2014 FIVB World Championship - Poland - 8/30

  • It seems that Brazil will win it for 3 points, that means that Poland needs 2 sets tomorrow to play in SF...

    I fear that Poland may repeat Bulgarian pefrormance from WL 2007.

  • raylight

    Mikhaylov is far from his best days in last 2 years. Volkov is injured for a long time so I dont see them as big loss. In this moment ofc. Sivozhelez and Verbov r big, important absences. Here is point in poor tactics, Voronkov is like Kolakovic, just watching how ship is sinking and doing nothing. Apalikov invisible in 2 sets, Ilynikh mistake machine, Grankin predictable..

  • Iranians are on the lead for the first time in this match. "Just" by 2 points, but I hope it's a good sign, and guys will be back in the swing of things. Come on! :super:

  • Damn it!!! They were on a 4 pts lead and now it'a a tie! :call::hit:

  • Pavlov blew this long rally by staying too far away from the line, while Lucarelli hit as always.

  • Germans scored like...7 or 8 pts in a row :( The reception is not-existent. Grozer is killing it on the serve. They're leading with 4 pts, 16-12 ;(

  • Heynen is hilarious :rolll:

    An Iranian spikes out. His coach wants video challenge for a block-out. While the 2nd ref is checking the replay, Heynen goes to him and says 'The ball was in, but there was no block. So we win!'. Then the refs do call a block-out. However, the slow-mo replay showed there was none whatsoever :D

  • What a joke :rolll: :rolll: Russia will fight for 5th place, no way they can beat Poland

    That will be their third time in a row at world championships, but I think tomorrow they will serve differently.

  • What a joke :rolll::rolll: Russia will fight for 5th place, no way they can beat Poland

    Yes, this Russian team actually is very lucky to have a chance yet after a performance like today. Don't deserve it. But still tomorrow will be another day.

  • That's it - Germany and Brazil won in straight sets.

    Iran must have win 3-0 with 18 small point advantage, it's almost impossible.
    Poland must grab 2 sets from Russia if wants to go further :wavy:

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  • OK, this was weird but still Brazil got into the semifinals and I hope they won't complain about anything this time (since they won, so they have nothing to complain about). I said it was weird match, Russia played a really crappy volleyball, but I feel tomorrow will be different.

  • I don't even know what to say :( Very disappointing game from Iran. They were terrible, sluggish, showed no fight at all. Germans just executed their job, took their chances, stayed consistent and focused and won in a very confident way. Iranians on the other hand were super vulnerable and nervous since the very start of the match, making tones of mistakes and putting up no fight at all. Resigned, jittery, couldn't do anything at all. They were once on a 4 pts lead, but then Grozer went on serve and humiliated them on the reception :( Germans quickly took an advantage and didn't lose it till the very end. Very uninspired and helpless performance from Iranians :( Why guys? Why? ;( You pretty much buried your chances for the semis :(

  • I don't know which win today is the most weird one. 8|
    But I'm super excited Brazil still managed to qualify :obey: I honestly thought it was an impossible task. But with Murilo on court, this team can do anything with the right mindset.

    Anyway, SEMIFINALS!!!!!!!! :cheesy:

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  • Did I mention how much I don't like Kubiak as a person?

  • Did I mention how much I don't like Kubiak as a person?

    What did he do this time? Jumped on the court during BRA-RUS game? ;) Sorry, I was watching Iran vs Germany :P