Russia - Superliga 2011/2012

  • October 5 at 12:00 at the press center of ITAR-TASS Ural (Turgenev 13) held a press conference on the Russian championship kicked off in volleyball women's team Super League. The plans and goals for the season, the players new and old media representatives told:

    Karpol Nikolai - Head Coach Volleyball Club "Uralochka-NTMK"
    Estes, Eugene V. - attack volleyball club "Uralochka-NTMK"

    Of course, that most journalists were interested in gathering tasks and perspectives of the team for the season 2011-2012.

    - The tasks before us - to fight for a medal in the Russian championship and win a place, this problem-at least in the European Cup - said Nikolai - in the championship entering, having well-trained, so I think that our power to accomplish this task. This year marks 45 years since then, as a team "Uralochka" appears in the national championships. During these years the team won 25 times gold championships. Naturally, these gains great responsibility. "Uralochka-NTMK" is still among the favorites of the national volleyball Superleague.

    The main thing is that as much as possible injuries, said Nikolai Karpol. After a team has two injured: on the eve of training at two leading athletes Love Jagodina and Alexander Pasynkova injured. Both - stretching the ankle. About a month needed to treat Yagodin. In Pasynkova injury is less serious, recovery will take less time.

    Failure of the latter years, according to chief instructor is largely due to a short bench. But this season, this problem will be solved: in the off-season the team has left three people, it's also much more. Basically this is a talented volleyball youth, full of promise. For example, a volleyball player that "Uralochka" Victoria Chaplin, in the national team won bronze at the Universiade in China. A "Uralochka" Valeria Safonova and Alain Golosnova confidently made on the world championship among youth national teams in Peru. Best player of the championship of Russia 2007 Jagodina Love, who played the last two seasons for the Moscow "Dynamo" will continue his career in "Uralochka." Furthermore, Uralochka-NTMK "has signed contracts with Natalya Nazarova doigrovschitsey, Irina Zaryazhko blocking and attacking diagonal Irina Smirnova. Extend the contract with the club Ekaterinburg and central locking Maryuhnich Marina. She returned to "Uralochka" in the summer of 2010, missing a season because of the birth of his son. This season, in part, and a new libero - Catherine Tretyakov. It is the same as Maryuhnich recently became a mother.

    - The problem is we have so far with binders - admitted in a conversation Nikolay Karpol - and Salina and Catherine Anastasia Rusakov still just very young. But, I'm sure they will grow and gain experience.

    - The team today many talented young people - agrees with Nicholas Karpolem and team captain Eugene Estes - in the off season we had a sufficient number of charges, played friendlies in Poland, Azerbaijan and Belarus. The team now has all the familiar back Strashimira Filippov. Young girls are also slowly being drawn and sygryvayutsya.

    Bulgarian volleyball Strashimira Filippov still the only footballer in the team. The quota is allowed by the Russian Volleyball Federation allows to include in another foreign athlete. During the off season some overseas volleyball team were on view in "Uralochka", but neither one of them was awarded the contract. Search, as they say, continues.

    Their opening match of the season in the first team to hold Nicholas Karpolya in Nizhny Tagil, October 8 with "Torch" from the New Urengoi. Start the meeting at 17.00.

  • October 7 at the museum and exhibition center of Nizhny Tagil, a meeting Volleyball Club "Uralochka-NTMK" with managers and employees of "EVRAZ NTMK." Before that volleyball had a brief tour of the museum and the exhibition grounds, was introduced to the history of the Tagil metal. Without exaggeration, this is one of the brightest pages in the 300-year history of Ural metallurgy. If the beginning of this story is connected with the cities and Nev'yansky Kamensky, a worthy continuation and development - in Nizhniy Tagil. Athletes albeit briefly, but were introduced to the dynasty and Demidov, thanks to which, in many respects and appeared factory and the town ...

    Then the head coach, "Uralochka-NTMK" Nikolai Karpol presented the staff and coaches the team, told the audience about the changes that have occurred in the composition and what plans are in front of athletes this season. And in the off-season the team prepared to make to put these plans into reality. Volleyball listened, sitting in the bales of roses, which he gave at the beginning of the meeting.
    - Trauma Eugenia Artamonova (Estes) did not allow us last season fight for the medals, - said Nikolai Karpol - we had a few full-fledged training camps in the offseason. I especially want to mention the collection in Alushta. I am sure that the daily 6-hour training for volleyball players were not in vain. We then conducted a series of friendly matches in Azerbaijan with a local team "Azereyl." And, finally, had two friendly tournament in Belarus and Poland. I am confident that we are ready to win and to make a serious competitor to the leaders. Them today, I think, three. This is a "Dynamo" (Kazan), "Dynamo" (Krasnodar) and "Dynamo" (Moscow). But in this trio of forces to intervene and "Uralochka." So, if we are all well, make sure you finish the season with several medals.

