 13, kutsko 11, arslanova 9, zhukova 8......
    MDV - nazyma 2, muneer 1, saffa 1, mohamed 1. full stop here. :wall:

    i may not be the tallest,
    the fastest, or the strongest,
    but at least i can do one thing better than anyone else,
    to be me...

  • In Women's Volleyball Japan won against Chinese Taipei 3-2 in tie break 17-15, North Korea won against India 2523 2513 2520. In match of Day South Korea beat Thailand 2520 2519 2517. Tomorrow match of day will be Chinese Taipei-Kazakhstan. Tomorrow Quarterfinals in Men's Volleyball. Match of this phase will be China-Saudi Arabia.

  • Asian Games womens volleyball
    Main participating Team Roster

    China NT 12 roster

    Setters: Wei Qiuyue, Shen Jingsi
    Opposites: Zhou Suhong, Zhang Lei
    Wings: Wang Yimei, Yang Jie, Li Juan, Chen Liyi
    Middles: Xue Ming, Ma Yunwen, Xu Yunli
    Libero: Zhang Xian

    Korea NT 12 roster

    Setters: Kim Sa-nee, Lee So-la
    Opposite: Hwang Youn-joo
    Wings: Kim Yeon-koung, Han Song-yi, Han Yo-mi
    Middles: Jung Dae-young, Yang Hyo-jin, Kim Se-young
    Libero: Nam Jie-youn, Yim Myung-ok, Oh Ji-young

    Thailand NT 12 roster

    Setters: Nootsara, Kamonporn
    Opposites: Malika, Em-orn
    Wings: Wilavan, Onuma, Rasamee, Sutadta
    Middles: Pleumjit, Amporn, Utaiwan
    Libero: Piyanut

    Kazakhstan NT 12 Roster

    Setters: Ishimtseva, Lukomskaya
    Opposites: Matveyeva, Dobryshevskaya
    Wings: Kutsko, Arslanova, Jarlagassova
    Middles: Zhukova, Nassedkina, Anarbayeva
    Libero: Ezau, Storozhenko

    Japan NT 12 Roster(its team B)

    Setters: Yokoyama Masami, Kosuge Mayumi
    Opposites: Izuoka Miku, Yoshida Minami
    Wings: Nomota Rika, Hakuta Hiroko, Minemura Saki
    Middles: Mori Mariko, Onuma Shoko, Numata Shakura, Nishiyama Yuki
    Liberos: Kimura Misato

    Chinese Taipei 12 Roster

    Setters: Yen Pei Ling, Yang Ya Chu
    Opposites: Chen Wan Ting,
    Wings: Teng Yen Min, Liao Wan Ju, Wu Ko Jou,
    Middles: Tsai Yin Feng, Huang Szu Chi, Wu Shu Fen, Wen I Tzu
    Liberos: Yang Meng Hua, Hsieh Yi Ting

    i may not be the tallest,
    the fastest, or the strongest,
    but at least i can do one thing better than anyone else,
    to be me...

  • Today in Men's Handball Japan won against Philippines 60-58 and Qatar beat Chinese Taipei 72-70. Sensation in Women's Handball. Thailand was beaten by Kazakhstan 14-25 > 4-16 10-9. In other match Japan won overcome North Korea but only 31-27 > 14-14 17-13. Handball in North Korea goes in good way every competition.

  • I thought that today will be quarterfinals in Men's Volleyball but after preliminary round is placement 1-8. In this phase India won over Japan 2520 2519 2125 2628 1513, Kuwait beat Vietnam 3-2, China beat Saudic Arabia 3-0. In Women's Volleyball a little sensation or maybe big. North Korea beat Japan B in straight sets 2521 2517 2513. Kazakhstan won overcome Chinese Taipei 2519 1725 2519 2519. Match of Saturday will be China-South Korea.