Argentina NT 2011

  • Argentina NT:

    Opp: Ivan Castelani - Frederico Pereyra - Gustavo Scholtis

    OH: Facundo Conte - Rodrigo Quiroga - Crtistian Poglajen - Lucas Ocampo - Mariano Giustiniano - Nicolas Bruno - Pablo Bengolea

    MB: Pablo Crer - Martin Blanco Costa - Sebastian Sole - Federico Martina - Pablo Guzman - Gauna

    S: Luciano De Cecco - Nicolas Uriarte - Demian Gonzales - Maximiliano Cavanna

    L: Alexis Gonzales - Franco Lopes - Franco Massimino

  • There are some new names in the list, but we know the core of the Argentine NT. They showed during the WCH 2010 that they are a very good team. Their problem is the rapid change of generations, which resulted in the absence of experienced players on international level, but this team still shows good volleyball and I think they have the potential to take some victories. However, Argentina has never been a major factor in world tournaments, so a possible qualification to the OG 2012 would be the optimal goal for these guys, especially since Venezuela is way too weak to represent South America, they totally disappointed last year in Italy.

  • This season Conte is playing very well, I like this players!

    This year I often saw Uriarte playing, he has a great potential and some useful strength (block, also serve), but he still needs to get more experience, more characters. That's normal, considering he is 21!

  • After Brazil, Argentina would be my favorite NT. The group is quite young yet the players exhibit loads of potential.
    I haven't watched them in a while so I'm very excited for this World League!

  • Few problems for Argentinians:

    Facundo had a ankle surgery, he had to stop for 45 days. But he will probbaly be available for the sudamerican championship. (19-25 sempt)

    Gonzlaes and Sole will join the team a week later (the team will meet the 26), because they have problem with tendons and they needed a treatment with plasmatic cells.

    the news in Italian:…ewArticle&articleId=64859


  • I read about it yesterday. Pretty hard situation and big problem, especially with Conte. I hope he will recover quickly and fully. As well as Sole and Gonzales. They have smaller problems than Conte has so they will recover even faster.