Stacy Sykora in hospital

  • WEll, maybe most of you already know about it, I was updating teh news in Braislian LEague treat, but since the situation now is a bit more serious I decided to copy here.

    Unfortunelty the situation of libero Stacy Sykora is worse then what was previously released in brasilian perss yesterday.

    As you know, yesterday the bus of Volei Futuro delegation suffer an accident when they were going to gym for the first match against OSasco valid for semifinal of brasilian superleague.

    Most of VF players are ok, just suffered some bruses and cuts cause of the broken glasses of the windows, and are already in hotel resting.

    But the american libero is a bit worse, the player hit her head and suffer a cut on it. Yesterday, apperently everyone though she was fine, she even talked with the other girls before being trasfer for precaution to a better hospital to make more detailed exams.

    But today the Hospital Sírio-Libanês released that the player situation is not very good, but she is stable. It was detected that she had a head trauma and some internal bleedings in her left side brain. The player now is sedated over treatment in the Intensive Care Unit. The doctor that is part of the team that is treatting her, said that now they will wait for the edema of teh hematoma to get slower, and will let her own brain to absorv the blood caused by the bleedings. A catheter was placed in her brain to monitorize the brain pression, and so far non pression change was detected, but she will keep with the catheter for the next 2-3 days for precaution. No surgery is needed!

    she will ahev to stay hospitalized for at least 15 days, 7 of this in ICU area. And after she be released from the hospital she will have to pass by a rehabilitation process, so she wont play anymore this season.

    No further medical report was released cause the hospital is waitting the arrival of one of Sykora sisters, that live in US, and is now coming to Brasil.

    Here in Brasil everyone is praying for her, so she can stay well soon. FORÇA STACY!

  • Joycinha made a livecam in twitter today, and said the latest new they had was that today Stacy had a small recover, she was better then yesterday, but she is still sedated, cause she cant move a lot, cause is head trauma and everything, so she needs to stay resting. Her sister is arriving today.

    And also she said they heard Alisha Glass and Logan Tom are going to come to São Paulo to stay with Stacy, but they dont know yet when they will arrive. She asked everyone to keep praying for her, they only want to see her well, cause she is incredible person.

    She said she dont remember much the accident, she said the girls that were in front of the bus didnt suffer nothing much, just the ones that were in the back. She said before the accident she was joking with Stacy, cause Sykora was listenning to some rap and was singing in english loud, and Jocyinha said they joke with her saying she sing very well in english, and she joke saying, yeah I lived there three months so I learn the language. And Joycinha said she joke saying "but I bet if there was a american here in the bus you would be shy to sing in english in front of them"...:)

    And then happened the accident, and she dont remember much, she just remember there was a lot of water, and she hit her head, but she dont know where, and Gritz, the MB, was well, she kiccked the window to take out the girls from the bus (and eventually hurt her legs cause of that), but that she started taking out the girls. Joycinha said she was fine, she got nervous when she saw Stacy conditions, then Gritz took her out, and took Fabiana out of the bus too. Then a supporter from Osasco, that were close, took her and Fabiana to the hospital, cause they were the first two to leave the bus, from the ones that were more injury.

    The other players from Volei Futuro are in Araçatuba, in their homes resting.

    Joycinha said She has a lot of pain in her neck, also Neneca, Tandara had some pain in the sholder. Ana Cristina has some bruses in her arm, and GRitz in her leg. Jordane hurt her back, so is in a lot of pain too. Fabiana has 8 steeches in her arm, so she will need more 5 days to take it off, and also she is felling pains in her leg cuse she hit it. The rest of the team over all is ok. But she believe they have no conditions for game right now.

  • Director of Volei Futuro said today about Stacy: "The first 36hours were positive!"

    In an interview today for the site, the director of Volei Futuro, Marcela Constantino, said that talked with the doctors that are taking care of Stacy, and is optimist.

    "In neurology you cant speak much in less then 72 hours, but the first 36hours were positive. She keeps sedated, is the standard procedure. In cases like this the neurons can not work."

    Marcela said that the club is helping Stacy family to come to Brasil. They got and emergencial visa for Stacy sister, and she will arrive saturday morning. Stacy's mother still dont have the passport, but soon she gets one she will also fly to Brasil.

    Marcela said that was already tlaking with Stacy about next season, so she renewed her contract with the club. "She is a wonderful person, beside the excelente athlete. WE would like for her to stay in the club for much longer and that in duture she becomes part of our staff. We still dont know how will be her recover, but we are sure taht she will still have a long career in Volei Futuro."

    Marcela ended saying: "She is being cared by the best specialists, the perspectives are good. I ask the supporters to pray and send good vibrations for Stacy's recover."


  • The spiker Logan Tom and setter Alisha Glass will land in São Paulo
    in the next few hours to accompany closely to their teammate Stacy
    Sykora, admitted to the ICU of Sírio-Libanês Hospital.
    Logan finished the China League in this month and she is having her
    holiday now. Alisha was the teammate of Stacy in both national team and
    also the league team in Brazil. However, she ended up her contract with
    Volei Futuro due to her injury.

    Besides the selection of athletes from the United States, the sister
    of the libero of Volei Futuro also arrive on this Friday (15/4). The
    hospital is awaiting the presence of a family to be able to disclose
    more information about the condition of Sykora.

  • Today another good new. Marcela, director os Volei Futuro said to Sportv, that today the doctors started to decrease sedation in Stacy. There was a decrease of intracranial edema, but the player is still in the ICU.

    Marcela: "She is already getting better. They are already starting to decrease sedation."

    The Hospital is waitting the arrival of Stacy sister tomorrow to release an oficial medical report.