• There are rumors of a new team for Brasilian League 2011/2012!!!!!

    The project was kept in secret, but in these last days everyone got to know about it.

    A big company (people saying about EBX, that has as owner Eike Batista, a brasilian that is one of the richest men in the world!!!), together with a soccer club (probably Botafogo) will build a very strong team for next season in the city of Rio de Janeiro (that so far only have a women team with Unilever)!

    Radamés Lattari, that already coached many teams, will supervise the project.

    Coach: so far the rumor is that will be Marcos Miranda, that coached Minas for many years, he confirmed that Radamés enter in contact with him. Other name is Pacheco (coach of Cimed this season).

    The expectation is that the team can be really strong, though the contracts can happen only after brasilian federation release the new ranking for next season, the rumors are that Radamés already enter in contact with some players....the biggest possibility so far talked is the opposite Théo, that can come back from Japan.

    Other names are setter Bruninho (that now is in Modena, the young setter was born in Rio, and support Botafogo, so could be a good oportunity for him to come back to his city), the middle Rodrigão, that also want to come back to Brasil (after being released from Pinheiros this season, the mb signed with a turkish team), Dante (that can come back from Russia), Éder (MB from Cimed this season), and líbero Alan.

    For now, only talks had happened with coaches and players, none contract signed, but if EBX really build one team in Rio, I do not doubt they bring many important names!!!!!

    The team will probably play also in Maracanazinho, together with Unilever, a gymm that has capacity for 12 thousand people.

    soure: melhordovolei and blog of Bruno Voloch

  • Very interesting development :win: I'm curious what Bruninho will decide, going to Modena or to Rio :teach:

  • Very interesting development :win: I'm curious what Bruninho will decide, going to Modena or to Rio :teach:

    Bruninho will go to Modena, only for this end of season, he said he will play for them for 45 days, and then he come back. It is just cause Esko injuried. I dont think he pretend to stay in Italy next season, and this team is only for next season...hehehe

    But we will see, Im sure Cimed will try to keep him in the team.

  • TEAM RJX confirmed!

    A important newspaper confirmed today the existence of the new team for next season in Rio de Janeiro.

    It will be called RJX, will be sponsored by Eike Batista indeed, and will have a budged of 13 million Reais (around 6 million Euros)!!!! The team will be presented in october, when starts the season 2011/2012, the coach will be Marcos Miranda, and expects to have 3-4 players with NT level.

    Eike said his idea was to help volleyball in Rio - "fter all, it was in the city that volleyball made a different step, when Braguinha created, in 1981, the team Atlântica/Boavista."

    The project will also train 720 little boys from 5 different favelas, that now are pacified.

    Though coach Bernardinho will keep as Unilever coach, and dont have direcly participation in RJX team, was he the creator of the project that arrived in Eike Batista hands. For Eike only to say this shows the quality of the new project.

  • I agree!!!:)

    I hope in future he creats also a women team! Money for that he definetly has..hehehehe

    Somehow the women doesn't attract sponsors. All the best sponsors are for the male team. Maybe that's not unusual worldwide but as Brazil got an OG in 2008 I thought we would get more strong teams at the womens league.

    I guess there can be a lot of reasons for that. I find the male games more enjoyable to watch due to their power serves, spikes and blocks. And we also have a lot of good male setters that makes more attack combinations than the women's setter.
    Maybe another reason is the fact I can't see much of the womens with the "star", "X", "it" factor. Sure they are very good players but somehow most of them aren't stars.

    Anyway glad to know we'll have another strong team in SL and I read today maybe Florianopolis and Pinheiros will join their sponsors to make a stronger team with Giba, Gustavo and Marcos Pacheco.

  • I guess there can be a lot of reasons for that. I find the male games more enjoyable to watch due to their power serves, spikes and blocks.

    It's funny, because what I don't like in women VB is the lack of power of defenders ! I'm so used to watch male VB, that when I look at a female game, what's annoying me the most is girls not able to dig some balls that boys would have.
    Lack of power in serves or spikes doesn't matter much to me (and obviously this makes rallies longer). But a ball falling on the floor when I have the feeling it could have been dug: that's very frustrating to me !

  • I believe that in brasil case specially, there are two causes right now...first our male league is much better then our women one. Im sorry but is true. Everyone try to come with the speach, ah ause all of our girls are here, and we are Olympic Champions and that is enough, Im sorry, but that is just stupid, anyone that followed at least one time Italian league knows theirs is much better, not only for the games, but for what is make for the public.

    Our male league in other hand is really good, anything can happen, and that itself calls attention.

    Also, though we won last Olympic Gold with the girls, our guys are much more idols here then the girls....maybe cause they have much more contact with the public. Our girls almost dont play home, and when they do I dont see much things being done to bring them closer to the public, I believe that somehow affects in the interest also.

    Anyway, I think Brasil still have to improve a lot in the organization part, that is the biggest difference. No sponsor will want to put their name in something they have nothing in return. CBV in that matter is really really bad.....but everyone here jsut compliment them for the work they do in NTs....sad.....cause like that our league will keep with ups and downs....and I believe could be really good league, cause our big sponsors could pay as much as european ones...but our lack of organization avoit them to wanna sponsor a volleyball team.

  • Anyway....:)

    rumors of market:

    Dante si problably going to be the first player to sign with RJX....rumors are that here will sign for 3 years!!!:S And will recieve 1 milllion for season. Another player that is close to sign is Rodrigão.

    RJX wants Bruninho as setter, but....now Cimed join with Sky for next season, so Giba and Gustavo will play in Florinópolis now, so they will wanna keep Bruninho.

  • Joana,

    How much is 1 million Real ---> in euro's ??? And why did you use --> :S < --- ???

  • Joana,

    How much is 1 million Real ---> in euro's ??? And why did you use --> :S < --- ???

    hehehehe its around 400.000 euros. The face....well, I didnt want to come out like this, I wanted more a surprise face..hehehehe cause in Brasil volleyball standarts, recieve 1 million reais is actually quite a lot! hehehehe For example, Sheilla was the players that used to recieve more last season, and I heard she used to recieved 700.000 reais for season in São Caetano. And in Brasil women volleyball players usually recieve more then guys. So one million is quite a lot..hehehehe

  • Ok :)

    Next question: Why do women in general receive more money than men in Brazilian volleyball ??

    Is it more popular, so it is more interesting for sponsors?

    uhm....hard to say...I dont know if I have a proper answer to this...

    I dont think is popularity cause actually male volleyball is more popular, and also I think the male players like Giba, Bruninho, Murilo, and so on are more popular then the women stars (Sheilla and MAri maybe are the ones really popular too, together with JAque and Paula, but the rest are not that poppular overall)

    Maybe its a matter of marcket itself...we have much more good quality guys playing then women. Also due the stile of game, in male volleyball, if you find a tall, strong, good attacker player, its half way, since the sport is based much more in strengh and everything.

    In women volleyball, you need more tecnical players, so the number of good women players is lower, then the salary of this ones are higher....maybe is that...but I cant be sure..hehehehe

    But I think it is this, men volleyball you have many options, so you cna pay less for them, in women you have many options, so you end paying more.

  • A little bit off topic Joanna but I'd like to say it's a nice gesture from you to use that image as ur avatar right now. I'm still in shock and today while talking to a friend I just couldn't believe when he told me "Why are you upset? That is normal, it happens. This is Brazil.".
    I was unfair to him and told him a lot of things but I just can't believe there are people who doesn't care for those children and their family.

    So it was nice to come here looking for some volleyball as a distract and see a nice gesture from you. Let's keep those children and their families in our prayers.