What's your favorite player & team ?

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    Well, what's your favorite player(s) and team(s) ?

    Its easy :D Germany NT and Serbian NT but also Asystel Novara especially because of Kozuch and Stefena Veljkovic and may be where Sheilla's playing. ;)

    My favourite volleyball player is Maggie Kozuch. I'm her fan since 6 years... she's very special for me :heart:

    Germany NT with Maren Brinker I dont know why but i like the way she jump to hit a ball :lol: Robin de Kruijf, Helena Havelkova and Maren Brinker seem to be my favourite players as well now a days.

    Naz Aydemir and Marta Bechis..I think they will be one of the best setters in the world we've yet to see in the coming years

    I also like Lioubov Sokolova. I liked her ever since she played in my home town :D

    Of course Dutch girls and Serbian girls are stunning :kiss:

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  • My favourite player is Eleonora Lo Bianco aka "Leo" :cheesy: :obey:

    I like very much setters, especially not very tall (shorter than 1,80 m)
    The list go on with:
    S: Lindsey Berg, Takeshita, Fernandinha, Francesca Ferretti, Valeria Caracuta, Marta Bechis, Özge Kirdar
    L: Paola Cardullo, Luna Carocci, Imma Sirressi, Paola Croce, Enrica Merlo, Stacy Sykora, Giulia Leonardi, Monica De Gennaro
    MB: Simona Gioli, Foluke Akinradewo, Sara Anzanello
    OH/OP: Togut, Aguero, Logan Tom, Bosetti^2, Manon Flier, Senna Usic, Destinee Hooker (but only her sides that play volleyball, not her other side...)

    Maybe I have forgot someone....

    I'm Italian so I support Italy NT but I like also USA NT....

    I have not a favourite club, last year I supported Castellana (the team closest to my home), Bergamo and Villa Cortese.
    This year I support Villa, Busto (and maybe I'm the first person in the world that support this 2 teams at the same time) and Galatasaray because of Leo.... I like also "historical" teams like Bergamo (not only for the name, Berg-amo, "amo" in italian means "I love") and Pesaro; in Novara there are a lot of young player and this is very nice, I also like Modena because there are great players... I want Parma again in the A1 during the next year... (there play half of Castellana's player XD).

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  • My favourite femele player is absolutely Francesca Piccinini.. :love: She is my idol, the greatest and more beautiful player of the world..! :D She is a STAR! An example of beauty, great technique and she shows a big big heart on the court. :heart:

    My favourite male player is and will be for ever Alberto Cisolla..! I have a lot of fantastic memories of him and he is an example for me.. Graet player and special figure of our italian volleyball!

    My favourite teams are Bergamo and Sisley Belluno! :obey: Obviously I'm also a graet fan of our NT..! ITALY!

    I love also other players: first of all Victoria Ravva; but also my favourite OPP Neslihan Darnel; Anna Baranska: IMO the most lovely player; Milena Rosner and Eleonora Dziekiewicz with their icy eyes; Jaqueline Carvalho: the most elegant! And Megumi Kurihara: japanese Queen! :heart:

    There are also some male players who I appreciate a lot: the pure talent Facundo Conte; Simone Parodi, our italian diamond; but also Michael Winiarski and Antonin Rouzier: very handsome and very good players! :cheesy:

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  • my favourite team of all times is Jesi,but since it closed ( :aww: :S ) in Italy I support Urbino and Modena...as teams for other countries,in Turkey I've always liked Eczacibasi and in Russia Dinamo Mosca (there are Grun and Yaneva in the same team!!!)..

    as for Nt teams,i'll always root for Italy (obviously),but i like really much Serbia,Netherland and Brasil..

    as for my fav players,i've to divide them for her roles:

    S: Ognjenovic,Parkhomenko,Lo Bianco,Berg and Skorupa (since i saw her in Urbino,i'm in love with her)..

