The best OH

  • In japan League 09/10 & 10/11,

    Saori played quite good game, but she was not best player.

    Kim y.k. overwhelmed other player,include Saori, for two years.

    Um.. 2009/10 Kimura Saori is MVP for Japan V.Premier League Toray win 3-0 over JT (Kim y.k. Team) in final round and win again at Summer League over JT 3-1
    2010/11 Kim y.k. is MVP for Japan V.Premier League.. But in that day not have play-off round cause from Tsunami effect.

    And Nation tournament S. Korea still not to win Japan Since Olympic Game 2004... I think this's mission of Kim y.k. in this year.

  • I'm french so I am forced to be a little bit objective, the best OH is not French :D
    By not considering that the pure sports performance, my preference goes to Logan, she's just the most incredible but I like Jordan Larson, Kim, Piccinini, Saori...

  • On the new players right now, i think these players are promising
    1. Kim Yeon Koung - lifting the whole squad
    2. Ebata - Stepping up since the absence of Kurihara
    3. L. Bosetti - stepping up
    4. Goncharova - great option
    5. Bethania Dela Cruz - late bloomer but she has to minimize her error
    6. Malagurski - improving