The 2012-2013 Transfer News

  • Hi all I was in Metz (France) for the last journey of the European League.
    I saw the big performance of Elitza Valiseva but, most important lefty Seray Altay
    She's charming, cool and nice ;-) I could speak with her 10 minutes just after their easy win vs Switzerland

    At the end of the "meeting", I talked with her about my team Mulhouse that will play vs Galatasaray ?...
    She answered me: «I don't know yet where I will play next season. I must consider it with my agent»

    I think she has a little time to determinate it...
    So, I hope to see her in Mulhouse next 11 december, or... to be the next opposite of Mulhouse :-))

    F4 2011: Fener-Vakif GSTT 4-13 at the end of tie break 1/2 final. Vakif' winner C'L. 2013 and 44 victories Just amazing :rose:
    "Léo" flag bearer at the Olympics 2012

  • Serbian players Bojana Radulovic and Tamara Rakic (both from Red Star Belgrade) to Krasnoyarsk, new team in Russian SL this season.

  • [OSEN = Capes News] ga life 'volleyball Empress' gimyeongyeong (24, Fenerbahçe) players for the disclosure of any withdrawal requests on hiatus while Kim homage transfer problem has been experienced.Pink Spider Heungkook through a press release two days off, "Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO) violation on the grounds of Kim In reference to the disclosure of any withdrawal request, the player," he said.Heungkook Kim on May 15 in the past was to play Wonder signed with Turkey Fenerbahçe ahjeubadem nine penereubachewaui renewal lease as terminated, the lease of another team from abroad, the domestic stage, leaving open the possibility to return all such proceedings said.Since the gimyeongyeong Heungkook domestic as well as the future of personal prestige, such as improvements in women's volleyball next season at the club overseas, Kim decided to rent 10000000000000000. Kim, who wish to honor the lease Heungkook abroad also offer nine 2-3 from where Kim has already received state through the harmonization of views over the plan to the stage of action, respectively.Kim wonders Heungkook the usual 'can win Champions League in the team' learn some good players in my team "Hypothetically, as the most important condition to reflect this was supposed to decide the next destination.Heungkook official "tribute in 2009 Japan JT Kim Marvel Russ Lease nine coaches employed by the Japanese to make it happen, and JT Russ and Fenerbahçe, etc. Marble convenience of free offers, such as renting," he balhimyeo "This honor overseas and Kim Kim in the same manner as for the past haeseodo position homage to promote respect and tried to lease, "he said.But Kim won phenomenal club member without consultation side Heungkook unauthorized overseas contracted through an agent contract with the club while promoting the current KOVO in violation of the provisions that has happened.KOVO regulations According to Article 54 "Overseas players lease agreement with the club and the players at the club leased part of international league player says" he has jeoksidwae. Another 70000000000002 term "club and its players when the players sign a contract with the club that the player signed a contract directly with the principle," he emphasizes.In particular, according to paragraph 73000000000004 "without consultation with the Federation or nine volleyball or other third parties related to sports participation in the conclusion of the contract and the game" is specified in the prohibition.This past April, etc. Director gwongwangyoung five times and several times throughout the interview through a phone call to Kim 10000000000000000 "to ensure maximum convenience and legitimate within the scope of the lease of the club overseas," said a highlight.The Volleyball Association as well as Heungkook (KVA) KOVO elders including many volleyball and volleyball officials for violation of, either directly or indirectly, Kim 10000000000000000 to highlight the fact that due process will inform. Sir Kim personally, but through a foreign agent under contract with the club is that the contract claim.Respect of these claims against Kim Heungkook the "Player Registration deadline day at 6:00 pm Kim, Koreans respect to changes in position and waited, almost inevitably, there's no response KOVO finish any side was forced to leave the player to request disclosure," he withdraw any disclosures to explain the background of the request.Heungkook official said, "With regard to the first career honor Kim's going smooth, has not let on that point is expressed regret" and "In the meantime, over two times in Kim's honor abroad I did not have any noise on this one only for toxic problems resign pity, "he said.In addition, "In reference to Kim Although any withdrawal request disclosure in order to tackle this thing will try to finish," he said.
    Kim return to Korea :rolll: :rolll: :rolll: :rolll: :rolll: :rolll: :rolll: :rolll: :rolll: :rolll:

