European Championships 2011

  • Well media in Poland are very specific.
    If Poland loses the match must win Gold.
    If Poland loses the match and won't win Gold polish media and PZPS will eat the Team especially Anastasi and in first place will be- Poland without honour is coming to Country.
    So better will be win against Slovakia and lose to Russia because Poland hasn't chance to get Gold Medal.

  • I feel stupid now. I don't really know what I should expect from polish team. I want their win, but I know, that lose is better for our future in this tournament. If they lose, everybody's gonna hate them for this(I'm not saying about polish fans, I meant the others - especially from Bulgaria). People will always remember a things like that. Poland will be cheater in some eyes.

    Aga, as I said earlier- no matter HOW we lose, lots of people will think we planned to do it on least I feel that way...

  • At least after Argentina gave Poland the win in the Final 8 now Italian Coach shows that Polish NT is without honor.

    Why are you saying such things? Do you prefer to play with second team, but fighting, or first team, but giving up the match?
    Maybe Andrea wants to give some rest for our basic players before play-offs...
    Today he gave chances for Mika, Drzyzga, Jarosz and others who haven't played a lot lately, and so far they're fighting. We're leading on the first technical time out.
    Btw, Mika and jump service....SERIOUSLY :D And it was good! :D

  • Yeah, we're playing with second squad. Ok, I don't mind, as long as they'll fight, instead of giving up the match.

    Give some chance to the young players. :D And going to lose? :whistle:

    This set goes very well so far, Jarosz spikes more smoothly under Drzyzga's set.

  • This set goes very well so far, Jarosz spikes more smoothly under Drzyzga's set.

    And they totally don't look like they want to give up this match! Also, don't forget guys that Slovakians said that they want to win this match, and it's really possible to lose it, not because we want to cheat, but because they're a very solid team! Look at Nemec, Sopko, Divis, they're really amazing! Especially Nemec...god, I've always been impressed with this guy, how much we lack of good OPP...
    Anyway Mika is playing pretty well! :thumbup: Great jump serve, great reception, pretty solid attack...good job Mateusz, keep it up!

  • I think this is what Anastasi thinks: Poland will finish either 2nd or 3rd since the previous match has determined Germany is eliminated already. And the playoff will take long journey and one more match, so the main player need a rest. If the second squad win this match, it's better because Estonia is a much easier opponent, or even if they lose this match, the team needs to prepare for Czech and Slovakia, neither of which is easier than Russia. I don't think Anastasi is selling Bulgaria or something, it's meaningless.

    I would pay great appreciation to the two setters, Sklandney has perfect setting and digging skills which made me feel astonished. Drzyzga's set are just fabulous, his effort successfully minimized Poland's weak points, and the set for Jarosz provided him with more choices. Both are very promising.

    I think this will be a spectacular match. Don't take too much care about the calculation thing. Just as I said, Poland has already clinched one wild card, they don't need to play dirty for a medal.