Leonel Marshal

  • Am I the only one that thinks Leonel Marshal's technique in attack is ugly? Especially from the left side. He doesn't wait long enough (I mean alright, he don't have to wait as long when you jump that high, but still) and he spreads his legs when he hits. Also his swing looks more like something you'd expect from a middle hitter. He's a great player of course and from the right side his technique looks better, but I always can't help but think what kind of player he would've been with different technique.

    Perhaps it's also because he hasn't been playing too well lately. I think he's better as an opposite than an outside hitter too. Any thoughts?

  • I agree with you. He is better when he plays as Opp. He is not playing well as OH.

    About technique, it's so hard to say something because we have some players with bad technique but efficient.

  • Yeah that's true

  • Obviously, Marshall has not full control of his powerful body.

    He's often making net violation either in blocking and attacking, and makes more "unforced*" errors than other players.
    I think the problem with him is that he can't adapt to any kind of set. You may think it's easier to set for high jumping guys because they will manage to spike the ball whatever the accuracy is. However, I don't think that Marshall is at ease with random sets, and has not so much ability to manage something out when it's not perfectly timed for him -a bit like some middle hitters, that's right.
    That's why I don't think he's such a good opposite, and is a better fit as outside hitter even if his receiving is not that well and can hurt his spiking game.

    Anyway, with Miljkovic as a teammate, there's no question about where Marshall should play! :lol:

    * if you consider it unforced error when he jumps high enough to spike above the block. It's just fair to add that other players would make an error or get blocked much more often.

  • I guess Marshall should have practiced front-row attacking instead of that much jumping when he was developing as a volleyball player :D well, seriously, you guys suggested that he was better as an opposite, but this appears true only because he was away from the net on the second row (I totally agree with Armel here) and as we know he can attack from any possible position. IMO he's not the best receiver, but his attack compensates for that weakness.. there are many players worldwide with a similar problem. But I also think Marshall is better as a 4 because of his "vertical" jump. Unlike some other not so powerful hitters, who jump up and front - something normal for the opposites as well, Marshall jumps mostly up and not that much front.. that leaves him sometimes a meter away from the net when he's front row, but that also makes him a better 4 than an opposite. What he probably lacks is the technique to be a perfect 4 hitter (apart from the reception).

    So, in this case, Armel and I share the same opinion :drink:

  • Yeah you guys raize some interesting points. He does mainly jump upwards, although he jumps forward nicely on the backrow attacks as well.

    Generally I think I agree with him not being able to adjut to any kind of set, not like miljkovic anyway :) In this video he does quite well though http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1u_a9XLtkI :P

    Also in this video his technique is relaly ncie on the 4 position http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rglbx_n-TJc&feature=related. It looks really natural etc, but just in general he doesn't always seem to time it that way.

    So I agree with the jumping up part, which makes him a better 4, but I still think he gets better swings in from the right side (also, when in front row)

  • In this video he does quite well though http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1u_a9XLtkI :P

    Typical of him!
    How many player in the world can spike this kind of ball like he does ? Not much for sure. But out of the handful players who would have done something, he's the only one who's going to blow it for some stupid reason! (here: not been able to warn his teammate !)