European Championships 2011

  • What a final match!!!!I must say, CONGRATULATIONS FOR BOTH TEAMS! CAuse they really deserved to get there, and showed great volleyball.

    I mean, It was the final a European Champions deserved, both teams fighting a lot.

    Im sorry for Matthes mistake in the end, cause it must definetly hurt, and no one deserve to end like this, but Germany must be proud of what they did, I hope they keep playing this high level in World Cup. I think Guidetti made some weird choices in the game in substitutions, but anyway, congrats Germany...must be proud.

    And Serbia, what a heart, Malagurski was great, Brakocevic was clearly tired from yesterdays batle...and the young Sanja did great! Im really happy for Maja winning at home, I know it is really important to her!

  • My predictions :lol:

    Best Libero : Kuzyakina
    MVP : Matthes
    Best Server : Bahar or Matthes

    2010/2011 Eczacıbaşı VitrA - Turkish Cup Winner :cup:
    2011/2012 Eczacıbaşı VitrA - Super Cup Winner :cup:

  • Congrats for Serbs!

    I'm so sad for Matthes, she was crying after her service :(

  • The worst volleyball serve ever at match point in ECH final. Matthes, please never play volleyball again!!!! :cursing: :cursing: :cursing:

    I don't want to see her face anymore,at least in German NT. WTF...It was completely wrong to put Matthes at match point. damn...I don't want to be harsh,but she just sucks.

  • Any link for award seremony pls?

  • S E R B I A !!!!!!!!! :super: :super: :super: :super: :obey:
    congratulations !!!!!!!!! :rose: :flower: :heart:
    :dance4: :woohoo: :cup:

  • What the hell Matthes has served. Can't wait to watch that on youtube again and again :lol:
    Seriously, serbia's blocking was just perfect at the end of the match, great great play by malagurski !!!
    But Germany wasn't ridiculous at all !

  • Congratulations Serbia, not only for this deserved European championship but for the great season they have been doing. They overhelmed all teams in European League, They did a amazing Grand Prix, achieving a great third place and now European Championship winners. It´s difficult play so high level for such a long time.

    And in this match I have to stand out Sanja Malagurski, she replaced Brakocevic in fourth set when the match was almost lost, and she was one of the reason Serbia raise up and won the match.

  • can anybody gve link for award ceremony? btw Congratz to Serbia :rose:

  • it was amazing final match.... congrats both teams. thay played high volleyball. ı was shocked when serbia came back.. and ıam so sad for matthes, it is horrible situation for a player...also she was crying after match...

  • C'mon guys, we want link pls :)

  • It was a bad mistake for Matthes that is for sure, but uinforutnetly it is something that happens, I do fell sorry for her, I think it is not her to blame....I dont like to blame anyone in volleyball, but I think if someone was wrong it was Guidetti that putted her to make that service cold in the last point of the championship...