The Rules - your opinion, suggestion

  • But Someone sees problem if will be new idea with to 21 points.

    The official reason is to reduce differences between indoor and beach volley.

    And after all, it's not official yet, it will only be tested.

    You want to watch short matches, I want to watch long matches, no problem ;) Everyone may have his opinion, but I hope the people who like long matches will be the winner in the end...

  • I think problem is not the length of match. In my opinion, technical timeouts are too much and there must be only one technical timeout or non. Too much break destruct people's attention and kill the adrenaline :down:

  • FIVB has officially suspended the new overhand reception rule. They say it first has to be tested in some competitions before they make a final decision about it.

    IMO that's good news! All these frequent rule changes are no good for the game itself! I am against this one in particular even if it will reduce on court arguments.

  • And FIVB keeps trying to destroy the game :wall:

    In European League, another rule in addition to sets until 21 will be tested: time between two rallies will be maximum 15 seconds, so the referee must start the next rally within 10 seconds after a point was made and the server has only 5 seconds time to serve instead of 8. There will be a big clock on the scorer's desk to check the time.
    Official reason for that is that FIVB found out that only in 17% of the match time, the ball is actually in play. But the more logical explanation is: no time between the rallies = no time to discuss with referees, no time for TV to replay controversial discussions etc.

    IMO, this is absolute bullshit :!: Matches will be very hectic, less time for making tactical plans between the rallies, more serve errors because less time to concentrate, more delays because of late substitutions/time-out requests and so on. Those European League matches will be the shortest and most annoying matches ever with those rule tests :thumbdown:

    (Source: official press release from DVV)

  • I completely agree with you! I read about these rule changes, but wasn't that skeptical for one sole reason. Every new rule that is being or to be tested needs to receive both players and coaches' approval to be made official and internationally applicable (in the ideal case, I don't know if it always happened). This whole situation reminds me of the Golden Rule (I don't even remember the name anymore, it was the one in Doha to attack the first ball behind the 3-meter zone) and the reception clearance rule (that wouldn't allow overhand serve reception passes). Both of them received negative votes by namely coaches and players, especially the one tested in Doha. I don't like changes being introduced in volleyball every now and then, I don't like new presidents leaving their mark on the game's foundations in an attempt to make it more attractive. What they achieve is confusing normal people instead (the ones who do not play regularly). So let them test this new bullshit in the European League and receive all the criticism later. Destroying this year's European League, which, let's face it, is not a super top competition even if it grants you a chance for WL qualies, is a prize I, as a fan, am ready to pay in exchange for forgetting this ridiculous decision forever. I also hope their change requests will be denied one by one with time.

  • This is not going to happen. Even if you say it is about giving less chances to notice the refs' mistakes, the people behind the TV coverage (from the negatively affected national or club team) will show the mistake sooner or later. And this will spark some controversy (after the game at the latest) so the effect will be the same. If this case starts to repeat over and over again, the pressure from the public, players and staff will be too big to handle by the criminals in suits.

    I think they really want just to decrease the time wasted between points (although I don't see it as a big issue, in comparison with tennis, for ex.). But I will also agree that the new restrictions are too harsh and will actually achieve the opposite effect - they will segment the game more by provoking more errors due to lack of time for rest and concentration.

  • And FIVB keeps trying to destroy the game :wall:

    In European League, another rule in addition to sets until 21 will be tested: time between two rallies will be maximum 15 seconds, so the referee must start the next rally within 10 seconds after a point was made and the server has only 5 seconds time to serve instead of 8. There will be a big clock on the scorer's desk to check the time.

    Incredible :aww:

    10 seconds between the last point and the whistle for the next serve

    for the audience to appreciate the point that just finished
    for the floor wipers to run into the court, wipe the wet spots, run off the court
    for the teams to refocus, call plays and get into position for the next point
    for the server to run to the endline and get ready to serve
    for tv production to show a replay of a nice rally that just finished

    I wonder if the people who propose these rules play or have played volleyball in the last few years :pinch:

    From another perspective, this will be a nightmare for the media coverage...

  • :down:

    I predict a lot of yellow cards for "delay of game" and some yellow and maybe red ones for coaches protesting. :) ...and probably a lot of rotation errors too.

    From another perspective, this will be a nightmare for the media coverage...

    True. With a range of game duration between 40 minutes (quick 3:0) and 2 hours (hard fought tiebreak) it will be almost impossible for TV stations to plan with a reliable structure on volleyball broadcasts.

  • When someone get a red card, he/she MUST leave the court instead of staying behind the bench. :teach:

    It's possible, you just have to believe in yourself and really not care what other people say, because I've heard it all.
    If you let someone else dictate what you're going to do in life, then you won't get there.

    Non so neanche come onestamente: in due mesi ero di nuovo in campo.

  • Can you imagine, for example, if player dives to the back line or stands to try and retrieve a ball? If they don't get it, they will have to run back, line up in rotation and then be ready to receive a serve within 10 seconds. Ridiculous. There will be so many aces from receivers that are out of rotation or just not ready. That will have even less of the ball in play, Mr. Graca!

  • In fact, I'm curious about this rules. Volleyball audience has increased in many places last years and they (FIVB and CEV, CEV or FIVB?) are searching for a game more suitable to TV schedule.
    I think it is a good initiative considering European League isn't the most important competition of Europe. They won't keep it if TVs, coaches and players don't like it. It's only a try. I'm not telling that I agree with this changes, but I'm also not pessimist about it. Volleyball changed before and now we like so much this changes that we aren't allowing ourselves to think differently. It's only an attempt. Federations won't sustain this instead of coaches, players, TVs, fans, etc.

  • Italian championship (both M and F) will use only one technical time-out at 12 next season, and teams are allowed to ask for their rotation only once per set.

    This is the only chance that I am in favor of :thumbup:

  • Rodrigao about " 21 pts rule":

    Apart from the aspect of competition, the sport is also a great product. From this site, we can not fail to notice that games can be even more attractive for television, because it is important that volleyball is not adjusted and the meeting lasted two hours - commented volleyball and added: - The idea is good, and soon may be incorporated in life.

    Ze Roberto about "21 pts rule":

    Brazilian volleyball born out of a television. I see no problem in these changes and I think they will be good for the world. They are very important for the development and the game to 21 points that can be good.

  • These rules are suggested by Graca & Co., a fellow Brazilian, what else can they say ;)

  • If They criticised the idea what would do Them Graca? Nothing.

    So Their opinion is truthful.

  • The biggest challenge with 2 hours is that relatively speaking you have a point scored every 30 seconds (total play and break to prepare for serve and substitutions).

    If you go to 48 points (25-23 or 24-24) you are already at about 24 minutes, add in 2 technical timeouts (1 min each) and 4 timeouts (if all used are 2 min total). That right there is about 27-28 minutes.

    Add in 3 min set breaks also.

    So a 5 set match with each set going to 25-23 and 15-13 (without going to extra points), should go around 138 minutes, if all of the timeouts were taken.

    If you say that it should be around 2 hours, you need to shave off 18-19 minutes. Take out 1 technical time out for the first 4 sets (4 mins), still 14-15 minutes left. 28-30 points need to be cut.

    If you go to 21 (winning by 2) and fifth set at 15-13, maximum without extra points being 40 points, 1 technical time out. It comes to 23-24 minutes for the first 4 sets (92-96 minutes) + 12 for set breaks + 14 minutes (5th set) = 118-122 minutes

    I would probably not make the teams change sides in the 5th set. If the match is played indoors, there is little playing difference (in most cases), and therefore a waste of time to switch. If outdoor, then yes there should be a switch.