Brasilian Nt season 2011

  • Pre-list: Bernardinho made a call with 25 names to World League pre-list, but till the end of may this list will be cutted to a 20 players list.

    25 players:

    Bruno Rezende (Bruninho) – Florianópolis / Modena (Italy)
    Marlon Yared – Minas
    Raphael de Oliveira – Trentino (Italy)
    Sandro Carvalho – Sesi
    William Arjona – Cruzeiro

    Leandro Vissotto - Vôlei Futuro
    Théo Lopes – Santory Sunbirds (Japan)
    Wallace de Souza – Cruzeiro
    Wallace Martins – Sesi

    Dante Amaral – Dinamo Moscow (Russia)
    Gilberto Godoy Filho (Giba) – Pinheiros
    João Paulo Bravo – Arkas Spor Kulubu (Turkey)
    João Paulo Tavares – Florianópolis
    Luiz Felipe Marques (Chupita) – Minas
    Murilo Endres – Sesi
    Thiago Alves – Sesi

    Middle Blockers:
    Éder Carbonera – Florianópolis
    Gustavo Endres – Pinheiros
    Henrique Randow – Minas
    Lucas Saatkamp (Lucão) - Vôlei Futuro
    Rodrigo Santana (Rodrigão) – Siraat Bankasi (Turkey)
    Sidnei dos Santos Jr (Sidão) – Sesi

    Alan Barbosa - Londrina
    Mário Júnior - Vôlei Futuro
    Sérgio Santos (Serginho) - Sesi

    The surprise I think it is the come back of gustavo, though he was also in last year pre list, and not even train, so maybe will happen the same this year.

    The good new the come back of Serginho!!!:) He had decided to leave Nt, but Bernardinho talked to him,and convinced him to stay till London 2012! :) (Im really happy, cause I dont like Mario Junior much..hehehe)

    Other come back is from MB Henrique, he is playing quite well indeed, and deserved. I jsut miss André NAscimento, I know he is a bit older now, but he has been playing a lot as well...

  • Can't believe Giba is still in their :S also Henrique!! Yeah I remember when he entered the scene and he was amazing, but then for a long time I didn't hear anything from him. He has such smooth technique. I think he played in the World Cup final against Russia somewhere in 2002??

  • Can't believe Giba is still in their :S also Henrique!! Yeah I remember when he entered the scene and he was amazing, but then for a long time I didn't hear anything from him. He has such smooth technique. I think he played in the World Cup final against Russia somewhere in 2002??

    I am not sure either when was the last time he was playing with the NT, but he was definitely a starter in the WCH 2002 in Argentina. Yes, he played against Russia in that final. I am curious how old he is right now, because apart from Gustavo the other MB-s are younger, so I hope he gets a chance to play in the World League.

  • I think it's time for Giba to move on from the NT. Yes, he has contributed immensely to the program. Yes, he is an awesome player and somewhat of a living legend in Brazil. However, he has served his role on the NT and I think it's time to let a new leader emerge and to develop a younger player, especially for 2016 where there will be A LOT of pressure to do well. Same can be said about Gustavo. Bernardinho had no problem letting go of one of the best setters in their country's history and repeatedly shutting him out of the roster and Brazil has been able to develop Bruno into a pretty damn good setter very quickly so I am sure Bernardo understands the importance of developing young talent. Right now I think Giba is riding more on his reputation and past than on his ability and future.

  • If i'm not wrong Henrique is 32. He is playing really well this seasonand last season he was one of the best MB of Brazil. But i dont think he will have a lot of chances to be in the group of WL because Bernardo will keep the players of recent years (Lucas, Rodrigao, Eder and Sidao).

  • I think Giba participation is no longet to help inside court but outside of it....similar to what did Nalbert and Giovanni in other opportunities.

    Giba is a conection to the new players arriving with the old school team, he brings to them the elemets of the team that were Olypic gold, and that is the only reason he is still inside the group. He is there to help as a capitan, no longer inside court, I dont see a way he can take out Murilo and Dante of their positions.

    Now about Henrique, indeed, well he was the last player cutted from Olympic Games in 2004. And since that he hasnt appear much in world cenary....but I must say, he is in really good shape right now, and he definelty deserved this call.

    He is one of the responsables for taking Minas team to semifinal in braslian league, and that is not something easy, they beat Sesi in first semifinal game, and lost the second, so maybe he will be one of the responsables to take Minas to final even. Maybe again he wont be inside the 12 players (with Rodrigão, Sidão and Lucão in good shape also), but he deserved to be call to train.
    Now he is 32 years old, making 33 next month

  • Being Headcoach of Brazil NT must be a hell of a job :lol: To make a roster of so many great players :cheesy:

    No surprise Brazil won all important tournaments during the last years, except OG 2008 :teach:

    My choice:

    Bruninho - Vissotto, Murilo-Dante, Lucas - Rodrigao, Serginho.....only weaker position might be Vissotto..he hasn't been stable during last seasons...

  • I agree with u!:)

    Actually, honetly I dont like Vissotto very much, I know he is a great opp. but I dont know..there is something in him I dont like. But I know he will be first choice, I really waitting for Wallace to grow in NT. He is so young, and he is great in our elague, he jumps really high, and for two seasons is paying a lot, but last year in NT, when he had chances to play in World LEague, he didnt go that well, I hope he can grow a lot this season! Cause he is quite impressive when he plays well! Looks like a real cuban spiking!

