Natalya Mammadova: I have enough "Best Scorer" titles,now for me the most important the team title,and I will fight for that.

  • Yesterday, on November 24 in the first round of Pool E,of Azerbaijani "Rabita Baku" won the Romanian Dinamo - 3:0 (25:18, 25:22, 25:20) in the away match. The captain of "Rabita Baku" Natalya Mammadova shared with the first impressions of the club's debut in the Champions League.

    - I really missed the Champions League - smiled Natalya Mammadova. - Not only me, the whole of Azerbaijan waited the return of their team in the main event of European club tournaments .The whole country supports,lives with Rabita. It is a great honor, but also very big responsibility.

    - According to the score, the match was not the most difficult?

    - The game turned out a little bit nervous. At least - it's the first official match for Rabita, in the new season, the championship of Azerbaijan begins later. In the pre-season, we played a lot of friendly matches with strong teams, but the level of stress in the official matches are always higher. Even at full strength we have gathered on the eve of departure to Romania. Most of the preparations for the new season of "Rabita" conducted without the players teams from different countries. American Kimberly Glass joined on the eve of the World Cup. Serbian Natasha Krsmanovich and Sylvia Popovic, Croatian Mirella Delic arrived after the end of the world championship. So, we still have time to play better.

    - What is the reason for a failure of Rabita`s performance at the beginning of the second set?

    - The opponent was determined to give battle, but these difficulties, I would first of all explain as our misunderstanding. Sometimes the players just could not decide who should bring a simple ball and the ball fell between them. Removal of such embarrassing mistake - this is also a matter of time. But in the game against Dynamo team nature of the "Rabita" has successfully passed the test of strength, because we won the second set after 2:8 at the beginning.

    - In the second game you replaced - the coach had a claim on the game?

    - Actually great that "Rabita" has a long bench of players who can strengthen the team play during the match (smiling). Irina Zhukova, Olga Attivi replaced us and helped to change the result of the second set. In addition coaches are still looking for the best game understandings . For example, I was replaced by Olga Attivi, and in the third game I came back into the game,this time to replace Sanya Starovic who playes as an opposite hitter. Everyone needs to be toned in the game and each of us will surely add to shape.

    - But you can stay without the title of top scorer in Champions League

    - I have enough "Best Scorer" titles,now for me the most important the team title,and I will fight for that.

  • She is great person :heart: Even when she was replaced to Olga she kept saying ' Bravo Olga, Davay Olga, Davay Mira ' :)
    I think Olga and Glass as OH, Mammadova as OPP is best choice for Rabita and setter Zhukova.

  • Thanks for the interview Ilgar ^^