Chinese NT 2012

  • IMO potentially this Chinese NT could be stronger and wittier than Brazil and USA in attack and setting. Their game is the most beautiful to watch with their combinations, cross plays, self fakes etc.

    What it lacks is:

    1) experience - one or two experienced players could have been preserved for London, especially in key positions such as Zhang Na, Zhou Suhong or Yang Hao. I hope they won't fall in the same error replacing 2/3 of the team again.
    2) lousy defence and reception, unforced errors and slow movements on court - these were once the strong points of the Chinese. It is clear that these problems made a difference in London, especially for the style the Chinese are employing. To link the second point with the first, Zhang Na and Zhou Suhong were very good receivers and diggers.

    I'm sad for how it ended for China at the Olympics, because in attack they have the most beautiful game in the World. A better defence and much less unforced errors could have led to different results in the pool play in London.

    A suggestion to China NT: don't change your attacking schemes and style and don't change the starting up players, because they are superb (they lacked experience, but will be experienced enough for Rio).
    Change the bench, train much more in defence (try to find a way to not have Wang in the back row - a big liability in defence as much as Takeshita was for Japan in blocking), if you really want some new players, find some quicker in movements on court.

  • when our players 26 years of age they become bad,.,,,,

  • I wasn't sure about creating a new topic, but anyway...

    China's NT coach, Yu Juemin, has resigned (from what I've read, he will be the coach of men's league volleyball team). There's no news about who will be the new coach, but Lai Yawen and Bin Cai are some of the options. Of course many people would want Jenny Lang Ping, but she said no.…rem+reprezentacji+Chin%3F

    Also Yimei Wang and Ma Yunwen have already commented on this.

    I remember the talks during th OG that many players want to leave NT because of the injuries and the coach. Maybe with that decision they'll reconsider?