2011 Pan American Games - Mexico, Guadalajara

  • sooo happy for my boys :D
    the match wasn't the best thing I saw, the referee WAS TERRIBLE, gave random yellow cards to argentinians, Weber got very very angry (not that he doesn't usually but he kind of scared me yesterday haha)... but the boys reacted well to that shitty referee :D

    Happy that Seba won best block once again, like in south americans (Bruno won this time best setter, but Luciano wasn't there so... :lol: )

  • I have to say the antics of the Argentinean coach were pretty ridiculous. It seems like he thinks in order for Argentina to be great he has to act like Bernardinho. It just never makes sense to me what the point of getting so upset is considering the referees almost never change their calls once they make them. It's a complete waste of energy and time and ends up making them look like 4 year-olds having a temper tantrum.

    Congrats to Brazil. They showed the depth of their men's program and there are a bunch of players who will be able to step in after 2012. Luiz Fonteles, Wallace, and Eder looked all very capable of being starters on the main team with a more experience.

    It turned out to be a very competitive tournament with a lot of 5 set matches. Overall I enjoyed the competition.

  • Very very great game of Brazil :white: I was impressed by the performance of Bruninho and Wallace (Souza? ...Who is?)...amazing! :obey:

    Wallace Souza is this great new opposite. He already had at least two very successful seasons here in Brazil, playing for Sada/Cruzeiro. I wish he was in the main team. I think he can be very helpful and he has a great career ahead. I prefere him over the other Wallace, who plays for Sesi and is in the main team. Didn't really surprise me how good Luiz Felipe played as well. He already had a good season last year, playing in Minas. I think those are locks for the main NT after the Olympics.

    Overall, I was underwhelmed by Cuba. I expected more efforts from those guys. This just won't be enough to make the top 3 in the WC, they'll have to step it up.