The adventures of Ljubo Ganev, by Fefè De Giorgi :D

  • To fill in the ten minutes break between the second and the third set of the second semifinal and final matches, italian commentator Fefè De Giorgi collected few (funny!) stories about the great Ljubo Ganev :lol: :lol:

    Here an article:…tanza-di-ljubo-ganev.html (it's in italian, I'll try to traslate it in English later, but in the mid time you can try with google transalte in your own language ;) ). Written by Elena Sandre.

    Here a picture:…42032639231&type=1&ref=nf by Tina Austen

    title "the adventures of the young Ljubo Ganev";

    he is saying: "Pallonetto? Cos'è? no no!" (Tip? What's that? no no!!)

    he is thinking: tiramisù! (It's a cold dessert, a mix between a cake and an ice cream, with coffee...)

    near is neck: ero bulgaro (I was Bulgarian)

    on the other man: "middle man" that think "And I thought I was tall..."

    The ball on the floor: "Io me ne vò" (I'm going, bye!)

    near the foot: piede preso a pistolettate a Rio (foot shot in Rio)

    the short trousers: shorts ready to explode


  • The tiramisù

    Once a teammate's mother mada a tiramisù. Ljubo ate all the tiramisù alone in the bus, before the match. And then he decided to drink 1,5 l of Coke. The result: he could start playing only for the third set :lol:

    The diet

    The diet of the Ananas: he ate everything exept ananas :D

    He always said "I'm 150 kilos heavy, but these kilos are well dinstributed" :whistle:

    He was on diet until the meal time :thumbup:

    It was hard keeping him in gastronomical chastity :P

    The tip and the difence

    1_He often got bored while the coach pretended them to make analytics exercise, like passing the ball in couple. He was a match-player and didn't apreciate to much analytic exercises an so on. So Silvano Prandi, when we (Fefè de Giorgi and Ljubo) were teammates in Cuneo, always chose to put him in couple with me. And I used to make tips to force him to dig the ball on the floor, and he said "fefè, what are you doing? Enough with this tip! Digging on the floor is not written on my contract!" :gone:

    2_The teammates once told to Ljubo: "ehy, cause you always spike strong and in the last part of the court, the opponents are waiting there, around the 8th meter: so if you wanna make a tip, even in the 5th meter, you will score a point!" And Ljubo: "What? Tips? No no no, I'll do it only when I'll be 30 years old!!" :drink:

    3_for two or three times during a match Ljubo didn't even try to dig the ball in defence, standing immobile on his defense position. So Prandi told him at least to try to keep the ball alive :hit: . He answered: "Silvano, it's like you're asking me to take a train that has already left the platform!" :lol:

    The attack

    In a traying Ljubo was blocked twice in a row when he was spiking from zone 4. Silvano asked him not to spike always in the same direction, because "the opponents know where you are going to spike!" And he said "Silvano, how is possible that they know where I'll spike, if I'm the first that don't know it ?( ??"

    Gold and Rio

    seems that once when he was in Rio he was walking and few guys stopped him and stolen his rolex and other gold stuff he was wearing, and they shut him in the foot :what:

    Fefè "He didn't realized he weren't in Cuneo where everybody knew him.."

    The car

    He used to drive in the main street of Cuneo with a big car, and everybody always noticed him. Also because instead of a normal clacson sound, he had animal sound, like dog etc!! :white: