Cuban NT for Norceca 2011 Championship

  • Hello people i have good and bad news, the good news is the confirmation of bell for galatasaray and he will play also with cuba in the Norceca Tournament and also the returns of Hierrezuelo to the NT , i dont have news about Simon or Leal at this moment. all the players of the past WL will be continue in the team except for ALbo,Cepeda Liam sem Estrada and Yosniel Guillen, Cepeda is out because he dont good shape in this moment and samuels decided exclude for this competition so there are only one opposite Fernando hernandez as Setters Hierrezuelo , Yoandri Diaz and Leandro Macias , Wing-Spiker Leon, Bell and Denis Jesus Hernandez Midle Blocker: Isbel Mesa, Yasser Perdomo and Osmany Camejo and Liberos Keibel Gutierrez and Gustavo Leyva. there is Ladys and gentleman , we still hope the returns at least SImon he is the key for cuba in my opinion and now with the bell oportunitie if he plays abroad and can play for the team maybe this law is for everyone. Thoughs???

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  • Bell will play in Turkey(Galatasaray Yurtiçi Kargo) next season but won't be out of NT.. That is great news..Everybody knows the rules in Cuba but it seems it changed for Bell..I hope every Cuban players(men and women) will have that chance. Cuban star Calderon-Diaz also will play in Turkey(Galatasaray MP) next season but probably because of that stupid rule she won't be able to play in NT..Cuba have lost many stars because of that rule(Calderon,Carillo,Ramirez)..Why they don't let players play abroad? I hope the problem is solved as soon as possible :down:

  • I miss Leal the most in Cuban NT... Is there any chances to see him back soon? Does anybody know something about him and Simon?

    Bella the Leal History is old , in my opinion if anybody have low chances to returns is him , the problem is that he in february or March have a verbal and almost phsycal fight with Samuels so he was banished for Samuels from the NT . for other side Simon is good he are training at least beach and indoor but the problem is when the team returns to the island from the WL and also WC in 2010 they dont receive the money for the total campaign . the cuban federation dont paid them i dont know why pherphaps because they are thiefs or beacause in cuba all the money is for Castro anyways Simon stay angry whit this situation and months happens the problem whit Leal and that was the big problem for him because they love his partners and as a captain he have a responsabily besides he is one of the guys who speak that thay want play abroad but the stupid old man of the cuban federation dont listened and he decides go out of the national team . the history have more details but at least Hierrezuelo back and probably SImon is close to. :whistle:

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    After a very successful performance at this year's World League finals Cubans are not idle. After a few days off, Blackooda received from the coach, returned to hard training to prepare for the Games of Central America and the Caribbean.

    Orlando Samuels Blackood at this tournament called the twelve players. The surprise is the return to the team Raydela Hierrezuelo, who just before the start of the season sample was removed from it because of problems and physical conditioning. Among the twelve called in vain to look for great Simon and Leal. Despite this Blackood is optimistic when it comes to proper preparation of their pupils to the tournament. - Very well we cope with the attack and the gambit, we must stabilize them only slightly. Clearly, however, are to improve our reception and block. In these elements we can not handle all and we should give them the most work - Cuban coach said.

    Olympic Central America and the Caribbean will be held from 29 August to 4 September. Cubans want from this tournament to qualify for the World Cup. - Our main goal is to qualify for the World Cup. At this tournament, but we want to put the best among the three teams to ensure the participation in next year's Olympic Games in London. We are aware that there will be an easy task, but we hope that we will achieve them - said coach Blackood and echoed Wilfredo Leon. - At each of these tournaments will had one goal, namely winning a gold medal - he promised a young host, and asked how copes with the duties of captain Cubans answered - I do not really find myself in this role, I need time to learn it. There are some aspects on which I work, but it is a matter of working together. Besides, I can count on help from a psychologist, coach and teammates - has completed seventeen.

    Cuban National team:

    Quarterback: Raydel Hierrezuelo, Yoandri Diaz, Leandro Macias
    Attacker: Fernando Hernandez
    Host: Wilfredo Leon, Henry Bell, Dennys de Jesus Hernandez
    Measure: Osmany Camejo, Isbel Mesa, Yassel Perdomo
    Libero: Keibel Gutierrez, Gustavo Leyva