• Hi, i am Georgi and i love volleyball.Moreover i have great connection with the sport because i am a cousin of Matey Kaziyski.I have been looking for a forum like this because of the upcoming ech, so i am very glad i found it.
    Finally if you are interested in something about the bulgarian team i can give information in first hand :) :)

  • hello :) welcome on the board

  • WOWOWOWOWOWWW!! hello u!! :D welcome to the forum!! :wavy:

  • Hi :wavy:
    Hope to here sth from you quite often. And I hope you'll enjoy your stay here 'cause it's the best place for volleyball lovers :thumbup:
    It's cool that your cousin is Matey Kaziyski. I guess he is as fantastic person as he is a fantastic player.

    Kiss from Poland to Bulgaria :flower:

    "People wait all week for friday, all year for summer, all life for happiness."

  • WOW!!!!!!!!!! :cheesy: :cheesy: :cheesy: :cheesy: :cheesy:
    Welcome to the forum!!!!!!!!1 :drink:

    Non lasciare mai che la paura di perdere ti impedisca di partecipare!!

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  • Welcome from Italy!!!! :aww:

    It should be nice being the cousin of the Bulgarian Man of the year and nevertheless capitain of the club champion of Italy, Europe, World! :cheesy:

    You'll find several Bulgarian users in here, I imagine they will be really pleased about that ;)

    And about the ECh... go Italy!! :P

  • Hi, can you call Matey and ask if there are any injured players in France? I am worried about Todorov, he didn't play today

  • i know about yesterday that everone after the match was healthy, for today i guess the same, because todorov did not play a lot yesterday
    here is something: Стойчев пак не се възползва от Христо Цветанов, а дори и запази силите
    на Теодор Тодоров, като на негово място при центровете пусна друг млад
    национал – Костадин Гаджанов, който постигна 8 точки.
    that was written by ines from gong, she is very serious about volleyball, so i guess she has information, so don't worry

  • Thank you :)
    I wonder why nobody called Rado after the two matches for quick phone interview?! Let him say what is happening with the team

  • yeahh i am mad about about this also, everybody is talking about our footballers that lost to england, almost nobody about basketball, and nobody about volleyball

    Could you contact Matey tonight to ask him what happened with Todorov? He still doesn't play

  • raylight you should know that i get the information in the morning because in the evening there is recovery, other procedures, tactics about the next day
    So i can tell you abou yesterday, again dont worry about either Todorov or the results, Rado uses different схеми ( i cannot think of a word in english) and stuff like that :) :)

  • Hello Jore :wavy:
    So glad you are here!
    I just want to know if you have chance to ask - how is the atmosphere in the team, how they feel about the outcome of the tourney? Did they tried to test something new? Are they optimistic for the ECH.
    But on the top of this - just tell them we love and support them no matter what happens! And that we are very proud of the whole team!

    Tx, and enjoy your stay here! We will very much appreciate you here!

    and....just one last quastion. Is it tru Matey speaks Serbian language? I am just qurious :P

  • i personally remember only one moment when the atmosphere was bad and it was after the match with cuba when vlado said that we need better player than alexiev, but they had man-to-man conversation and everything was ok.
    After all it was just a friendly tournament, nobody will be happy winning it and losing on the quarterfinals for example.Now i don't have personal contact with matei, because when he prepares for a big championship or playoffs in italy he tries to conxetrate and not to distract himself, but my mother is very close to his mother and that is why i know some things
    For your last question: yes he speaks serbian, his grandmother is from serbia
    p.s yes they tried some new things, big concentration on serve but with the statistics i see it was not very successful :lol: :lol: