Rabita BAKU 2011/12

  • Natasha Osmokrovic gave interview to apasport.az . I will translate some parts :)

    In generally she told she is happy that they won World Championship , most difficult game was against Chang, because it was the first time they played together. Osmo told that the title she won with Rabita is more precious for her because she showed her full performance and won 4 individual awards. They asked What is your secret that at the age of 35 you can play so well, she said it is important to pay attention to your health, nutrition. Shes said that now their aim is to win CL.

    What can you say about Azerbaijan?

    I had good impression about Azerbaijan, because until I came to Azerbaijan, I couldn't imagine that people can love women volleyball so much. This attitude surprised me. Also, Baku is beautiful city,people always try to help you. I played in many countries- Turkey, Brazil, Italy and Japan, but the way Azerbaijanis support you is different and they always ready to help you.

    She said Azerbaijani cuisine is very delicious, but she cant it very often cause it has lot of oil and protein which is not good to player's health.

    Your transfer to Rabita wasn't easy. If Rabita was late, you probably would transfer to Dinamo kazan. What were the factors to choose Rabita?

    First, reason is my son. I like to spend time with my son. In Azerbaijan all games in Baku, If I went to Kazan, I won't have chance to spend a lot of time with my son. Other reason is the level of Azerbaijan Super league is very high. Also, club target is another reason. İn Azerbaijan, I feel myself like -at Croatia,home, as you know there are many players who can speak in my mother tongue and it is very comfortable.

  • World champion Rabita BAKU is ready for European "examination"

    Baku, Azerbaijan, November 16, 2011. Rabita BAKU, the winner of the 2011 FIVB Club World Championship that were held this past October in Doha, has set very high goals for the 2012 CEV Volleyball Champions League. Runners-up this past March, the Azerbaijani ladies minimally want to qualify for the final four that was already assigned to the city of Baku before the Drawing of Lots that took place this past July in Vienna.
    Rabita BAKU joined Europe’s most elitist competition for the first time last year via a wild card and immediately delivered a strong performance by losing only the final match to VakifBank TTelekom in Istanbul. With Azerbaijan having no direct slots for the Champions League as per the European Ranking, Rabita was assigned once again a wild card by the CEV and this time the club hopes to finish its campaign on top of the standings, with additional motivation being contributed by the final four set to be organized in Baku. “After finishing in second place last year we absolutely want to repeat, at least, this result” says club President Jalil Jafarov. “After being crowned world champions in Doha, we would love to come out on top also of the Champions League and we are well prepared to achieve this goal. But this is sport and you never know how it is going to end up” he stresses.
    “We started this short but very intensive season with an excellent result in Doha and we want to go also for a happy end” comments Serbian-born head coach Zoran Gajic. “We have very strong and ambitious opponents along the way, so this means it won’t be easy for us. Last year Rabita BAKU seized the silver medal, so this time we want to go for an even better result”.

    Croatian star Natasa Osmokrovic joined Rabita this past summer after moving to Baku from the club of Fenerbahce ISTANBUL. “We are a great group and this season will be really exciting. We started very successfully by claiming the FIVB Club World Championship in Doha and I think that this group deserves even more wins taking into account the dedication and motivation we all show during our training sessions” she says.
    Serbian Mira Golubovic has stayed in Baku for yet another season and singles out: “We have to play at our best to defeat all the rivals we will face along the way to the final; our shape and physical condition are extremely important to maintain the great tempo we displayed at the start of the season in Doha. We first have to focus on ourselves and then we start analyzing our opponents”.

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  • Happy Birthday my volleyball idol

    Thank you for everything you did for our NT and Rabita, I wish you recovery!I hope you will continue play many years in rabita, I want to see you game in Baku, so please wait till I turn back :rose:

    You are volleyball for me, I began love volleyball with you :flower::heart: