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  • Better create 3 quarters with 25 minutes. The Winner will be Team who will win more points.

    As little as you understand mathematics (three quarters? seriously???), you don't understand that Volleyball CANNOT be played on time because most of the match time, the ball is not even in play.

  • For sure You don't understand that writing one per week- No They can't do that, No They killing volleyball- nothing will change. Noone from Persons who will decide about new rule will read Your posts. And You miaow as Cat in March :lol: May Anyone let the Dogs out, please?

  • Yesterday I read an interview with Doug Beal and he makes some similar proposals, but he is STRICTLY against making matches shorter. In fact he thinks matches already are too short. In all other big sports, matches (including breaks) take about 2 hours, but in Volleyball, it's possible that it's all over after 60 minutes and that is bad for the fans. Thus, he doesn't understand the experiment with shorter sets. Another thing he says, he thinks that it's bad that many points come from errors, and some of the proposals by McCutcheon are to avoid that.

    However, I wish FIVB will simply let Volleyball be the way it is now :!: :!: :!:
    I think no other sport makes that many rule changes so often :thumbdown:

    The reason is that the game itself is difficult to play. It's the easiest observation to the larger number of errors compared to other games. The ball flies in the air, thus increasing the chance for a team to make mistakes, unlike football or basketball where you can do whatever you want with it for as long as (ideally) you want. No matter what one does, they won't drastically reduce the errors and still keep the essence of the game. With or without many mistakes, as a difficult game as it is, volleyball is more appealing to watch for the complexity and the athleticism, so these guys should stop acting like pioneers to keep their names in history and rather focus on their damn jobs.

  • Proposals by Hugh McCutcheon


    Penalty for missed serve would force players to use easier serves whereas 2 points for ace makes them to use riskier serves which will make game more boring. I am also against to narrow court area :aww: Indeed only change I am for is removing technical time outs which makes game slower and kill the excitement. About 21 point rule, dummiest suggestion ever :thumbdown:

  • I really wonder who made this cartoon...first time I saw it was a while ago in Laura Dijkema's Twitter and now I came across it on some FB site...

    Yeah well, the new player awards don't rely on statistics anymore at all, so they're more subjective than ever. Though basically I like the idea of choosing an allstar team from a tournament, it just needs to be done well...

  • I really wonder who made this cartoon...first time I saw it was a while ago in Laura Dijkema's Twitter and now I came across it on some FB site...

    Yeah well, the new player awards don't rely on statistics anymore at all, so they're more subjective than ever. Though basically I like the idea of choosing an allstar team from a tournament, it just needs to be done well...

    I like idea, but the choices were quite bad, best OH player award got Zaytsev who played as OH only in last match and in other he was OPP. I had bad feelings also after choosing Birarelli as best MB and Sokolov for OPP, others were good. As you said, good idea but it needs good execution :teach:

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  • The challenge of All-Star teams for volleyball is the following:

    1. Are you limiting the positions?

    3 Outside Hitters, 2 Middle Blockers, 1 Setter and 1 Libero or best players no matter position

    2. If a player shifts play during a match should they be considered for the other position?

    Muserskiy would have been the MVP of the 2012 Olympic Final, but not in the first 2 sets as a middle blocker

    3. Are these teams based on statistics (many times they are not)?

    Points matter, but so do errors and other things

  • I'm not limiting positions, but I would understand that Zaytsev can get award for best OH only if he played more matches as OH, not only one (he could play few matches on left and few on right wing). It's the same point as with Muserskiy in London ^^

    Gold medal - World League 2013 Prediction Game
    Bronze medal - World League 2012 Prediction Game

  • What's the matter with video challenge? Referees seem dinosaurs making use of it.
    FIVB should know the best technology is south korean on matter of this. I already watched video challenges in a lot of other countries, aside FIVB tournaments, and there's nothing to compare. In South Korea it's faster and more precise. There's a referee selected only to this and seated at an exclusive place. The second referee doesn't need to move. Video challenge referee is prepared to make a decision and she announced it in a microphone. It usually doesn't take more than few seconds. She knows volleyball rules pretty well and before players ask she knows where could be a bad referee call.
    Video cameras are high resolution as the olympic ones and you can see even block touches easily because zoom is great and you are able to see the muscles stirring.
    I don't know why FIVB keep on it. V-League has way the best video challenge system and they use this useless one. :wall:
    I have an idea: if they want to save time, it's just schedule another match during video challenges. :aww:

  • As I wrote already in WGP topic, I have the impression that referees don't really WANT to use the challenge system, maybe because they don't like their wrong decisions to be revealed. Imagine there would be 10 challenges per match that show wrong decisions, nobody would take referees serious anymore and they might say "why do you need us when you have the cameras?". I have no other explanation for how badly they are handling it during final round :thumbdown:

    In FIVB matches there is also always a 3rd official referee as supervisor and as replacement in case a referee becomes sick during a match, so I agree with the idea that this referee should handle the challenges instead of the 2nd referee. And right now they need ages to find the right camera perspective for the given challenge, that should work better too...

  • Line calls are the easiest to make with the replay/challenge system. If you tried to add touches, you would have to have many more cameras.

    The down ref (2nd referee on the floor) should not have to go to a table and watch a video. There should be a FIVB official (with their official uniform on) with a replay monitor with a red or white paddle (or matching team colors) to demonstrate which team got the point after the replay.

    In American Football, coaches have challenges, but in the final 2 minutes of each half, the every play could be reviewed (not every play in reviewed, but there is the potential for all of them). With volleyball, if the set goes to extra points, then they could be reviewed automatically. i know that this could potentially make the match longer, but would you prefer missed calls?

    The referees have to see that replay is a good thing. We are all humans and make mistakes and sports are played at high speeds, they are going to try and do their best to make the correct calls, but mistakes do happen.

    I think that the biggest issue that the players have is that the way points are signaled are very confusing. Yes you show which team scored, but what the hell happened. In the past, ball landed in bounds, point to side scoring point was very easy to follow. Now, at times it is confusing.

  • I already saw referees insisting on their bad calls when videos are displaying surely they are wrong. Anyway, some cameras are in bad positions and in my opinion when is doubtful they keep the call. An example, Brazil X USA. There was a video challenge for a dig by Fabi. Sportv commentator said score should go to USA, but I didn't see ball touching the floor. I personally couldn't make sure of it. I guess the same for the referee. He seemed not sure like me and decided on keeping the first call. I think it's a second reason in bad video challenge calls. Sometimes, to us is clear and to them is not.

    If my memory serves me well, I don't think it's necessary many cameras to touch calls. If I'm not wrong there's only two additional cameras one from each side of the court swaying the net.

    I also don't think money is a issue here. If KOVO can do that why FIVB would not? You don't need video challenge to preliminary rounds. Grand Prix Finals are hold in the same city. The equipment doesn't need to travel what would be expensive. And they bought the current equipment which means they have money to it.

  • According to CEV in next edition of Champions League will be one change:

    1. In Women's 24 Teams- 4 Groups with 6 Teams

    2. In Men's 30 Teams- 5 Groups with 6 Teams

    Rest without special changes.

  • How about if they do away with the Number-paddle-substitution-ceremony.
    Instead, go to the scorer's table, check-in so they can log you and the number of team subs left. Go in and replace your teammate after the current point has finished. And the down ref will just look at the scorer's table to confirm the sub.

    It will get rid of the situation where the players stand around for 10-15 seconds on the sideline, hold the number paddle up, sub in, then the down ref calls back the players to stand a few moments longer on the sideline so they can log it properly.

    Or the situation where the down ref waives away a substitution because the team was too slow to sub in and the coach goes ballistic in the sideline because it's a sub they need for the next point.

    It just seems to me that with all the fuss about cutting down on 'waiting time' in volleyball, the substitution ceremony is something they can look into...

  • Also new will be matches' system-

    1st week- only Men's CL
    2nd week-only Women's CL
    3rd week- only Men's CL
    4th week- only Women's CL etc

    Thanks to that will be more live streams to watch Men's or Women's matches.

    Play-off " Draw " will be 2015/02/19.

    CEV Cup and Challenge Cup without changes.