Match-fixing investigation happening in Korea

  • A Japonese newspaper gave the report that there is an investigation in Korea due match-fixing in men and women's volleyball! Some players had already been arrested.…/02/10/2012021000626.html

  • This is really bad :thumbdown: Im actually very surprised of it, because in Korean league at least there is no big money u can do in match fixing. The only leagues with enough limit to create money on match fixing in Womens Volleyball is Italian and Polish league I think. There is like 40-50 bookmakers with prices, compare to 3-4 in Korean league, the same as in Japan, Brazil-leagues. The russian league is blacklisted I´ve heard, because of several supposed match fixing cases the latest years.

  • I read the article now through Google Translate, stands about a illegal betting site. Then it makes more sense...

  • Indeed, It's an awful news for all Volley lovers. Well, not to wonder that They already had been arrested, They deserve it. :thumbdown: