Barbara Jelic vs. Ekaterina Gamova

  • One more example for Bartek's comparision topics. I had the chance to watch Jelic for a limited time when she was playing for Eczacibasi. But I guess that wasn't her best years then. Still she was great though. Which opposite would you prefer for your team if you were the coach ;Gamova or Jelic?

  • It is really hard to compare them coz both shined in diffrent periods.I remember that Jelic or Ruzic(She was using this name mostly while playing in Eczacı) was playing OH without reception Radostina Rangelova(Chitigoi) was replacing her as opposite.In my opinion Ruzic is a legend but Gamova is way much better in her current shape.

    2010/2011 Eczacıbaşı VitrA - Turkish Cup Winner :cup:
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  • Talking about one woman wrecking crew...

    I would compare Artamonova (1997 - 2003), Gamova (2003 - 2010), Barbara Jelic (1997 - 2001) and Mammadova (2004 - 2009).

    In terms of all-around completeness, I would say Artamonvoa is in the top of the charts. Her passing is almost 90%. Her serving is lethal at her peak and not to mention her power especially hitting from the back with a high ball. Her blocking is stalwart. I would remember her blocking in the oppposite side of the court and how she would balance the triple blocking with the same height reach as the other two already on the right side :super: .

    Barbara Jelic seemed to be more explosive, slightly above Artamonova. But Artamonova is crafty but has the potential to be more explosive than Jelic.

    Gamova's blocking is exceptional because of her height. Her spike reach gives her more power but I wouldn't say as explosive as the others.

    Mammadova is explosive together with the height she can attain. Although not as all-around with her blocking and passing prowess.

  • Totaly agree with ac3...

    I like all of those players but most of Gamova is because of her height.
    I loved watching Jelic spikes because of her explosion. The same applies for Mammadova.

    And then there is Artamonova. The Artamonova from 90's was sooooo amazing. I will never forget that high ball and the way she would smash easily. Mireya, Torres, Carvajal and Artamonova are players who reminds me why the 90's volleyball was so amazing.

  • I`d like write this-you did it for me!!! Great minds think the same!! ;)
    Totally agree with you both!!! Just one missing- Mammadova has very good block ;)