Scavolini Pesaro

  • 2011-2012 Scavolini Pesaro Roster

    1.Serena Ortolani (ITA) 1987 187cm OPP
    2.Giulia Agostinetto (ITA) 1987 179cm Setter
    4.Maren Brinker (GER) 1986 184cm OH
    5.Alexandra Kilneman (USA) 1989 195cm OH
    7.Monica De Gennaro (ITA) 1987 173cm Libero
    8.Laura Saccomani (ITA) 1991 191cm OH/OPP
    9.Elisa Manzano (ITA) 1985 187cm MB
    10.Francesca Ferretti (ITA) 1984 180cm Setter
    11.Berenika Okuniewska (POL) 1988 189cm MB
    12.Paola Ampudia (COL) 1988 186cm OH/OPP
    18.Lulama Musti de Gennaro (ITA) 1983 185cm MB

    Scavolini is a very young team. Musti de Gennaro (28yo this year) is the oldest one,and Saccomani...who is 20 years of age is the youngest one.

    In : Agostinetto,Brinker,Klineman,Okuniewska,Ampudia,Ortolani,Musti de Gennaro
    Out : Guiggi,Flier,Hooker,Usic sisters,Gasimova,Olivotto,Pascucci

    hopefully the starting line up will be like this

    De Gennaro

    FORZA PESARO! :drink::super::drink::super::rose::win::heart::dance6:

  • Being Bergamo I confess I didnt use to like Pesaro much..hehehehhe, :P but since last season with Flier and everything I have more apreciation for them! ^^

    And I really like this season team, I think they invested correcly, a young but talented team...maybe will need a bit patient, but I think they can make great things! Im really up to see them playing, I think it will be fun to watch! ^^