2013 European Championship - Germany and Switzerland

  • Go Netherland!!lets do it!

  • I think these mistakes and losing the set eventually will be decisive mentally :wall: :wall: :wall:

    Croatia is so experienced, they will take the match now :aww: :aww:

  • Child mistakes for the dutch girls at the end of this fourth set. :S

    Exactly. They should have taken the match....but now they will lose it.

  • I have changed my mind. :lol: Fabris MUST be the starting OPP against Germany. Congratulations Croatia! I hope you will surprise all of us tomorrow and win the match! :cup:

    Sorry for Dutch girls. They must have finished the match in 4th set when they had a good advantage. By the way, they have lost all matches 3-2. However, I see a potential in them and I believe they will be stronger in 2015 ECH in front of their home crowd. Sloetjes will be back and Stam will be there to help for reception. :win:

  • Congrats Croatia...Fabris completly dominated the game when she got in.

    Im sad for this young dutch team, but the team still make some capital mistakes. I think Stoltenborg sets for Flier always seem a bit short, she should put the ball a bit higher, so Flier can prepare better for the ball. Anywya..Its just the beginning for this young team of Nethlernad..they played some good matches in this Ech, and should not be sad with the result.

    In the other hand Im happy for this team of Croatia, they have always been a talented team, but could never really show their full game, for many different reasons...now the team is quite experienced, not young as the dutch, so maybe this next couple of year will be their last chance to play complete like this.

    It will be an interesting battle between Germany and Croatia.

  • WOW !!! This match's like a roller coaster, congrats Croatia :rose: and thanks both teams for an exciting match.

  • Croatia !! :flower: :heart: what great fight till the end ! Samanta Fabris, no words for her :obey: :white: she's absolutely incredible player, young but already incredible. I've read today on croatian sport website that Samanta remind them Barbara Jelic, oh yes they're right, she's such a talented girl, definitely they won thanks to her. :rose:
    it will be very hard against Germany now in quarters but I have no doubt Croatian girls will fight and do their best. Come on ! :super:

  • Congrats to Croatia and Croatia girsl should thank Fabris tonight. Sorry for Dutch girls, one more tie-break, one more lost again :(

    "Lo sbaglio più grande e quello di credere di aver vinto prima ancora di giocare la partita"

  • Fabris :super: Dutch girls :aww:
    Ok, Fabris was on fire, but she got really each first ball from reception and the dutch block was still too late. Really strange. Have seen that with Germany's Men and Grozer but on women's level???

    Anyway, congrats Croatia. Its going to be a graet match tomorrow.....