List of players and their respective clubs 2011/2012

  • American Players

    -Lindsey Berg (S) = MC Carnaghi Villa Cortese (ITA) ---> MC Carnaghi Villa Cortese (ITA)
    -Arielle Wilson (MB) = Penn. State University (USA) ---> Impel Gwardia Wrocław (POL)
    -Carli Lloyd (S) = UC-Berkeley (USA) ---> Yamamay Busto Arsizio (ITA)
    -Jordan Larson (OH) = Dinamo Kazan (RUS) ---> Dinamo Kazan (RUS)
    -Alexis Crimes (MB) = Post Schwechat (AUT) ---> BKS Bielsko-Biała (POL)
    -Cassidy Lichtman (S/OH) = Stanford University (USA) ---> BKS Bielsko-Biała (POL)

    Canadian Player
    Sarah Pavan (CAN) (OPP/OH) = Korea Expressway Zenith (KOR) ---> MC Carnaghi Villa Cortese (ITA)

  • Some more Americans:

    -Jordan Larson (OH) = Dinamo Kazan (RUS) ---> Dinamo Kazan (RUS)

    -Foluke Akinradewo (MB) = Toyota Auto Body Queenseis (JPN) ---> Dinamo Krasnodar (RUS)

    -Lauren Paolini (MB) = Asystel Volley Novara (ITA) ---> Asystel Volley Novara (ITA)
    -Sonja Newcombe (OH) = Nantes Volley (FRA) ---> Club Voleibol Ciutadella (ESP)

  • Leo Lo Bianco in Galatasaray, I can't belive she will leave Italy ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( !!

    And with Cardullo in Cannes, two of my favourite italian players EVER left Italy, that's so sad ç_ç

    Rumors about Gioli in Galatasaray too.

    Me too

    It's possible, you just have to believe in yourself and really not care what other people say, because I've heard it all.
    If you let someone else dictate what you're going to do in life, then you won't get there.

    Non so neanche come onestamente: in due mesi ero di nuovo in campo.

  • Let's get these lists updated!!!

    Destinee Hooker (OH/OPP) = Scavolini Pesaro (ITA) ---> Sollys Osasco (BRA)
    Arielle Wilson (MB) = Penn. State University (USA)---> Impel Gwardia Wrocław (POL)
    Cassidy Lichtman (S/OH) = Stanford University (USA) ---> BKS Aluprof Bielsko-Biała (POL)
    Jennifer Doris (MB) = Gigantes de Carolina (PUR) ---> Igtisadchi Baku (AZE)
    Regan Hood (OH) = ASPTT Mulhouse (FRA) ---> VC Baki Baku (AZE)
    Becky Perry (OH/OPP) = Lancheras de Catano (PUR) ---> GS Caltex (KOR)
    Cynthia Barboza (OH) = Dinamo Krasnodar (RUS) ---> LIU•JO Volley Modena (ITA)
    Juliann Faucette (OH/OPP) = University of Texas (USA) ---> Chateau D'Ax Urbino (ITA)
    Candace McNamee (S)= Istres OPVB (FRA) ---> Chateau D'Ax Urbino (ITA)
    Carli Lloyd (S) = University of California (USA) ---> Yamamay Busto Arsizio (ITA)
    Dominique Lamb (MB) = TVC Amstelveen (NED) ---> Riso Scotti Pavia (ITA)
    Lauren Paolini (MB) = Asystel Volley Novara (ITA) ---> Icos Crema (ITA) (A2)
    Kelly Wing (OH) = Igtisadchi Baku (AZE)---> Vaqueras de Bayamon (PUR)

    Jaqueline Carvalho (OH) = Sollys Osasco (BRA) ---> Sollys Osasco (BRA)
    Fabiana Claudino (MB) = Volei Futuro Araçatuba (BRA) ---> FenerbahçeAcıbadem Istanbul (TUR)
    Erika Coimbra (OH) = Galatasaray Medical Park Istanbul (TUR) ---> Igtisadchi Baku (AZE)
    Renata Colombo "Renatinha" (OPP) = Chateau d'Ax Urbino Volley (ITA) ---> VC Baki Baku (AZE)

    Natalya Goncharova (OH) = Dinamo Moscow (RUS) --->Dinamo Moscow (RUS)
    Yulia Merkulova (MB) = Dinamo Moscow (RUS) --->Dinamo Moscow (RUS)
    Maria Perepelkina (MB) = Dinamo Moscow (RUS) --->Dinamo Moscow (RUS)
    Evgeniya Startseva (S) = Dinamo Krasnodar (RUS) ---> Dinamo Krasnodar (RUS)
    Svetlana Kryuchkova (L) = Dinamo Moscow (RUS) ---> Dinamo Moscow (RUS)
    Ekaterina Kabeshova (L) = Dinamo Kazan (RUS) ---> Dinamo Kazan (RUS)
    Elena Godina (OH) = Dinamo Moscow (RUS) ---> Dinamo Moscow (RUS)

    Strashimira Filipova (MB) = Uralochka NTMK Ekaterinburg (RUS) --->Uralochka NTMK Ekaterinburg (RUS)

    Mia Jerkov (OH) = Cheonan Heungkuk Life Insurance Pinkspiders (KOR) ---> Cheonan Heungkuk Life Insurance Pinkspiders (KOR)

    Nadia Centoni (OPP) = RC Cannes (FRA) ---> RC Cannes (FRA)

    Victoria Ravva (MB) = RC Cannes (FRA) ---> RC Cannes (FRA)

    Sarka Barborkova (OH) = Rote Raben Vilsbiburg (GER) ---> MC Carnaghi Villa Cortese (ITA)
    Ivana Plchotova (MB) = Tauron MKS Dąbrowa Górnicza (POL) ---> Tauron MKS Dąbrowa Górnicza (POL)

    Misc. American
    Yael Castiglione (ARG) (S) = Igtisadchi Baku (AZE) ---> Dinamo Romprest Bucharest (ROU)
    Georgina Pinedo (ARG) (OH) = Banca Reale Yoyogurt Giaveno (ITA) ---> Korea Expressway Zenith (KOR)
    Emilce Fabiana Sosa (ARG) (MB) = C.A. Boca Juniors (ARG) ---> CSU Medicina CSŞ Târgu-Mureş (ROU)
    Paola Ampudia (COL) (OH/OPP) = Leonas de Ponce (PUR) ---> Scavolini Pesaro (ITA)
    Yusleyni Herrera (CUB) (OH) = Usiminas Minas (BRA) ---> Usiminas Minas (BRA)

  • Damage... I would like to Sosa played in Poland

    "Volleyball is a fantastic way of life, really. it is
    beautiful adventure, which gives a lot of joy not only to those sports "

    It is our passion gives us wings, lifts us above all else.
    It gives a million reasons to rejoice, learns to overcome fear and weakness.

    Thanks to develop and learn to fight for every day