    Last word about health is not surprising, as the day before the game with "Torch" from the New Urengoy injury in training volleyball players have received two "Uralochka-NTMK." Stretching ankles do not allow to take part in this game, and Alexander Love Yagodin Pasynkova. Nikolai told about rival. Novy "Torch" in this year's event by two of the Italian national team volleyball player, which at its best proved in the recent European Championships. So the meeting is going to be very tense.

    - We are so often lately happen are close to the medals, it seems a little bit more, and all - has continued the theme of health team captain Eugene Artamonov (Estes) - but then unintended injury, and the medal swims. I really hope the team will spend the season without serious injury. And thank you on behalf of the team EVRAZ NTMK for support.

    Health volleyball wished and Managing Director of JSC "EVRAZ NTMK" Kushnarev Alexey V..
    - In volleyball a lot in common with the steel industry - said the managing director - as well as volleyball, metal obeys only true professionals. Both are necessary strength, will and health. Health and good luck to all!

    And health and luck, of course, our girls will need tomorrow in a meeting with the "Torch"!

  • Can anyone lists the athletes and teams in English?

    Official Rosters for the 2011/2012 season


    Marina P. Babeshina (Uralochka-NTMK), Olga Khrzhanovsky
    C. Maria Borisenko, Regina Frost, Tetyana Shchukin (Dinamo Krasnodar)
    Catherine H. Gamow, Jordan Larsson, Lesya Makhno (Dynamo Moscow), Irina Kuznetsova (Stratanovich), Elena Ponomareva
    Catherine L. Ulanova (Kabeshova), Elena Ezhov (Dinamo Krasnodar)
    HT. Rishat Gilyazutdinov is such kind

    Dynamo (Moscow)

    P. Vera Ulyakina (Dinamo-Kazan), Anna Matienko
    Maria C. Perepelkina, Julia Merkulova, Catherine Krivets, Julia Morozova (Avtodor-METAR), Valery Goncharov (Omichka)
    N. Natalia Goncharova, Eva Yaneva (Bulgaria, Omichka) Yayma Ortiz (Igtisadchi, Azerbaijan), Anna Makarova (District), Elena Godina, Eugene Kozhukhova (Avtodor-METAR) Tiffany Dodds (Canada)
    Svetlana A. Kryuchkov, Daria Chikrizova (Torch)
    HT. Boris Kolchin

    Dynamo (Krasnodar)

    Eugene P. Startsev, Svetlana Surtseva (Dinamo-Yantar)
    C. Foluk Akinradevo (USA), Catherine Osichkina (Avtodor-METAR), Elena Konstantinova, Anna Lubnina
    Olga N. Fateev (Atom, Poland), Tatiana Koshelev (Dinamo Krasnodar), Valdone Petrauyskayte (Urbino, Italy), Olga Boukreev, Anna Miriam Gansonre (Omichka), Elena Babkin
    Daria L. Vekshina (Omichka), Daria Talysheva.
    HT. Sergei Ovchinnikov


    P. Alexander Miloslavlevich (Serbia, Maribor), Anastasia Salina
    C. Strashimira Filippova, Marina Maryuhnich, Irina Zaryazhko (Nugget), Maria Beloborodov, Valeria Safonova
    Eugene H. Estes, Victoria Chaplin, Alexander Pasynkova, Irina Smirnova (Torch), Natalya Nazarova (Dinamo-Yantar), Love Jagodina (Dynamo Moscow), Victoria Chervova
    Catherine A. Tretyakov, Alain Golosnova
    HT. Nicholas Karpol


    Catherine P. Pankov, Daria Belokorovkina (Dinamo-Yantar)
    Natalia T. Alimov (Leningradka), Catherine Bogachev, Jan Manzyuk (Ray), Daria Goryaeva
    Daria N. Stolyarov, Monica Ravetta (Italy), Maria Karakasheva (Bulgaria), Catherine Starikov (Severstal), Anastasia Bavykina
    L. Alexander Vinogradov, Catherine Romanenko
    HT. Vadim Pankov


    Mary P. Zhadan (District), Marina Akulova Elena Peshekhonov (Tyumen)
    Helen C. Handel (Belarus, Torch), Olga Zhitova, Hope Sack (Dinamo-Yantar)
    N. Love Malafeev, Marina Marchenko (Ukraine, Cannes), Ekaterina Orlova, Nelly Alisheva (both - Dynamo Yantar)
    L. Victoria Kuzyakina (Dynamo Moscow), Olga Terekhova
    HT. Victor Ushakov


