Greetings from Argentina

  • Hi, I'm LD from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Volleyball enthusiast since 2001 :win: I started following this forum this year and I really like it, there sure are hardcore fans from all over the globe here :teach:

    About me and volleyball, well, I play since I was kid and I really love the game (unfortunately I wasn't that good xD). The tension in each point, the pleasure of digging an impossible ball, jumping high to block and watching the ball falling in the opponent's field... well you know how lovely this game is :)

    People here think I'm weird because I choose to watch a volleyball game over a football match, but I can't help it :cheesy: Of course I follow Argentina NT and I'm also fan of Bolivar here in Argentinean league.

    Well that's it, see you around!

  • Hi there, I hope you enjoy your stay here.

    Mucho Gusto! :thumbsup:

  • Bienvenida y mucho gusto ! :) Pienso que tú pasarás un tiempo amable aquí :thumbsup:
    Have fun :drink:

  • Hi!!! :wavy: :wavy:
    Welcome to this great forum!! :drink: :drink:

    Non lasciare mai che la paura di perdere ti impedisca di partecipare!!

    29th - Prediction Game - Women's European Championship 2011

  • Hello! :wavy:
    How nice we have someone from Argentina, finally! Ooh, you made me smile with your "can't helping feeling" about voleyball instead of football :D Your team is doing a big mess in volleyball world lately. Of course "mess" in the positive sense of this word :win: I just love guys from your team. They brought so much freshness on the courts of world. Female volley isn't so high-class as male, but I like female NT as well, especially unbelievable Sosa on the middle.
    Ok, before I'll start talking too much (as always) I would like to wish you the best time spending here. I'm sure you enjoy your stay. As you wrote yourself there are a lot of hardcore fans. And hell yeah it's true! :thumbsup:

    BTW. I had to ask, I couldn't resist... LD is some shorcut name? I'm just curious :roll:

    "People wait all week for friday, all year for summer, all life for happiness."

  • Yes, it's a shortcut name. And no, it's not Luciano De Cecco :P though i'm also called Luciano.

    Yes, I support the girls too, they are making huge progress lately. Too bad Brazil didn't qualify in the WC and it's too difficult for them to be in London now.

    Muchas gracias a todos por la bienvenida :)

  • Yes, it's a shortcut name. And no, it's not Luciano De Cecco :P though i'm also called Luciano.

    So from where this "D" in LD?

    Luciano is such a cool name :thumbup: I even started to like a polish version of this name although Lucjan reminds me only "L like Love" if you know about what I'm talking about :lol: I guess not but polish users know.

    "People wait all week for friday, all year for summer, all life for happiness."

  • Ehy!!! Welcome in the forum!!!

    I really like the Argentinian NT, so young but yet so beautiful to watch! My favourite players are De Cecco, Facu and Sole, and I have great expectation from Castellani too, in the future! I also had the opportunities to apreciate Uriarte in the Italian Championship, I hope he is doing well in Boca!

    the pleasure of digging an impossible ball

    :cheesy: :cheesy:

  • I of the best basketball teams in history was Argentina NT from Olimpics 2004,and WCH 2002,with Scola,Ginobili,Oberto,Nocioni,Prigioni,Delfino, was beatiful to watch them :)

  • Cool! I dont think we had another argentinian member here! So welcome in double!!! :) Have a good time!

  • Welcome to the greatest ever volley forum :lol:

  • Welcome!

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