The Qualification Tournaments to the 2010 Youth European Championships

  • Turkey is going to organize 4 competitions next year.

    Boys Youth European Championship Ankara 16 - 24 April 2011
    Girls Youth European Championship Ankara 30 April - 8 May 2011
    European Youth Olympic Festival Trabzon 24 - 29 July 2011
    Girls Youth World Championship Ankara 12 - 21 August 2011

    2010/2011 Eczacıbaşı VitrA - Turkish Cup Winner :cup:
    2011/2012 Eczacıbaşı VitrA - Super Cup Winner :cup:

  • Matthias do You know something about Players from Team from Your country? Or maybe SatanClaus?

    Sandra Ittlinger is playing in 1st league in Sonthofen as youngest player of 1st league. She is a very talented young OH. Most of the other players are from 2nd league, I don't know really much about them. The only thing I can tell, the former coach of this youth NT was fired some weeks ago because there were some really bad rumors about him and our federation even reported him to the police. I don't want to tell too much because the story still isn't decided and there was very little information about it in press.

  • The little suprise: Spain-Holland 2523 2514 2325 2523.

    I think it's not really a suprise... This generation has some good players, specially Jessica Rivero (15 years old). She is part of superliga team CV Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and last summer played with Spain National Team the european league.

    Also you must remember this team won last 8 nations tournement in Germany

    They won in that tournement Belgium (3-1), Sweeden (3-0), Germany (3-1), France (3-1) and Italy (3-2 in final match).

    Last week they played another tournement in Spain and won the tittle facing France, Portugal and Belgium.

  • Well, I don't know if they are the strongest team (probably not!) nor the higher team (they are not very tall, ) but they are the best spanish generation since years and Jessica is a promissing player. She has been offered contracts since she is 13! years old and she made her debut in Superliga last year with 14 years old. She is mainly an attacker and has a lot of power.

  • Hmmm Greece beat. Croatia 2519 2520 2518.
    Poland won the matches against France and Bulgaria. I'm curious if Poland will become the victory against Russia or Germany.

  • Spain is the first team to book spot for final round
    2011 CEV Youth European Championship - Girls

    Luxembourg, January 8, 2011. After three days of tough competition in the prelims, a few teams are already close to claim their tickets for the final round of the 2011 CEV Youth European Championship – Girls coming up in about five months in Ankara, Turkey. That is actually already the case for Spain, whose third consecutive victory in Foligno triggered the well-deserved celebrations across the Spanish clan. However, Germany caused the main sensation of this round with a mighty 3:0 win over Russia in Kienbaum to maintain the provisional leadership in what is unanimously considered the toughest of the five preliminary groups. The competition will continue through the weekend to finally determine which teams will join defending champion Belgium and host Turkey for the final round slated for early May in Turkey’s capital city.

    Pool B in Foligno (ITA)

    After claiming a third consecutive win in this tournament, this time by defeating Lithuania 3:1 (23-25, 25-19, 25-22, 25-14), Spain claimed yesterday a ticket for the final round of the 2011 CEV Youth European Championship slated for next May in Ankara. The Lithuanians girls fought until the very last point and were even able to seize the opening set, so finally the match was not that easy for the young Spaniards. Since they have already clinched a spot for the final round, the girls from the Iberian Peninsula won’t feel any pressure as they go for their last game in the tournament against the hosts of Italy. As it was the case in all previous matches, Amelia Portero and Jessica Rivero set the tone for the Spanish offense with 29 and 22 points respectively. :cheesy: Erika Gelzinyte was on the other hand the best scorer for Lithuania with 14 points.

    Later in the afternoon, the local heroines enjoyed an easy walkover in their second match against Romania that ended in a quick 3:0 (26-24, 25-16, 25-12). After a close first set, everything went smoothly for the “Azzurrine” whose attack was well supported by the excellent performance of Cristina Chirichella (17 points) and Elena Perinelli (11).…ne/755/1712/18810_EN.html

  • From CEV's news:

    Top scorers:
    Spain - Romania (25-19, 17-25, 25-14, 25-19)
    Amelia Portero 20 points, Jessica Rivero 17 points.

    Spain - Netherlands (25-23, 25-14, 23-25, 25-23)
    Jessica Rivero 20 points, Amelia Portero 19 points.

    Amelia Portero seems to be quite good. She won MVP in last tournement in December. :win: