European Championships 2011

  • Poland will play with the Wild Card in the World Cup- said today Mirosław Przedpełski.

    Yes, I've heard about it. I can't say I'm not glad (of course if it is official), but on the other hand: another wild card for Poland... :whistle: :gone:

    The most important 3:

    5th place - Prediction Game - World League 2011 :D

  • You'll force us to become European champions that way :D

  • What a stupid formula is that. I can't believe. But in the other hand I wish we can eliminate Rusiia in QF's. Don't think this time will be easy in World Cup. There will be USA, Cuba, Brazil, much improved Argentina, possibly Russia again, maybe Italy and Australia, Japan and Egypt, Tunisia.

  • Competition formula :…n_Volleyball_Championship The ranking of teams is determined by the points awarded for matches won and lost. Points awarded per match to each team:
    • Winner 3:0 or 3:1 3 points
    • Winner 3:2 2 points
    • Loser 2:3 1 point
    • Loser 1:3 or 0:3 0 point In case of equality in the number of points gained by two or several teams, they will be
    classified in descending order by the number of matches won. If the tie persists, as per number of matches won, they will be classified in descending order
    by the set quotient resulting from the division of the number of all sets won by the number of
    all sets lost. If the tie persists, as per the set quotient, they will be classified in descending order by the
    set points quotient resulting from the division of all set points scored by the total of set points
    lost during all sets. If the tie continues, as per the sets points quotient, the teams are ranked according to the
    result(s) of the match(es) they have been disputing between them.

  • Quote

    IMO the competition format of the ECH is great! The group leaders will be forced to win all three games to gain an extra day rest, the crossed games between the 2nd and 3rd-ranked for the 4 left places in the quarters are IMO necessary because some groups are always harder than others, so an additional chance will be given to good 3rd ranked teams! The only thing I have some suspicions about is the missing information regarding how the qurterfinals and semifinals will be determined, there's nothing about that either on, or the tournament website.. I can only hope the whole scheme had been set up before the draw, not right after it...

    Yes, I agree! It's a good thing that the first place in the pool means a lot. And in this way only 4 teams will be eliminated after the first phase, so lot of teams will have is own chance! :D

    Btw, the tickets are expensive! In Innsbruck from 24 to 69!! And it's only a preliminary pool! And why there it cost more than in Vienna? :down: And the final is really expensive :what:

  • LOL, what a pathetic formula. If Poland/Bulgaria wanna go through to semi finals then need to win the group or come in third. Ridiculous...

    I imagine you said that because the second of the pool D, IF they will reach the quaterfinal, will have to beat the first of pool B, that will (very) PROBABLY be Russia.

    It's time to deal with that, Russia EXISTS, we can't just cut them off the pools because they are too strong and it's not fair that someone will have to meet them in quaterfinal :pinch:

  • No, it's not fair cuz third team from group D has easier way to the final than second one... Where is the logic? :whistle:

    Then you can say that the third from group B has harder way to the final than the second one, so it's logical...

    Don't misunderstand me, I'm not telling that pratically it would be the same meet in the quaterfinal Russia or e.g. Serbia (if they'll get the first place): of course it's not, because this two team aren't at the same level... But nobody is at Russia level!

    So, there is no other solution than deal with the fact that someone will be more unlucky meeting Russia in quaterfinal and someone will be more lucky meeting for example Serbia or Italy or France or Poland or Bulgaria or who knows! There's no way to avoid it...

    BTW each third will have to beat a second (so they have an harder challenge, theorically) to get to the quarterfinal, while the second will have (always theorically) an easier way to the quaterfinal, because they will have to beat a third.

    In each quaterfinal there will be a first team, so theorically there will be an hard way for whoever reaches only the second or third place.

    Pratically it will never be perfectly equal since there will be a team that can be considered the strongest like Russia is.

    I hope I explain it clearly...:S

  • The formula is total shit. I hope you understand me :wall:

  • these are the 18 italian players that will train from July the 21st to July the 29th:

    Setters: Travica e Boninfante.

    Opposites: Lasko e Sabbi.

    MBs: Barone, Birarelli, Buti, De Togni e Mastrangelo.

    OHs: Della Lunga, Kovar, Maruotti, Parodi, Savani, Zaytsev.

    Liberos: Bari, De Pandis e Giovi.

    (not Patriarca, Colaci, Baranowicz, Falaschi, Rosso)

  • Savani & Parodi & Zaytsev - a fantastic trio 8)
    But without Vermiglio? :(

    I suddenly remembered... What is happening with Matteo Martino?

    At least for now Vermiglio won't be back... I think that Berruto wanna to trust in Travica, who helps the team a lot with his attitude, his block, and expecially his serve, even if Vermiglio is a better setter. It would be great having him on the bench ready to the court if Travica will lose lucidity in certain moments, but I don't think Valerio will ever accept to be a sub...

    Martino, at least until the Olympics, is a beacher. And quite an idiot, too :lol: He said things like "Oh, I felt pity for the NT, they have to wear all the same uniform" (while he was always without t-shirt at Beach WCh in Rome, a true showman, I think he really love himself :thumbup: ), "I understan that I don't like volleyball. Too many stupid rules, and I wanna to be free", "In volleyball indoor I felt like a puppy, you always have to do what someone else told you to do"

    I think that if it would exist a kind of volleyball thet you can play alone, he would have chose it :lol:

    I enjoyed watching him in beach volley, but this year he was awful in the last part of the indoor-season. Like a zombie careless on the court :thumbdown:

    And he have always the same expression.. he almost never smile :what:

    About Parodi, I hope he will be totally recovered for the ECh!! :heart: :flower: And I hope the same for Bartman, of course!!

  • Martino. I liked him so... :huh: He is such an idiot :thumbdown:
    Never smile but he has the tick: blinks cool :P

    Don't worry. Bartman is strong, ambitious and for him playing in the representation is everything. He will be back even stronger and more stubborn. I believe in him.

  • Martino. I liked him so... :huh: He is such an idiot :thumbdown:
    Never smile but he has the tick: blinks cool :P

    Don't worry. Bartman is strong, ambitious and for him playing in the representation is everything. He will be back even stronger and more stubborn. I believe in him.

    Bartman is a real man :thumbup:

  • Simone :rose: :love:
    he will compensate a little bit the absence of Sidao in the ECH :lol: :lol:

    :love: :love: I want a poster of Simo in my room like the one on the Ergo Arena!!! :super: (of the same size :lol: )

    I can't tell you how glad I am that Rome will play his first home match vs Macerata :cheesy: :cheesy: :cheesy: Our best OH all toghter at the same time, LIVE!!! :obey:

    (I hope I'll be able to go in Vienna but I don't know, so...)