2014 FIVB World Championship - Poland - 8/30

  • Parodi and Kovar arent able to score. Italy is able to defense, but they lack of counterattack. All is Zaytsev or the middles. Berruto is so stubborn. Holt is playing very well.

  • so obviously Russian world league result wasn't only accident. Hats off to Bulgaria. Switched in the game with two aces by Musersky, countered by 3 aces of Milushev :thumbup:

  • Cuba? What´s going on with Brazil? Cuba is almost a junior team and they mistake so much. They are beat by themselves in almost all the matches.

  • [quote='saishuu','index.php?page=Thread&postID=268937#post268937']Brazil from the early stage of WL is back. :wall:[/quote

    They miss Bruno. No leader - and for some reason when Raphael is in the national team he is not the same setter as he is normally. He is not in control of the game.

  • USA transition plays are working. ITA cannot convert in the left wing

  • Bul-Rus is like a shootout. Crazy serving from both teams

  • Bruno comes in - what a difference!

  • This looks like the end of the "walk in the park" for Russia and Brazil. If they will drop points, the second round will become even more interesting.

  • Italy have to send flowers to France for letting them win 3:2 earlier in the tournament. Otherwise they would've been out. But with this play and and this frigid attack from 4 they'll be out anyway, just after a couple more matches from the next phase. The second set is still in the balance though.

  • Happy to see Iran winning so easily. Quick victory, solid performance, bravo guys :flower: Now get ready for Łódź and keep shining there as well! :super:

    I was actually hoping Puerto Rico would put up a little more fight, especially after such an uplifting victory against Italy, but they couldn't keep it up and collapsed quite easily.

    Bulgaria struggling against Egypt :huh: Now they're leading against Sborna 1-0. Come on, Junaci!

    Poland with another 3-0 victory, meh :roll: I thought Argentina would fight a little more, but unfortunately...match was pretty one-sided. Let's see how Poles will do in the next stage of the tournament. It's gonna be really interesting :whistle: Hopefully.

    Italy :huh: What the hell? :lol: These guys are beyond ridiculous. Pure mockery, really. Now they're one set down against the USA and just lost Zaytsev. Misfortune continues for Italy...Let's see how that unfolds...

  • Hats off to Bruno. Raphael was having an off day and he really helped Brazil win this set. Still a bad performance, though; Cuba made 9 mistakes in this set alone and they could still have won it. Hopefully one of the OPPs starts playing well and helps with more points, I think só far only Lipe and Sidão are having a good day in spiking.

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  • What a crazy match between Bulgaria and Russia! :cheesy: Completely different Bulgarian team today, and it's like a million times better! Crazy! Both teams serving bombs, I swear, I won't say any bad word anymore about Milushev, 3 aces in a row in first set :obey: The guy came in after a drama, Yosifov twisted his ankle and Milushev replaced him, donnu, if he ever played as MB, to be honest I don't know Milushev that well. Sokolov is finally a MONSTER, powerful attacks, serves, no stupid mistakes. Tsetso, keep it goin', please :box: I'm telling you, someone kidnapp yesterday's Bulgarians and brought the real one to Poland :D I see the PASSION, this is why I love this team! 1 more set, please guys, I know you can do it!
    On the other side Muserskiy is SICK! I mean, I know what he's capable of on serve but seriously even for me: MASSIVE :white: My mom left the room, couldn't watch Bulgarian being demolished by these serves. But hahaha, Bulgarians still managed to win 2 sets :D :dance4: It's surprising like hell. It's like almost 60% in attack on Bulgarian side and barely 40% on Russian. Tigh battle on serve element and Bulgarians far better in block. Guys :cheesy: Awesome, so far. What a terrible pity I'm not in hall. Looks like fantastic stuff in Gdansk, the match and the atmosphere :thumbup: The thousands of people nicely supporting Bulgarians (what a surprise). Though I feel sorry for Russians, didn't deserve being booed all the time :S

  • How many middle attacks have there been on russia- bulgaraia so far? Maybe 2 ??? :lol: