[Brazil] Carioca championship women's volleyball - Campeonato Carioca Feminino

  • Hi!!

    When the final of Carioca champioship will be played? Is it one game only?

    Game: Unilever x Macaé

    PS: the game was canceled because of the police x thiefs attacks in neighborhood of gimnasium where the final game wold be played on last sunday.


  • Yes, It will jsut one game, will be played 22/12, it was delayed, and since in Superliga Unilever will play all first games out, so will be travelling, they could not play the final before that scheduled.

  • Tomorrow, 22/12/2010, at 21:00 (brazilian time), lets see the final of unilever x macae.

    The final will have the transmission of Sportv (but havent an official stream on internet).

    Maybe a good person can to create the "official" live-broadcast on Juntin.tv, USstream etc... :sos:


  • Unilever 3x0 Macaé (25/22, 25/22, 25/22)

    Just came back from the game....tecnicly speaking it was not a good game over all, well it was a mix of very good ralis, with a lot of defenses, with a lot of mistakes, and bad calls as well. Both teams could have done much better...but its ok, it was the last game of teams in the year...now they will have a break till next year.

    It was nice for the party inside the gymm, for the first match of Sheilla in Rio, everytime she made a point the crowd went crazy...hehehe MAri arrived in the middle of the game to watch it. At the end of the match everyone wanted to take a photo with them..of course.

    I'm liking the spirit of the team, they seem really happy, and the group very united, they joke with each other all the time..having this confidence with the group is good for future games and decisive moments.

    It was the 8th time Unilever won the regional championship (1999, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010) - In 1999 the team still used to play in Curitiba, but was invited to play the Rio's tournament...and since they changed their home to Rio, in 2004, they won all the times.

    comments after macth:

    Regiane - "I'm happy I could help the group once again. I hope I can conquer more titles with Bernardo, teh staff, and teh girls. This group is spetacular."

    Sheilla - "It was really good. but we made the game easier for them. I think we still have a lot to improve. Now the team will have a break. IT's also good to have this time to relax a bit."

    Suelle - "It is my first title as a starting player from a team, actually playing. I really enjoyed it. Being chosen to replace Mari in this fase she is passing through it was a surprise. Now, it is to take that repsonsability and play well."

    Mari - "It is not good to stay outside, but I'm happy with the title and with my recovering. I'm already jumping, and spiking softly and I must be back in february."

    Valeskinha - "It was our first victory with a renewed team. I know that today I didnt play my maximum, but I'm happy. It is really good mood to start the year with a title."

    Jucielle - "A title is always a title. Today we made to many mistakes, to many service mistakes, it was something without explanation. Even so, I'm happy with the Carioca title."

    Fabi (always likes to thank the supporters) - "Even only few days to Christmas, the supporters came to prestigius us. Playing home is always really good, specially here in Tijuca. We know in what the that has to improve, but this dont stop our happiness for the title."

    Dani won her fifth Carioca title - "It is wonderful to be part of this history."

    source: unilevervolei.com.br

  • Thanks for the interesting sum-up and congrats to Unilever! :)

    Did you take some photos with Unilever players?

  • ;)

    No I didnt, it was to crowdy just to start, so my friends and I just wished some of them Merry Christmas, we taked a bit with Dani Lins mom (she is in all games of Dani, and also travelled with the supporters sometimes ^^ Dani's mom is really nice person, you can see with her why Dani is also a good person ^^) and then we left. :)

  • Who took the third place?

    That is a good question..hehehe I dont know..I'll look for it...

    Cause Carioca tournament this year only had 4 teams playing, two professional team..Unilever and Macae, the other ones were Junior teams...Universo and Seleção Carioca Juvenil (Best Junior players of Rio, is like a Junior NT, but only with players of Rio)

    I only have Unilever results:

    First Round
    Macaé Sports 1 x 3 Unilever (18/25, 25/19, 20/25 e 16/25)
    Unilever 3 x 0 Seleção Carioca Juvenil (25/9, 25/14 e 25/14)
    Universo 0 x 3 Unilever (25/6, 25/14 e 25/15)

    Unilever 3 x 0 Universo (25/13, 25/14 e 25/22)

    Unilever x Macaé Sports (25/22, 25/22 e 25/22)

    But I believe that Seleção Carioca must has won of Universo.