HeeelMooi's late 90's / early 00's video thread

  • Since I do not hae the time I will not be able to present all my recorded material in neat chunks with the name of each match etc. I'll just upload the videos the way I have them on VHS.

    So this was the third set of Cuba vs Netherlands in the World League 2003:

    Part 2

    And this should be set 4 and perhaps a part of set 5:


    I have set 1 and 2 as well, but they're still on tape so I'd have to record them first.

    As RevanExtasis told me this match has the following players: Here are names like the Libero Javier Brito Pons(he play in belgium) ,Yosleider Cala(marmi Lanza Verona Italy),Yasser portuondo(Cska Sofia),Ariel Gil (unknow),Pavel Pimienta(retired), Tomas Aldazabal( Victoria de Guimaraes -Portugal), and the setter was Javier gonzalez(Copra Morpho Piazcenza-Italy)they are others like Poey(budva-Montenegro) . The Dutch team is comprised of: Gortzen, Nummerdor (Trommel), Schuil, Freriks, Mike van de Goor and a very young Bontje.

  • And here is the last part of set 5.


    And after that there's a summary of Netherlands vs Bulgaria in the same world league! For all our Bulgarian friends :) And after that te match between Russia and Poland during the ECH begins (of which I already posted a short clip earlier). Will post rest of this match when I have the time.

  • thanks Heellmooi you make this section on this page interesting again, well i want tell you, my friends the cuban players Javier brito and Portuondo are gratefully whit you . they leave cuba and they can´t come back and whith you contribution they can remember again when they still young. thanks my dutch brother . thanks a lot . when you are ready you cant upload the other sets and match for cuba . thanks again .

  • HeeelMooi, thank you very much!
    Do you have first two sets?

  • Thank you, HeelMooi for Bulgaria - Netherlands games :)

  • No problem for Bulgaria game :)

    First two sets of CUBA vs Netherlands you means? Yeah I have them, but they're stil on tape, so I'd have to go to my parents place and record them first and there's a lot of stuff I want to record still.

  • [url='' [url']http://www.megaupload.com/?d=F4Z6T7T5[/url] ']Russia vs Poland 1[/url]
    Russia vs Poland 2
    Russia vs Poland 3

    Here's most of the the rest of the Russia vs Poland math :)

    seems some problem with the links, not russia-poland but cuba-ned?

    and if possible, next time before you upload a file, i suggest that you give each file the name with more information as which year(9X/0X ), what match(WL/WC/WCH/OL), for example, 03WLcub-rus.avi. it is much more convenient for us, and also clearer for you when you have many matches, i think.

    thanks very much.

  • Yeah sorry bout file names, I just automatically continued with the Cuba vs Ned names, it is Russia vs Poland.. I'd preset it to you a little more neatly, but do not have the time.

    This match is from ECH 2003

    Edit: changed the file names

  • HeeelMoi, thank you! :obey: I am polish fan and this game is for me brilliant, but download links are bad. Links 1 and 2 are the same. Can you fix them? And sorry for my bad english.

  • [url='' [url']http://www.megaupload.com/?d=P320NZEX[/url] ']Russia vs Poland 1[/url]
    Russia vs Poland 2
    Russia vs Poland 3

    Russia Poland final part (single rar file)

    Here's the rest of the Russia vs Poland match :)

    Thank you, but first link don't work!

  • Thank you, but first link don't work!

    Ah yeah, somehow there were dual URL tags in there, but took em out now, try again.

  • Thanks a loooooooooooooooottttttttttt for uploading these videos :D :D :D
    I would like to request Cuban matches if possible, I'm very curious about their matches especially the team in World League 2005 (I could watch clips from the FIVB technical videos, but they are not complete matches). Henry Bell got Best Spiker award and he's only 188 cm and Juantorena was the Best Receiver. I'm also curious about Poey because from the FIVB clips he seems good (and also had unique "cartwheel" armswing when spiking).
    Anyway, thanks agaiiinn. God bless you :)

  • I don't have any new matches with Ganev, etc, but Richard posted a few matches with him in it a long while back. I still have the matches on my other puter and could reupload sometime.

    Don't have 2005 cuba matches, I might have some 2004, which had Bell and Poey playing, but no Juantorena.. only for service.

  • Here is a clip of Netherlands vs Bulgaria from 98. It's pretty short. Not sure what it is from, but I think it might be Euro or World qualification in 98': http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5MPQV3KR. It has Konstantinov, Ivanov and Davilov (really strong opposite). Holland has Christina, Lathuhihin, Nummerdor, Schuil, Gortze and Bas an de Goor.

  • I haven't downloaded the files yet, which means I haven't watched the game, but why do you say Russia - Poland from ECH2001. They never played in ECH2001, were in different pools, Poland then moved to 5-8 play-offs and Russia finished 3rd. I am pretty sure they didn't meet in ECH2001, maybe it is another tournament or another year.. not that I want to point out something, still you've done a great job recording and converting these games :)