  • Bravo has a stone in the kidney and he didnt play the final series 1st match

    "Lo sbaglio più grande e quello di credere di aver vinto prima ancora di giocare la partita"

  • Raphael is way better than Bruno :win: :set:

    2010/2011 Eczacıbaşı VitrA - Turkish Cup Winner :cup:
    2011/2012 Eczacıbaşı VitrA - Super Cup Winner :cup:

  • I'm really glad Raphael has been called in the NT, he is playing very well and he deserves it. But I'm not so sure is actually better than Bruno, I'm seeing him playing in Modena and... wow! I don't think Modena would pass the quarterfinal without him and his way of playing with the MBs, also considering all the health problem of Modena OHs.

    ah, so glad hearing Sergio came back, he is great!

    btw, it has to be really hard chosing the main roster between such good players!

  • I agree, I think Raphael is incredible, and deserved this spot in Nt, but Bruninho is just amazing, when you can see him playing daily,,,,,he works really hard, is an example for the group, and he plays really fast. And He is the youngest, so its important for Brasil to have him being prepared.

    By the way, the MB Gustavo is actually trainning with NT!!!!! Though we first though he could only be called, no he is indeed training, Gustavo, Giba, Rodrigão, Allan and João Paulo Tavares alredy in Brasil training center in Saquarema, they are together with Rubinho and Chico dos Santos, Bernardo assistents.

  • 1st round (ever!!) Raphael- Bruno... 1-0!!XD

    It's just a joke, but Raphael played actually better yestarday in Trento vs Modena (semifinal), but Modena spikers didn't help Bruno at all...

    ah, Raphael said his wife is pregnant ^^

  • Líbero Allan is out of World League he descover he has a fracture in his left wrist, and will have to treat it.

  • So, according to, Bernardo reduced the list of players to the number 20. He cut setter Sandro, opposite Wallace Souza (the one from Sada), OH Luiz Felipe (aka Chupita), MB Henrique and libero Alan.

    Reactions: :wall:

    Obviously he knows what he's doing, but I can't agree with all those decisions. Well, Alan, we knew was out cause of an injury, which is unfortunate, cause at the moment he's A LOT better than Mário Jr, who had, IMO, a disastrous season in Vôlei Futuro. I totally freaked out when Escadinha threatened to quit our NT.

    I'm 100% ok also with cutting Sandro and Henrique. Those guys shouldn't even be registered in the list, cause it leads them on. They wouldn't have a chance against the others, in spite of both doing so well in the league.

    But about Luiz and Wallace... really? I can kinda get why cut Luiz Felipe. He's sorta of a rookie, his fundamentals aren't completely developped. And now he's moving to RJX, where he'll play with some NT members, let's hope the best for him there. But, Wallace? So, the deal is... I didn't follow Theo's performance in Japan, though I think he deserves to be in the group, for what he's done last year. Vissoto is what we know... Obviously he'd be in that list. His performance on the league was really really bad and his excuses are like, to me, a bad joke. But after the WC, how can you not call him, right? But, Wallace Martins, 28-year-old from Sesi... Is he really that spectacular? Better than the other Wallace, better than André Nascimento, better than Lorena, all those guys? I'm disappointed with the opposite position, and I think the guy that was cut is at the moment better than all the other three.

    About the setter thing, I saw you guys discussing. I know at the moment Bruno is at the top of the world, he's doing a great job in Modena, people in Italy are already calling him the best setter in the planet. But I won't take the hyperbole. To me, Raphael is still the better setter, and I actually think that he's neck on neck with William (best setter of our league this season). Above them, only Ricardo, no one else. Bruno grew tremendously these past years, I think he may become some day as good as it gets, as good as Ricardo, as good as Ball, but he's not all the way there yet. So I'm rooting for the guy who I think it's the best AND who's the underdog at this point. I see brazilian media ecstatic about Bruno at Modena and dismissing completelly the fact that we brazilians got another genious setter in the other side of the net (talking now about the italian league).

    Sorry, it was a long post, but I needed to vent.

  • I wish Bulgaria could have your setter problem :lol:

  • IMHO:
    1.Bruno, William and Sandro are all better than Rapha and I think Bruno is the best. He's playing incredible in Modena and also last years in Cimed was very good. Marlon, Rodriguinho and Ricardo are also very very good.
    2.Wallace Martins played the final better (enormously better) than Wallace Souza, so I think that's because Wallace Souza (I like him) is out. I am doubtful about Theo Lopes, but they played very few minutes in World League and in World Championships so I can't say nothing.
    3.I think you can choose whatever you want: Brazil have the best team.

  • I think everyone would agree that Bruno is doing a great job in Modena. His connection with middles and Dennis is amazing. What you can expect from Kooy or Casoli heavily depends on the quality of the setter and there is no question Bruno is doing the best he can with both outside hitters. However, I also believe that unless Brazil plays with Ricardinho, setter (Bruno or Raphael) will not be decisive for the outcome. Brazil can still play a wonderful game with both setters assuming that opposites decide to play which is not the case very often nowadays but Brazil have definitely lost that magic in their game after 2007. What is going on with Samuel Fuchs by the way?

  • Well, poor Samuel. He never really recovered from the injury he had back in season 07/08, at least not completely. The last two years he played for Sada/Cruzeiro, but he stayed on bench pretty much the whole time, entering the court very few ocasions. I heard now he's moving to USA and hopefuly there he'll make some sort of new treatment, but unfortunately, it seems his career isn't going anywhere.

  • I think that Raphael is heavily underestimated and tonight a lot of people could see that