Elizaveta Bracht-TISHCHENKO

  • Hi guys, I didnt know exacly where to put this, so I created a new thread, but Ju, if you want to move it later from here to put anywhere else, plaease do it. :)

    A friend of mine made a nice interview with Tishchenko for our blog, so Im gonne put here the translation, cause I think its interesting. :) She is now working in FIVB Tv & marketing, they will release a new site called FIVBheores.com day 16 june! ^^ Its a new capain to make volleyball more popular. ^^

    Well, here is the interview, hope you like it! ^^

    1. How did you start in volleyball?
    My father was a very good volleyball player. He played for the Soviet Union National Team and got a bronze medal at the World Championship
    in Paris in 1956. He is 2,00 m tall and it was clear that I would be a tall girl :) I saw my father playing and I wanted to play too. I started when I was 10 and I liked it from the very beginning.

    2. Who inspired you to play volleyball? Who was your idol in volleyball?
    My father. I admired Valentina Ogienko as a player when I was young.

    3. What do you think that missed for Russia to win the gold medal in the final of
    Sydney 2000?

    It is still very painful when I think about it but I also think that Cuba was the best team at that time and deserved the gold.

    4. What was the most painful defeat? And the most memorable victory?
    The most painful defeat was the final of the Olympics in Athens against China. The most memorable win, the semifinal against Brazil in
    Athens 2004. That was a miracle. We were losing 1:2 and 19:24 in the 4º set. Normally, it is impossible to win such match....but we
    did it :)

    5. During your 14 years in Russian National team, which was the team you thought
    was the biggest rival?

    Of course Cuba was the main rival, but China and Brazil as well.

    6. Have you ever suffered any kind of provocation by other teams? Or
    witnessed something like that with your teammates?

    We never had any problem with any other team but it was fun to watch the fights between Cuba and Brazil. :)

    7. Was it possible to make real friends inside court? Who are your
    friends in the world of voleyball?

    All my best friends are my former teammates. My best friends are Inessa Korkmaz(Sargsian), Tatiana Gracheva, Natalia Morozova.

    8. At any moment did you think about playing for Ukraine, your birth place?
    I was born in USSR. It just happened that by the time I already played in the national team and Uralochka, the Soviet Union
    collapsed. I lived since 1990 untill 2004 in Russia. I am russian by nationality and my mother tongue is russian. Ukraine/Kiev is only my
    birth place.

    9. How was your relationship with coach Nikolay Karpol?
    It was always good. As good as it could be with such a difficult person. He is a great teacher and genious coach.

    10. In your travels around the world with NT, there was any funny story you
    can tell us?

    There were lots of funny stories but it is difficult to recollect any of them. We missed the flight connections, slept in the airport on the
    floor somewhere in Bangkok or Taipei, lost the passports. We played Olimpic Qualification from Africa in 1996 in Nigeria. That was really
    funny, and so on...many funny stories...

    11. Why did you decide to retire from Russia National Team? Didnt you have the
    desire to return in 2008 as Artamonova?

    I retired because of my injuries. I got both knees surgeries only 3 months before the Olympics in Athens. I didn't have enough time to
    recover and played with a lot of pain. I decided to take a break and settle down with my family. Of course, I wanted to get back because I
    knew that I could still play well. I was in Beijing as a spectator but I was 4 month pregnant. My son is 2 years and 3 month now and I would
    never exchange him for any gold medal.

    12. From that spectacular russian group that played together from 1997 until 2004, who do you think was the most complete player?
    Artamonova was the best player in the 90th later this role was taken by Sokolova.

    13. You currently work for the FIVB. What is your role?
    I am working in the TV & Marketing Department as a marketing manager. I am trying to change our beloved sport by making it more attractive
    to the fans. I care about the players and we will start next week the FIVB Heroes campaign. The best beach and volleyball players are taking
    part in this campaign. On the 16th of June the new web site FIVBheroes.com will be operational. Watch it out!

    14. How is living in Switzerland?
    Switzerland is a very beautiful country. I like living here but I am here because of my work only.

    15. Elizaveta, would you like to become a coach someday or to engage more with the

    I am engaged with the sport on a daily basis because of work. I played in Swiss A league for the last 4 years. I never stoped playing volleyball.

    16. For you, who is the best player today, the most complete?
    Still Sokolova, Sheila from Brazil.

    17. What are your future plans?
    I am concentrated on my little son and my work now. I will continue
    promote and develop volleyball worldwide through my work.

    18. Have you ever visited Brazil? What do you think about it? Do you want to come back?
    I have been to Brazil 2 times in 1994 (World Championship) and 1995 Grand Prix. I liked Rio a lot and definitely will come back for the Olympics in 2016.

    19. What are the favorite teams to win gold in London 2012?
    I hope Russian Team can finally make it. I want Sokolova and Gamova to become the Olympic Champions. Brazil, USA, Italy, China are always

    20. Leave a message for your fans.
    Thank you for you love, passion, loyalty to one of the best games on the planet!