    Anna P. Telezhuk
    Anastasia Konovalova T. (Dinamo-Yantar), Irina Trushkin (Dzhinestra, Ukraine)
    Olga N. Shukaylo, Alina Butko, Julia Lyakunina, Anna Sotnikova
    Julia L. Aref'eva
    HT. Vladimir Podkopaev


    Irina P. Uraleva, Valery Fadeev
    Helen C. Irisova, Irina Malkova (Indesit), Elena Boyko (University-Visit)
    Tatyana N. Choline (Gorshkova) (Leningradka), Jan Scherban, Anastasia Markova (District), Ekaterina Gromova, Daria Vanyukov
    Catherine L. Chernova, Olga Fadeeva
    HT. Elena Sokolova


    Elena Maslova P. (Nugget), Anna Paregina (Omichka)
    C. Simon Dzhioli (Koneliano, Italy), Anastasia Kodirov, Natalia Rogachev (both - Dynamo, Krasnodar)
    Antonella Del Cora N. (Italy, Ekzachibashi), Julia Kutyukova, Daria Pisarenko
    Anna L. Kargopoltseva
    HT. Elena Tselishcheva


    Olga P. Efimov (Torch), Anastasia Kornienko
    Xenia C. Peshkin (Dinamo-Kazan), Olga Doronin (Nugget), Svetlana Chesnokov (Uralochka-NTMK), Hope Mishina
    Oksana N. Aksenova, Anna Lebedeva (Dinamo Krasnodar), Olesya Sharavskaya, Margaret Kurylo
    L. Natalia Kuznetsova (Uralochka-NTMK), Xenia Shchegoleva
    HT. Victor Bardok


    Victoria P. Gurov, Anna Moiseenko
    Natalia C. Dianskaya (Torch), Julia Podskalnaya, Natalia Vdovina
    Olga N. Ativ (Rabita, Azerbaijan), Natalia Kulikova (Besiktas), Julia Tsvetkova (Leningradka), Marina Pilipenko, Julia Baylukova, Ksenia Kravchenko
    L. Alexander Efremov (Nugget), Alexander Ivanov
    HT. Vladimir Pilipenko

    Tyumen, Tyumen

    Tatiana P. Aleinikova (Avtodor-METAR), Elena Budylin
    Maria C. Bruntseva (Proton), Natalia Mayorov (Obninsk)
    Anna N. Klimakova (Bialystok, Poland), Ksenia Naumova (District), Margarita Chachina, Elena Zakurdayeva (Litovchenko), Anastasia Yarygina, Olga Erhardt
    Helen L. Sennikova, Julia Stenkina
    HT. Igor Gaydabura

  • Ah, Irina Trushkina will play in Russian league :thumbup: I saw her some years ago with Ukraine NT and she was a very good MB then, I was waiting all the time for her to appear in a good league and finally she has done. I hope she can show good performance there.

  • Uralochka declassed Fakel with Del Core and Gioli in block category 28-15 and 2523 1925 2521 2624.

  • I'm curious why Gioli got 47 balls and Belikova-Kodirova only 8. Without logic tactic.

  • If as O that makes sense.
    But if MB without sense because Uralochka's block was sure that if S use MB it will be Gioli.

  • Week 1 - Results

    Omichka Omsk - Nugget Khabarovsk: 3-1 - Sts

    Uralochka-NTMK - New Urengoy: 3-1 Sts

    Dinamo Moscow - Severstal: 3-1 - Sts

    Goncharova 25, Yaneva 18, Morozova 14 pts

    Dinamo Kazan - Avtodor-METAR" Chelyabinsk : 3-0 - Sts

    Kosheleva 11 pts

    Dinamo Kazan - Tyumen: 3-0 - Sts

    Gamova 17 pts Makhno 10 pts

    Zarechie Odintsovo - Proton Balakovo: 3-1 - Sts

    "Lo sbaglio più grande e quello di credere di aver vinto prima ancora di giocare la partita"

  • Thanks "filedefener" for the stats below.Otherwise i coudnt have got Russian letters.

    You mean Bulgarian letters. Cyrilic alphabet is developed on the basics of Glagolithic and Greek alphabets in Preslav, First Bulgarian Tsardom, 10th century

  • You mean Bulgarian letters. Cyrilic alphabet is developed on the basics of Glagolithic and Greek alphabets in Preslav, First Bulgarian Tsardom, 10th century

    o please are you serious???

  • Filippova was the name of the game for Uralochka-NTMK! ^^