The Rules - your opinion, suggestion

  • My rules are:

    no time limit

    no sets

    game to 1xx points (but you need to 2 points more than opponent to win a game)

    one more player on the field but not higher than 185cm.Task?Saving balls outside the field.
    even lighter ball (for men only) to make more rallies

    more points for:

    ace - 3 points

    block scoring - 2 points

    back row scoring - 2 points

    2 touches scoring - 2 points

    no subs limit but no special break to do it as well - can you imagine digging from the sub zone? :obey:


  • My Dears, Matthias:

    16 December in Czestochowa will be played match Anastasi's Team - SKRA Belchatow but.. with new system which Miro Przed will show CEV and FIVB. Match with 5 sets, to 15 points, max 16-15. I would prefer 4 quarters with 20 minutes.

  • In next year FIVB Club World Championships will be between 1-15 May.

    FIVB created new competition- U23 Women's and Men's World Championships. First in July, second in August.

  • U23 Women's WCH Host is Mexico.
    U23 Men's WCH Host is Brazil.

    In every 12 Teams:

    *the highest Team from the FIVB Senior Ranking
    *2 Teams from every confederation by special qualifications - CAVB will be happy CEV more.

  • Rule changes have been accepted for the time period 2013 - 2016! I guess they will be introduced as of 01.01. 2013 already. Those include no penalty for being shown a single yellow card, suspension and lost serve would be applied by showing a red card. Serve reception is also modified, as well as libero freedom on court. FIVB released the set of new official game rules for both outdoor and indoor versions of the game.


  • I think it's still 14 players for a competition, but only 12 per match, so nothing really changed there I think...

    Rule 4.1.1 (per new guidelines)
    A team may only consist of up to 12 players

    Rule 19.1.1
    Each team can have up to 2 defensive specialists: liberos

    Rule 19.1.3
    Only one libero may be on the court at any time.

  • FIVB is considering another rule change: sets will be played only until 21 points, with only one technical time-out when the first team has 12 points. Each team will still have two normal time-outs. The rule will be tested in this year's European League.
    (source: German volleyball federation)

  • Nobody except you wants to watch a match that for sure lasts only 60 minutes. Fans want to see 5 sets, players want to play 5 sets (well of course they like winning 3:0 too, but long matches mean more adrenaline).
    Right now, even 3 set matches take about 70 minutes at least. With the new rule it can happen that spectators leave the hall after 50 minutes and think "I paid so much money for that short match? I certainly won't do that again", so teams will have big problems to get people in the hall for matches that are likely to end after 3 sets.

  • Basketball matches have 4 quarters with 10 minutes and City fights to have Final 4 and Sports is more popular than Volleyball.

    It's just issue of change the thinking and expectations.

    You will see future will change it- People who has more than 28+ haven't time to sit 4 hours to watch the match and that is supported by surveys. Even TV's has enough changing the program because They don't know how long will take match.

    And because of that FIVB look new rules still.

  • You can't compare Basketball and Volleyball. Basketball is much more demanding in terms of stamina, players have to run and jump all the time without rest, game continues directly after one team scores. In Volleyball there is always the alternation 10 seconds activity, 10 seconds rest and so on, so of course it's possible to play longer. Basketball players are exhausted after 60 minutes, they couldn't play for 2 hours without break but in Volleyball that's no problem. In low leagues where I play, teams have two matches when they play at home, so it can happen we play 10 sets and that is exhausting but still possible.

    And don't exaggerate so much, I don't remember any 4 hour match :roll: People and TV have time to watch and broadcast 4 hour Tennis match, if Volleyball had the same money as Tennis, TV wouldn't mind to broadcast long matches.