UEFA Euro 2012 Poland & Ukraine

  • Dream final, for me :roll: Not only because of these two monsters - Buffon and Casillas. In the end I cheered for both teams so I was a litle bit sad... Azzurri :( I cheered for them to the last minute to score one goal at least. Gosh, Gigi Buffon had actually no support from defenders... No matter what, he will be always great in my eyes. I think it won't be something wrong if I'll say: congrats for the second place, Italians! Has anyone pointed out that this team reaches the final? Not really. Thank you for fight, for nice playing during this tournament and enjoy the silver :win:

    It seems that Hispanic saved their best for the end :D They passed into legend in a beautiful style. Big match by Fabregas... I wasn't convinced to him at the beginning of tournament. I appreciated him finally :) Big match by Casillas... big tournament, actually. My master :obey: And, imo, big BIG tournament by Jordi Alba. He just charmed me. Amazing guy :roll: So. This is it, finally. Felicidades, España! :flower:

    Sad to say good bye and I can't believe it... but this is the end of Euro 2012. Great tournament with some unforgettable moments and enormous dose of emotions. I hope that most people will remember this tournament as one of the best ever.

    Edit: I was wondering... because Torres had chance to score the 4th goal in this tournament and I got the impression that he just "gave back" this ball to Juan Mata. If he did, and I think he did it on purpose, my sympathy for him is even bigger :roll: Nando :rose: He deserved the title "king of scorers". I'm only sorry that he played in this tournament so little.

    "People wait all week for friday, all year for summer, all life for happiness."

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  • I don't know how many times I have hit myself while watching CR7 :aww: but he finally made it and put the ball IN :D Congrats for Portuguese and now let's go Germans. Eat Greeks.

    Gigi Buffon is still on fire. If Italy won't advance to semi-final, he will be for me the one to cry for.

    Totally pathetic for this comment to be coming from a female, but I guess us having won the European championship hurt such people more than it should.

    I'll try not to fall down to your level wishing to "eat" X/Y nation just because I don't like their footballing style.