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  • Not exactly a rules thing, but I don't know where else to put it: according to the German distributor of Mikasa, a new official game ball will be introduced in 2018, to be used also in 2020 Olympics.

    I just hope Mikasa won't make too many changes again. The difference between the current and the previous one has been pretty huge, especially in reception because the serves have been floating very differently.

  • They want to change the rules again, to make the game faster and the public can understand it!!!

    If they want people to understand the game, the best thing they can do is STOP changing the rules. I don`t think they keep changing the rules in soccer right?! Volleyball will not become more popular just because people will understand more of the rules. I watch Basketball and other sports and I have no clue what the rules are.

    The best thing they could have done was taking out the 8-16 technical timeout. But they used them in the Club Championship and it totally sucks. The Rocket`s coach would call a time out every time the opponent reached 7 and 15 u stop the game, get back in, play 1 point and stop again, this is what can not happen. Other than that, I don`t think they should change anything else.

  • I don't have a clear vision about the rule, but I'll try to make few considerations.
    Also because I don't think we must be close to changes, if they have a purpose (changing because 'we want to change things' it's not for me, though).

    1_ The more interesting part of the set is usually after the 20 (obviously if they are 19-0 it is boring anyway xD), so shortening each set and increasing the number of sets can increase the number of 'interesting' and decisive moments, because also the beginning of the set will be more decisive for the outcome. And because you will have at least 4 decisive moments at the end of the sets, if not 7.
    On the other hand, the set may end when the 'real' game isn't 'start' yet...

    2_ This formula will reduce the number of comeback during a single set (which is a bad thing imho!!), even if the comeback that we will occasionally see would probably being more entertaining (one thing is coming back after a 3-8 in a regular set, another completely different thing is coming back after a 3-8 in a tie break).

    3_ Even if you have less occasions to change a set during the set itself, you may have more occasions to change the whole match since you have 7 sets vs 5. We all love when a team won after losing 2 set - 0 (unless we cheer for the losing team, obviously), so we may love even more a 3 set - 0 come back.

    4_When the teams are equally strong (or equally bad :P) the match can become quite long. Obviously it can also end 4-0, but overall it will probably be longer. On the other hand, when the difference between the team is higher it can also end with a boring 4-0 (but*)

    5_This formula will probably reflect more the real strength of the teams in the whole match (which I don't like very much; I can't imagine how many match Trento would have lost with this formula if the sets ended at 15 xD), but in the single set it can happen the exact opposite: a good service run (or many serve mistakes) can easily give the set to the 'underdog' (*)

    6_This formula can makes the serve – in good or bad – even more decisive then it is now.
    Personally I wouldn't like that (aces and serve error are the quickest action ever), despite I usually really enjoy good serve runs; when I cheer for the opponents team I don't love them but I usually can still have hope that my team will have time to come back.
    That worries me especially for the junior teams.

    7_Because of the decisiveness of the serve, it can actually happen that we don't even see a whole 'round' of the players in every position. Which for me is for sure less entertaining.

    6_When a set is fought, it would be better if it will last as long as possible. When a set isn't fought (aka, it's boring) may be is better if it's end fast, but if it's long there are more chance that the set may change.

    So, I don't now, I see good possibilities and prospective that I wouldn't like. Probably for the moments the bad thing are more evident that the goods, but who knows, I even may end up liking it.
    I would be curious to know what people thought when they embraced the Rally Points System: may be every body was against it, and now everyone is happy about it... (I was too young to know)

  • The Rocket`s coach would call a time out every time the opponent reached 7 and 15 points

    Ha, I noticed that too. It seems to be a broader Japanese move. Seen others do it too.

    I'm just going to laugh every time I read that FIVB wants to grow the game, make it easier to understand, or whatever. They seem clueless to me, and frankly, like really old people who have no idea how people devour content these days.

  • Interesting to know that Lorenzetti likes the idea ;)

    He would like (to reduce the non played moments):
    - only 1 time out after the 8th point (or does he mean only one in general AND only after the 8th point?) and only if you are in disadvantages
    - only 1 video check (I'm not sure I can agree on that...)

    He thinks there will be more balance, more emotions and more interest.

  • I have mixed feelings about this change, but mostly I wonder how they'd deal with the standings' points in RS or round robin's... a 4-3 victory would mean 2 pts for the winning side and 1 for the losing one, all other cases (4-2. 4-1, 4-0) meaning a 3-0 split?

  • I wondered that too!
    But I forgot to wrote it ^^'

    At the beginning I thought the same as you, then I thought they may to extend the point to 4... But it's not so easy to split the points between loser and winners.
    Like: 4 points for a 4-0 or 4-1 victory (0 for the loser), 3 points for a 4-2 victory (1 points for the loser), 3 points for a 4-3 victory (2 points for the loser).

    I even thought of a total of 5 points: 5 points for a 4-0 or 4-1 victory (o for the loser), 4 points for a 4-2 victory (1 for the loser), 3 points for a 4-3 victory (2 for the loser).
    I think this version doesn't work at all because the gap between the loser and the winner in a 4-0 victory is really wide, while after all to win 4-0 with this formula you need less points than to win 3-0 in the actual system (60 points – 15x4 – vs 75 points – 25x3).

    So yes, it would probably stay as you suggested, may be with a point for the loser (and still 3 for the victory) in case of a 4-2...

  • I'm actually okay with the substitution changes. It could help give more benchwarmers some playing time. 8 is probably good enough for me. Any number more than that should be shut down though.

    OT: I also wish Football increase their substitutions too. 3 is just too criminally low. I also wish they could move back the subbed players as well. Let the players refresh. You know. Football is just so damn boring, weird and tactically bland with its antiquated rules. Not to mention the worse refereeing of all the sports. i feel nauseaus just thinking about the real madrid offside goals against Bayern. :down:

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  • According to, FIVB will try out two more rules in U23 WCH:

    In serve, players have to land behind the service line if they use jump serve. The same goes for backrow attacks, players have to land behind the 3m line.

    I'm already terribly sorry for the players who have to play this tournaments with so many shit rules :wall: Short sets, new line rules, it's a disaster :!:

  • According to, FIVB will try out two more rules in U23 WCH:

    In serve, players have to land behind the service line if they use jump serve. The same goes for backrow attacks, players have to land behind the 3m line.

    Jesus, is that even doable? This tournament is gonna be an absolute trainwreck. :aww:

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  • I don't like the new rules. It will remove the pipe attacks and the jump serves. The game is fine as it is just remove the technical timeouts. I feel sorry for the players already.

  • tell me if i'm wrong . this rules experimentations are made with approval of "FIVB technical commission"? right? so thats mean that some high level coachs as P.Blain approve this fucking rules ? right?

    ...even when he was coach of our NT with silver in Argentina i didnt appreciate his way of coaching and read volleyball, but know, definitely , this guy suck!

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