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  • Mikhail Karpol: Cilic beat, and he then took the US Open

    Michael, the great grandson of Nicholas Karpol, of course, quite logically looked next to his grandfather on the bench coaching volleyball "Uralochka-NTMK". The young coach in 25 years rich sports biography. And he has almost never gives interviews.

    He was born in Yekaterinburg, but after the death of his grandfather parents decided to send a 4-year-old grandson in Croatia, where at the time he was quite famous after winning a local "Mladost" Champions League. Near the Mediterranean Misha graduated from high school and received Croatian citizenship.

    - Language quickly learned?

    - The four-year course, I have already said in Russian, but when you're small, it is still easier to learn the language, the more you get into the school, where you somehow have to communicate. When in Russia back in 2009, spoke in Russian is much worse than in Croatian, even now have an accent, you hear? Even thought the Croatian. I have many friends from Serbia: and in the same "Ural" (football club from Yekaterinburg. - Approx. Ed.) Played Milan Vještica, Branimir Petrovic. Veshtitsa "Zenit" played four years, we'd still keep in touch. Friends with Nicola Lepoevichem, he now plays for Surgut Basketball Super League.

    "They say that Federer nobody will ever know"

    - You have the same near the tennis history?

    - For some time seriously engaged. As a child, there were successes: in general, for those under 14 years of age in tennis is not carried out the official World Cup, but we had an unofficial championship in Paris, which then came to almost all the best players from around the world. These competitions I managed to win. The following year I was 15 years old, again got a team, then in the same team was Marin Cilic, we won the European Championship winter, in the summer Europe took silver and were third in the world.

    - Why have completed a career?

    - From the knee to the ankle are the two bones, big and small. Training in Spain was hit by a ball a foot, and now this is the smallest bone - fibula - cracked, double offset spokes in the leg, the year of recovery. Before the injury I played at Wimbledon juniors, qualifying him beat Kei Nishikori. When I returned, I realized that this form to have a lot of work. Gained weight, lost touch with the regime began to rave, to lose. In two years, scored 6 or 7 points in the Asia-Pacific region and ... a pity that it happened. Wimbledon IMG (known agency. - Approx. Ed.) Offered a contract for 1.2 million euros. They pay for travel, training, tournaments. When injured, the contract was in the room unsigned, then they withdrew it, of course.

    - It's a shame ...

    - When you see the man you beat a child, wins US Open, different thoughts arise, although we Marin Cilic in a good relationship, communicate until now. I am glad that he has all happened in tennis, I had to ask myself with stricter.

    - To imitate, as a young tennis player?

    - At one time even tried to walk like Safin, t-shirts, ornaments, still some things peeping at him. At that time he was very popular.

    - Today, all chosen idols of Federer, Djokovic and Nadal.

    - According to the technique, of course, Roger - god. We have, in Croatia, was a coach, worked with a guy who for juniors regularly met with Federer. Roger for a long time considered any at all. Right, seriously, zero. This guy once played against Federer and lost him one set. And the coach he wrote in his diary: "You played a very bad match, with incomprehensible Swiss, which anywhere else no one will ever hear."
    Djokovic now number one on the physical and data level. I remember him, he was two years older, but in some tournaments we still crossed. Great guy.

    - After living 15 years in Croatia, you know who Mirko Filipovic (MMA fighter, considered to be a major contender in the career of Fedor Emelianenko. - Approx. Ed.)?

    - We lived through three entrances. His manager - the father of my good friend's tennis. He was just doing his career from the beginning. Once Mirko and his wife came to the movies, in the back row there were some funny guys. Mirko's wife asked them to be quiet, her back almost a prostitute called them. They say he then waited for them at the box office, something about six people there were. In general, I was told that then it is not clear that it was, but the guys in fifteen seconds littered all.

    "I know how girls live"

    - Fly away from Croatia, knowing that you do not disperse in volleyball?

    - No, flew to learn. Then he was invited to play in the city league volleyball. Nikolai called to help the team. At first, one might say, balls filed, then started with someone individually engaged, and went. As a player with an amateur team won the city and the region. With youth "Uralochka" as a coach - the championship. Of course, a lot from Nikolai learned. We first became friends with the girls, it's probably not very good, but I did not know yet that the coach will be. On the other hand, I know how they live, what they are interested in. They were also able to understand what training I coach them, and for friends we playground.

    - At what point did the most learned about volleyball?

    - In 2004, when he came to the Olympics. Honestly before even the most did not know what was going on. When in 2000 the final out our grandmother with her sister said, "Let's look at our final team plays," and I was 11 years old, did not even know what the final Olympics, went with the boys to play football. After 4 years, it's different there.

    - After the Mediterranean Croatia Ekaterinburg you like?

    - Believe it or not, but I love this city. He is the last six years has changed dramatically. Routine, the places where you can go, he is far ahead of the same Zagreb, but the road in Russia is very bad. I'm cold and Croatia bore easily. When it was cold, could walk in shorts, someone at a temple finger twisted: "Rus, are you crazy?". Russian, of course, because of the place of birth was called.

    - Winning "Uralochka" to "Dinamo" Krasnodar became a sensation. As has happened is a miracle?

    - And the team is very well prepared, and the girls, probably before the end of the felt volleyball, which is played by Nikolai. We watched from the coaching zone with Nikolai Vasilyevich and at every moment to understand what we can. An incredible match was.

  • "Uralochka-NTMK" reinforced structure and preparing for the anniversary season.

