The 2012 CEV Champions League

  • RC won Cannes this afternoon its 10th consecutive Cup in France: the 16th in its history. Viktoria Ravva and its partners have dominated the Mulhouse in the final in straight sets (25-20, 25-16, 25-18]. With this new title, the Cannes sit a little more dominance over the hexagonal volleyball. From the start of the second set, the Serbian striker Anja Spasojevic is out through injury (sprained left ankle) and is uncertain for the Final Four in the Champions League, the big challenge for RC Cannes in two weeks in Baku.

  • Ravva? Where did you found that? I have not heard this. I only know for sûre that spasojevic is injured but they didn't said if she will participate to final 4.

  • Final four order of play is out:

    Saturday, March 24th Semifinals:

    16:00 Cannes - Villa Cortese
    19:30 Fenerbahce - Dinamo Kazan

    Sunday, March 25th:

    16:00 Match for 3rd place(bronze medal battle)
    19:00 Final for 1st place(gold medal match)!

    All times are in Azerbaijan's timezone,which is +4 in comparison to CET!

  • Forza Villa!

    It's possible, you just have to believe in yourself and really not care what other people say, because I've heard it all.
    If you let someone else dictate what you're going to do in life, then you won't get there.

    Non so neanche come onestamente: in due mesi ero di nuovo in campo.

  • FBU 3-0 KAzan,Cannes 3-1Cortese,FBU 3-0Cannes,Kazan 3-1 Cortese .1st.FBU,2nd Cannes,3rd Kazan,4th Cortese.I love you gamova.I hope I wont cry ,old yellow angel ,we missed you :( If kosheleva didnt leave from Kazan,We would see the best match of this year

  • CL Finalists will get qualification to the 2012 World Club Championships.

    Zenit and SKRA got qualification in Men's Tour.

  • CL Finalists will get qualification to the 2012 World Club Championships.

    Zenit and SKRA got qualification in Men's Tour.

    not quite true

    in women's version winner gets to right to participate.

    if there is a WC (because no asian teams are willing to play), then FIVB usually chooses CEV CL runner ups. This is not a rule but looking at precedents, it is a loose custom.

    difference to men's game is that men's have 8 teams, women's 6.

  • Got an email from a Mr. Andrew Swann of asking to help communicate their website and volleyball events so here it is.

    Champions League

    Program Information 24.03. - 25.03.2012

    CEV Champions League Final Four Women LIVE and FREE on

    The next major CEV event is just around the corner! After the amazing Final Four in Lodz last weekend it is now the turn of the women to show their skills as the best four teams in Europe take to the stage to battle for the European crown. Everything is set for another fantastic tournament and we are guaranteed to see a brand new champion in Baku on Sunday. will be showing ALL FOUR matches LIVE and FREE on as well as in full ON DEMAND after the event.

    Semi-Final 1: RC CANNES - MC-Carnaghi VILLA CORTESE | 24.03.2012 13:30 CET…/video/336-989-78579.html

    Two time Champions League winners RC Cannes take on Final Four debutants MC-Carnaghi VILLA CORTESE in the first match of the weekend. Both teams performed excellently in the PlayOffs 8 as the French team came back from the brink of defeat against Vakifbank TTelekom ISTANBUL, and the Italians knocked out Champions League powerhouse Volley BERGAMO. This one really couldn’t be any closer and both teams will feel they have a realistic chance of making it to the final. It may well depend on which team can cope with the pressure better. Will the experience of Victoria Ravva and Co. make the difference or can the Italians get to their first ever Champions League final?

    Semi-Final 2: Fenerbahce Universal ISTANBUL - Dinamo KAZAN | 24.03.2012 16:30 CET…/video/336-989-78583.html

    Dinamo Kazan has the chance to turn Kazan into the 2012 capital of European volleyball this weekend if they can win this tournament. After Zenit KAZAN took the men’s title back to Russia last weekend the city waits in anticipation for the next trophy to arrive. This will not be an easy task however as Fenerbahce Universal ISTANBUL stands between them and a place in the final. This is the third time in a row that the team from the Turkish capital has made it to the Final Four and the silver medalists from 2010 will be hoping that their fourth Final Four will finally bring them that much sought-after gold medal. Can Dinamo bring the women’s trophy back to Kazan to join the men’s, or will Fenerbahce make sure that a Turkish side is in the final for a third year running?

    Day 2 Time and Fixture

    Sunday, 25.03.2012, 13:00 CET
    Classification Match

    Sunday, 25.03.2012, 16:00 CET

  • Well, just one day to F4 :)

    I just read some comments about Azeri fans will support Kazan against Fenerbahce. I think it will be individual choice. As there is no Azerbaijan team, I dont think fans will support other teams with fully heart. Like I have sympathy to Cannes, but I dont mind which team win :win: Rabita fans did do nothing to any team, as I just wrote before. But I read from turkish article that in Istanbul match, fenerbahce didn't host Rabita in the hotel next to Burhan Felek, so Rabita has to find other hotel. ;)

    Anyway, I hope all matches will be 5 sets match ^^

    This is the arena where F4 will be held.

    How I wish to be in Baku :aww:

  • Hye The famous Vicca Ravva is coming back in Baku after 22 years. She was 14 at the last time in Azerbaijan, right ?
    I think that : even if she has a so amazing career, she will feel a so great emotion

    Come on Vicca & girls
    I love you, Vicca

    F4 2011: Fener-Vakif GSTT 4-13 at the end of tie break 1/2 final. Vakif' winner C'L. 2013 and 44 victories Just amazing :rose:
    "Léo" flag bearer at the Olympics 2012

  • She played in Azerbaijan NT in 1994, so I think it is less than 22 years and also, she came before with Cannes to Baku :)