    OPP: Flier,Sheilla,Turlea,Djerisilo,Brakocevic and Hooker and I'm starting to like also Havlickova

    OH: Piccinini,Del Core,Rinieri,Jaqueline,Paula,Grun,Glinka,Sokolova,Tom and Costagrande and i think also that Havelkova and Horvath will do quite well in their future

    MB: Bown,Rasic,Gioli,Thaisa,Fabiana and Harmotto

    L: Cardullo,Leonardi,Sirressi,Croce,Fabi,Sano and Sykora

    as you can see,i love lots of players!!! :thumbup:

    and obviously i love Floortje Meijners!!!!!!!! :rose:

  • My favouriate team is NED NT :lol: then USA NT、GER NT、TUR NT、POL NT
    My favouriate club is Vakibank this season :rose:

    And my favouriate list:

    OH:Anna Baranska、Stam Debby、Piccinini、Tom、Anne Buijs、Angelina Grun、Glinka、Costagrande、Maret Grothues、Artamonova、Senna Usic、 Saori、Leto、Malagusiki、Paola、Jaqueline

    OPP:Manon Flier、Sokolova、Sloetjes Lonneke、Meijners、Judith Pietersen

    MB:Furst、Caroline Wensink、Eda、Ingrid Visser、Robin de Kruijf、Van Dalean、Ravva、Poljak、Guiggi、Bown、Steenbergen

    S:K.Staleans、Francesca Ferretti、Femeke Stoltenborg、K.Weiss、A.Naz、M.Sadurek、Laura Dijkema、Hanke

    And i like three male players:Michael Winiarski、Walazly、Lasko :thumbsup:

  • hard question im doing a top3 :P
    from dutch nationals
    laura dijkema-robin de kruijf-myrthe schoot

    german nationals

  • Obviously, Mammadova. The reason I started to love volleyball. Every time she changes her team, I change also. Azerrail, Chieri, Volero, Turk Telekeom etc :D I began to support Rabita because of her, but now I really like Rabita. I hope Mamma will always play here, but if she transfers another team I will continue to support Rabita :heart:

    For NT: Asian teams- China, Japan, Korea. I really like them, when u watch their game I say yes, it's real volleyball. U understand that volleyball is just a game and u should have fun while watching :)
    Because of some stupid policy of our federation I can't support my NT with fully heart. But when I see our flag, I cant stand to support ^^

    Players: Mamma (maybe 9-10 years), Osmo , Kim YK(many people like her after coming Europe, but I watched her before too), Yuko Sano, Wang- they are very special for me.

    Favorite ones- Ravva, Poljak, Grun, Lo Bianco, Rahimova, Korotenko, Boww, Gioli.

  • I'm a HUGE fan of Women Volleyball, mostly German NT,Dutch NT and Serbian NT. For club, obviously Scavolini Pesaro.

    Lenka Dürr - The roster of My favourite players can't be fulled without her name. One of the most young outstanding players in the world. You won't regret If you keep looking at her. She is so talented.

    Martina Guiggi - She plays with spirit, in addition She's very sweet. I love her spike serves.

    Stefana Veljkovic - I've become her fan since She started to play in Senior Serbian NT in 2007. She is very talented and gorgeous. She is the reason that I support for Serbian NT.

    Christiane Fürst - For me, She is the best MB in the world. She has a great personality. I can't even imagine of disliking or talking rubbish about her.

    Anna Werblinska - She is a very entertaining player. Look at her height (178cm). As not She looks like, She jumps like a cuban girl and spikes like She's gonna ruin everything. God, She is absolutely powerful.

    Manon Flier - She is a very well-educated player I think. She seems very happy whenever she plays on the court. Dutch NT's orange uniform fits her VERY well.

    Leo Lo bianco - The best setter in the world. I really hope she manages to be the Italian flag bearer in London. Forza Lo bianco!

    Jordan Larson - She has a very good sense of Volleyball. I like her spike serves as well.

    Carly Lloyd - Lloyd can be one of the best setters If she gains more experiences. She is a very smart setter and I like it.

    Sanja Malagurski - So Powerful and adorable.