    "Uralochka-NTMK" has signed contracts with three athletes. Among them is already known to fans of former Uralochka Marina Babeshina (Sheshenina). Marina - silver medalist of the 2004 Olympics, the 2006 World champion, Merited Master of Sports of Russia. Until 2011, the athlete played for "Uralochka", were then "Dinamo-Kazan", "Tyumen-TSU" and "Omichka." Now, this award-winning athlete with us again!

    Uralochka also joined Elena Irisova - playing her role "diagonal", Irina stood for "Proton" and "Omichka" in its arsenal bronze championship of Russia Cup of Russia 2005 and 2009, and it is the winner of the Cup of Siberia and the Far East in 2014 , silver medalist of the Cup of Russia in 2014.

    Volleyball club "Uralochka-NTMK" signed a contract with doigrovschitsey Sajina Olga, who last season played for "Proton" (Saratov region), 29-year-old athlete is a two-time bronze medalist Russia, as she twice won the championship and the Cup in Switzerland in the " Volero. "

    Not without parting - left the team one of the most experienced players - Anna Matienko she will continue his career in "Dinamo-Kazan".

    However, the club remains the favorite of the fans who had last season to establish itself as one of the best in the country - is Xenia Ilchenko Irina Zaryazhko Darya Pisarenko. Incidentally, all three - are currently in favor of the Russian national team. Nearest tournaments in which the girls will have a chance to prove themselves - European Games in Baku (they will be held in June), and Yeltsin Cup. Yekaterinburg will get a chance to see the strongest volleyball players in the game - in the Ural capital will host this prestigious international tournament. Cup matches will be held in the Palace of Sports from 17 until 21 June.

    In 2016, the most titled Russian club "Uralochka" will celebrate its 50th anniversary. In the anniversary year, the team won the right to participate in the strong tournament - the Champions League! And as shown by the last season - the team on the shoulder any complexity and rivals.
    The main thing - faith in yourself!

  • Bartek, please, in your text, are you saying that Irisova played as Opposite in the past?

    In this case, she may be the replacement to the terrible Malofeeva. The only black hole in Uralocha is the Opp position. If they solve it, they may cause some damage next season.

  • «Uralochka-ntmk began preparing for the new season, which will be for the team Jubilee-50-m in the Championships of the USSR/Russia. After a four-year break "uralochka" again will take part in the Champions League, a club tournament in Europe. For its semi-Centennial history our team 8 times became a holder of the prestigious title, the last time in the season 1994/95-th years.

    In the new line-up, our team began training on June 16. The first stage of training was held in Yekaterinburg, and from July 1 the main and youth team "Uraločki" are located in Belarus, on the basis of the Olympic Centre "Stayki".

    Note that after the break, as Chief of training "fringe" returned Croatian specialist Boris Breštič.

    The first test of strength for the "Uraločki" will be the training Cup Victory Cup-tournament dedicated to the 70-th anniversary of victory in the great patriotic war. In the preliminary phase of the Uralochka-ntmk with 4 on 9 September in Cherepovets. The rivals of our team will be "Processed" (Omsk), «Severianka» (Cherepovets), «Primoročka» (Primorsky Krai) and "yaroslavna-TMZ (Tutayev). In the next round of the tournament will qualify the top four teams from the group.

    The first official match of the season "Uralochka-ntmk hold with their spectators. 16 October, in the Championship of Russia, Nicholas Karpolâ take Voronezh.

    Marina Babešina came home

    In the Uraločki-ntmk-few changes. In other clubs will continue their career setter Anna Matienko (entered into a contract with the Kazan Dynamo), as well as Ludmila Malafeew (currently free agent).

    Don't speak for "Uraločku" and Cuban Ûmilka Ruiz. Two-time Olympic champion was forced to complete his career because of a severe knee injury, received in November last year. After surgery and a rehabilitation course 37-year-old Ruiz planned to go back on the pad, but doctors banned her performances at the highest level in order to avoid relapse.

    Gone are intended to replace the three newcomers. The position of the junction signed Matienko Marina Babešina (Šešenina). World Champion-2006, silver medalist at the 2004 Olympics, Marina returned to their historic homeland. In "Uraločke-ntmk began her career in 2011, Babešina, left the home Club, and now, after 30-year anniversary, has returned to prove themselves in the Champions League.

    Together with Marina Babešinoj of "Omički" moved to the Urals diagonal Elena Irisova. 27-year-old volleyball player perfectly proved last season and now, under the leadership of Nicholas Karpolâ, will try to reach a new level.

    Another newcomer, "Uraločki-ntmk became experienced Olga Sarzyna. Previously, 29-year-old doigrovŝica advocated the Saratov "Proton".

    In Belarus absent Ksenya ilchenko, Irina Zarâžko and Darya Pisarenko-these athletes back in May were due to the location of prefabricated Russia. Ilchenko, comprising the country's team at the moment Prien took part in drawing of Grand Prix. Training in "Uraločke" Xenia will begin only in October, after the completion of the European Championship.

    Irina Zarâžko and Darya Pisarenko Russia squad performed at two consecutive tournaments-European games and Universiade. And if the European Games Russia failed to get on the podium, the Universiade ended with the victory of our girls!

    To "Uraločke-ntmk Irina and Daria will join on July 28. However, it is not excluded that volleyball players will be called to the national team Russia in preparation for the European Championship. In this case, "Uraločke" will have to be prepared for the season without winners Universiade 2015.