  • Gimyeongyeong agent "of the unilateral violation of the Federation claim"(AP) reporter = Jang, nine women's pro volleyball player, part of two days Heungkook 'slugger' gimyeongyeong (24) South Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO) in violation of the regulations could stand on its own arbitrary withdrawal overseas players seeking disclosure asked.When any withdrawal status without the permission of Kim Heungkook Sir contract with domestic and overseas professional teams in nine of the transfer will be difficult jachit nests in danger of losing Mia.Meanwhile, Turkish professional volleyball Heungkook paenereubachee last season which was renting a room with Kim wonders penereubachewaui renewal lease with nine other international, national leaving open the possibility to return and all negotiations said.But the Federation's player registration deadline until the day after Kim inevitably a compromise can not not make a request explained that disclosure of any withdrawal.Kim wonders Heungkook the lease so that you can continue to play in promoting overseas, but Kim nine phenomenal, without consultation with the contracting agent asserting unauthorized overseas shopping club claiming a violation of the provisions of the Federation claimed.Amended rules of the current 54 'offshore leasing players and players, in consultation with the nine member international league players at the club leased' I'm telling you is defined.Heungkook also 'clubs and players when the players sign a contract with the club that the player directly to an agreement in principle that' (70, paragraph 2), without consultation with the Federation or the nine third-party volleyball or other sports with the signing of contracts associated with participation in and the game is a prohibition (section 73000000000004) for the provision violates the Kim claimed that this wonder.Heungkook three years ago, Japanese professional volleyball, water sports, JT, Kim Russ Marvel mulsim to transfer the tenancy was supported by both sides, including last season on loan at no charge penereubachee had offered the convenience of full explained.Following the phenomenal Kim also the best that can be treated while promoting the continued lease of the club to convince Kim wonders naseotjiman agent claimed only through the agreement due to any unavoidable withdrawal was taekhaetdago.2-3 Heungkook nine from overseas, Kim received an offer to lease tribute, five rounds of interviews and numerous contacts over the phone call, Kim said.We honor Kim for Four Instruments yungiyoung Korea representative agent, "attorney and legal review is already completed," said the official position related data collected to go public soon, he said.Yun representative "national honor, Kim Kuk life, eventually claiming the return of Azerbaijan has pushed lease of a club," said "Sir, but Kim better living conditions in Turkey are seeking residual," he said.Yet "some of Turkey, including nine from penereubachereul love calls received," he has introduced.There were nine and miracles related to a third party to intervene in consultation with the provisions of the Federation's claim for violation Heungkook Yun representatives, "the club does not recognize the source of our being excluded from the relative status of the agreement made at the one-sided argument" he retorted.Any player leaving play for one month after the disclosure of the Federation is able to return.But even before the two sides return to play for the forms needed now, Sir, if Kim can play overseas again.Stepping on stage the Olympics in eight years, the London Olympic medals in women's volleyball team to challenge the contract issue in situations where guns wonder Kim choking voice has grown to fear losing.
    Other news
    Congratulations on returning to Korea :rolll: :rolll: :rolll: :rolll: :rolll: :rolll: :rolll: :rolll: :rolll:

  • It would be nice if she goes abroad indeed !

  • I have checked korean pages today...
    It seems to me this issue turns into law suite... :hit::wall:
    Every X-man wants a piece of the pie... X(X( X( X( X( X( X( X(X( X( X( X( X( X( X(X( X( X( X( X( X( X(

    Poor Kimy! ;(



    Prediction Game :
    5th place - Olympic Games 2012
    Bronze - World Grand Prix 2012
    Gold - Liga Femenina de Baloncesto de España 2011-2012 (as "LV")
    Silver - EuroBasket Women 2011 (as "LAT")
    Gold - FIBA EuroLeague Women 2011 (as "LAT")

  • one bet game for elchicha :
    one spanish player is ready to signe with saint raphael, second league in france. she's in NT now...which player is it?
    and one (bad) joke about this file : spanish federation wrote that she agree for the transfert only if the new club of the player pay the roundtrip ticket for the flight if the girl move to NT camp ! spanish federation is so poor?

    Les pieds dans le fumier, mais toujours le verbe haut et la tête droite ! Cocorico !

  • she is under contract to the Heungkuk.(2 years left)
    so basically she can't decide her new team.
    she can talk to them(heungkuk) which team she wants to go but can't choose all by herself.
    and there is a rumour.
    they(heungkuk) want her to play in korea. but she still wants to play in europe.
    she won't go back to korea voluntarily. and they can't bring her back to korea by force.
    so they(heungkuk) make some trouble with other club on purpose. such as to ask more high salary.
    the thing is they(heungkuk) have nothing to lose.
    just ask more money and if club take that, then earn more money.
    if club doesn't take that. then they can easily bring her back to korea.(they really want this way)
    besides people don't know about her situation
    some people just blame kim. not them.
    so they don't need to rush.
    as you can see, she can't make a contract until this moment.

    so. do they really interrupt her contract on purpose?

    it turns out true.
    they didn't try to make a contract as she wants.
    and they(heungkuk) constantly asked her to play in korea. and she refused.
    so today they call for a complete ban on her professional career.
    i can't explain kovo's rules but in this situation , she can't play in korea or foreign.
    not return!. she can't play at all.

    we're just waiting for kovo's mediation