The 2012-2013 Transfer News

  • So I guess you want most foreigners to leave? :D

    Foreigners like Krismanovic, Golubovic or Tomkom I would like to see them also, but players I wrote above my fav ones and want to see them next season very very much :)

    But foreigners like radzuweit, majstovic, elisangela, Kavalchuk I dont want to see them next seasin in our league :win:

  • Ah right, well Harmotto already renewed her contract so if Glass really comes Barboza must leave.

    According to the transfer of Glass is official. Modena probably will loan Partenio to another club where she can play as starter. They wanted Chiappini as coach but he goes to Baku, so they might keep Cuccarini even though they don't really want to...

    Why must Barboza leave if Glass comes..??? ?( I don't understand..

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  • I doubt Floortje wants to move to Parma, because she is studying at a university in Busto :teach:

    University is not a problem...

    It's possible, you just have to believe in yourself and really not care what other people say, because I've heard it all.
    If you let someone else dictate what you're going to do in life, then you won't get there.

    Non so neanche come onestamente: in due mesi ero di nuovo in campo.

  • Because in A1 there's a rule that a team can't have more than 2 foreigners from the same country, so with Glass and Harmotto under contract, Modena can't keep Barboza as 3rd American. Or does this rule no longer exist?

    Really :what: Italy has really complicated and useless transfer regulations :down: do you have any idea about what could be the reason for such a rule ?(

  • so what ?( What is wrong with that if half of Russian NT is playing in Serie A. From my perspective in order to adaptate players and make them feel more comfortable, having foreign players from the same country is a better idea (Poljak-Senna or Havelkova-Havliçkova Rabita's half of it Serbian :roll: ). And since their generally game style is generally similar, it is also good as technically :whistle:

  • Glinka:

    I have great conditions, I really value the coach Giovanni Guidettiego and local activists. Club wants to fight in the next season by winning the Champions League and will change the composition.

    thanks to google-translater :lol:

    This is great. Hopefully she stays. Maybe she will not play every match and can recover :box:

  • and what about Brakocevic? Glinka will play as OH?

  • We have seen in the play offs, that if Nikolic is not on her day, then VTT has problems. But today they announced the transfer of Polen. Maybe GLinka can receive ! I think she received in Murcia ?

  • In an important economy magazin was realeased the new that Zé is probably getting an agreement with an important sponsor in Brasil, called Amil (is a health insurece)

    The project would be in the city of Campinas and would cost 10 million reais. Zé would be the coach of it. No trasfers confirmed yet.…m/felipepatury/tag/volei/