The 2012 CEV Champions League

  • Congratulations for my team, They did an amazing job, coming back in the first set, and then having a good momentum :heart:
    Only one match to go for final 4 :box:

  • Glinka shock stormed Cannes :drink:

  • Congrats Vakif !! superb victory !! :super: Maggie was fantastic :obey: :heart: whole team played really good :) I hope they will do the same in Cannes next week. Go girls :super:

  • Cannes gave up the game very early. They also seemed so desperate whereas VTT had impressive performance in every position. 25-11 was too much if you ask me. The message given from this game will also affect psychologically the second game coming up next week.

  • and of course I cant forget to mention about Jelena, she was awsome today also ! :flower:

  • well done Vakıfbank :drink: they played like a former champion today, second match is an away match but I believe they will qualify the final 4, Glinka is a legend I respect her so much she is a great player and a great person.

    I was expecting more from Cannes they played quite well in first set but they just gave up after they lost the first set, maybe they started to think about the second match but a team like Vakıfbank don't give the tour away after this, but it will be a tough match next week.

    I hope we can see some action in Italian derby tonight :whistle:

  • Superb performance by VTT, congratulations :flower: :flower: :flower:

    Great tactics by Guidetti. By service-pressure keeping Cannes-recpetion away from the huge block making Cannes-OHs desperately. Also Fürst and Bahar did a great job against Rasic and Ravva.

    Of course Glinka was THE star of the game, but my personal MVP today was the setter ---> OZGE :super: :super: :rose: :heart:

  • Woow :lol: What was that :lol: :lol: I don't know what to say.. It was glorious, super, so exciting, spectacular.... I enjoyed a lot really.. This is the best match Vakıfbank has played in this season..Everything worked well: receiving, setting,attacking, blocking,digging and the very important thing when we talk about Vakıfbank : SPIRIT :thumbsup: Glinka again showed that she is the player for these matches :heart: Nikolic was outstanding tonight! %75 at attacking :white: just great :flower: I congratulete all of them again :win: I wish the same performance for the next week :thumbsup:

  • mamma mia turchia again :drink: :drink: ı hope everything will be same like last year :drink: :drink:

  • Congrats. VTT. i love u Glinka. :rose: :super: (She played like real Glinka).All Vtt players were very good.Only Bahar's servs were bad. :D
    btw,Özge played very well.İ think i like Özge's game more than Naz.

  • What a ownage :cheesy: Great performance by Ozge :super:

    2010/2011 Eczacıbaşı VitrA - Turkish Cup Winner :cup:
    2011/2012 Eczacıbaşı VitrA - Super Cup Winner :cup:

  • Btw,Nikolic was outstanding.i watched the match live and her attacks and especially her reception was very good.Go Niko!!! :heart: :super:

    it was her best match this season no doubt :) she was so effective !!

  • Bergamo looks better on court but everything can happen