• A little bit off topic Joanna but I'd like to say it's a nice gesture from you to use that image as ur avatar right now. I'm still in shock and today while talking to a friend I just couldn't believe when he told me "Why are you upset? That is normal, it happens. This is Brazil.".
    I was unfair to him and told him a lot of things but I just can't believe there are people who doesn't care for those children and their family.

    So it was nice to come here looking for some volleyball as a distract and see a nice gesture from you. Let's keep those children and their families in our prayers.

    And I say to you, you are right to be upset, we must all be...that should never be something we think is normal, and get used to, never! IT was very sad thing that happen, and all we can do is show our respect to the families, and send our prays to them :( I make your words mine!

    Im with u in this!

  • "The project will also train 720 little boys from 5 different favelas, that now are pacified."

    Wow! I heard about this new team, but I didn't get this! wonderful!

    About the team, also Riad is going there with Rodrigao, Theo, Marlon, probably Dante and the libero you've already mentioned (I can't remember the right name!) 8o

    So, it seems to be a very strong team... Who is going to be the other outsider hitter?

  • Today at 20:30h here (1:30h CET) RJX will make their first game in history! :)

    It will be a friendly celebration match against CIMED/SKY! It will have many NT stars (Marlon, Theo, Lucas, Dante for RJX and Bruninho, Giba, Gustavo for Cimed), and the match it will mark also the good bye for our eternal capitan Nalbert!

    He trained last 15 days for this game..hehehehe, he will recieve a honored award.

    So ti will be fun to watch for sure. The match it will happen in Maracanazinho, and looks the gym will be full! :)

    Sportv will broadcast the match, so if you want, thought its late..hehe, you can follow in internet! ;)

    João Paulo Bravo is training with RJX this time here in Rio, before going to Turkey, so he might participate the game as well, since its jsut a celebration game.

  • great match :drink: :drink: but it's too late, unfortunately :evil:

  • The beggining of the party it was actually amazing, looked like an NBA game..hehehehehehe

    The lights, the music, the hole event, players entered inside court one by one, with lights off, just one spot on them, calling each name....very nice party...Eike Batista is definetly not kidding creating this team...(well money to spend is nto a problem for him..hehehehe)

    The gym was definetly full.

    RJX started with Marlon, Theo, Dante and Nalbert, Riad and Lucao and Alan (L). For Cimed, Gustavo and Eder didnt play, cause they are with injuries.

    RJX started better, and won the first two sets. In the middle of first and second set there was a stop to make a honor to Nalbert, he now officially ended his career, and Thiago Sens entered as OH in his place in RJX. Also libero Alan left, he is felling pains in his wrist, so just played the first set cause it was opening game of the team.

    Afther the 2 first sets, RJX coach made some changes, and took out Dante and Riad of the team...and the team stop producing. Cimed grow and won the match in the end 3x2. but dispite the result it was a good game.

    I jsut dont understand why the coach took Dante out! I mean, I know is pre season game, and you have to make tests, but it was also a celebrating game, everyone was wanting to see the stars inside court....anyway..hehehe

    Final Result: RJS 2x3 Cimed/SKY (25-17, 25-19, 18-25, 16-25, 13-15)

    Photos of the match - http://www.flickr.com/photos/grupoebx

  • but our lack of organization avoit them to wanna sponsor a volleyball team.

    Sad and very true.

    lack of organization and support from CBV is a bad thing to both male and female volley, but is far worse to the female one. All the prejudices that brazilians have towards female sports (or females as serious athletes) shun investors. That is bad, its a problem, but that is not THE problem. I think the problem is that most people that could work, do something about or around that, just don't do it, wont risk it, as without organization theres too much risk.
    Volley suffers from that, but in Soccer, the number 1 sport in Brazil as anyone knows, is far, far worse. And its soccer, a sport almost everyone here learns to love because they are born brazilian! its quite sad, actually.
    Female sports are often viewed as playful entertainment, not serious worth-investing. Changing that requires work and better organization would be a huge step toward that change. Better organization would show rational (against cultural or assumed prejudice), mature action and view on sports. That security attracts investment, and all the 'get to the public' and such ideas and projects then can snowball into something much bigger.
    There is hope.. the Volei Futuro from Araçatuba, is a recent example as it managed to rally its city population. That also tells investors 'its worth it'. But it also shows that most work is done bottom-up. CBV needs to 'help people help' it .