Aroma Turkish 1st League 2011/2012

  • Can someone please tell me what happened to Fenerbahce? How come they lost to Vakifbank. I love Vakif too, but Logan is my favorite and I know she did not play yesterday. What happened to Seda? Please tell me. I did not have an opportunity to watch the game. So sad

  • First of all THANK YOU girls !! and of course congratulations :rose:
    maybe it wasn't their best match but they were fighting till the end :rose: words she was amazing with fever or not :super:
    I wish all girls who were sick today quick recovery for next match :) Good luck

  • There is no difference between key players whatever their positions are unless they cannot be replaced fully because it infects whole team in similiar aspect. What I meant is that there is no team in Turkey to back up all critical players especially Turkish ones. If you think opposite is not a key position and easily handled then assume Vakifbank and Eczacibası without Neslihan and Glinka in a game against Fenerbahce. Coach's choices are not my business, I just can say my opinion.

    Champions league is not a national organization and cannot be compared. Geographical limitations never allow international organizations to follow the same regulations with national ones. If you dont see that basic point then search for the differences between those competitions on any sport around the world. Beside someone will ask then why they dont organize final game as one match or normal season as qualification round? They are in different levels and have different meanings and rules.

    Olympic games qualification is just an excuse. You say as if Turkey is the only country which will play in qualifications and it makes federation right to take unfair decides. Like I said round-rubin system is fairer and takes shorter period if they really want to get some space in schedule. I dont think no one would question the winner then but when you set it up like this, one side would always think it's not fair for it simply seems so. If you were a Fener fan, you would claim the regulation is wrong. If Eczacibasi have lost yesterday, they would say it's. So it's not about Fenerbahce. The system itself gives one side the right to criticize because it's not well organized to stop arguments about it. Did you see anyone that says system is not fair about older champions? Were people talking about play-off system or games recent years here? If we are now discussing the rules as much as games it's because something is wrong. It's federation's mission to make a justice regulation and that play-off chaos doesnt meet those conditions for everyone. This is where you get all the season's effort and no one including president has right to make that simple to lose or win everything for players and teams. Try to put yourself players' and coaches' positions, maybe then you might get better understanment. If we lost in a system like last year, I would never write about this and I dont think anyone would.

    As for domination. I am giving the last three season because two teams compete each other on every top level for 3 years and it's not an old period to compare the teams. If you want, this is how it is season for season:

    2009-10 6-1 for Fener
    2010-11 6-2 for Fener
    2011-12 2-1 for Fener

    It doesnt seem a balanced rivalry. I am sure you will not claim Vakifbank didnt show real power since play-off finals are not important.

    I am not begging anyone, I am just a fan and dont care wild card. If team can't get it this year, there are a lot of seasons to go. It's not the end of the world.