The 2013 CEV Champions League

  • Congrats Bustooo!!! :) :drink: It was a great fight today. I fell Lloyd back will give Busto's MBs many chances from now on this season. ;) (I shouldnt be that happy since I support Foppa..hehehe but I like Busto as well...and Im happy for Maggie and Maren! :) )

  • bitterness again :lol: even though the criticism/s about that team are not so harsh why can i smell a "eat that bitch i told you so!" type of thing? :win:

  • The team giving much more effort, willingness and awesome defence got the game. Congrats to Busto for Bronze medal. I followed match reports of the players from both teams just after the game. It was the first time for me to follow Brinker's live interview and surely very nice to hear her lovely style of speaking, very nice girl really. And yes, both teams should be thankful to the CEV's primitive system. I think with possible Round Robin system including 8 best teams the competition would surely be more competitive- more real and no one would argue about impartial of the system.

  • congratz busto but champions league system has to change big time cause some teams that are way better then gala and busto were out of final 4 like cannes dinamo kazan dinamo moscow ezacibashi

    ?? This is ridiculous. Dinamo Moscow is not playing well at all this year. Have you seen who Cannes has playing outside hitter this season? I will give you that Kazan was deserving and had a tough draw, but Busto gave Rabita a better match than Kazan or Cannes did in either leg. Eczacibasi has names, but. . . . .

    This is very silly. Busto beat Azerrail, beat Gala, and took two sets off of Rabita. There will be no pleasing you!

  • that ball was in what kinda system is this lol whatever everybody bitched about referees in Cev cup final seems nobody talks about them now :whistle: Poor reception and Leo's absence killed Gs

    The ball was in, some part of the ball was on the line. If the case was implemented like this Gs would lead the first part of tie-break with 8-5. Interesting thing, there was really strange atmosphere. People were simply shocked and gave all expressions they had because of GS's poor performance during the game and i think all of fans were psychologically too tired to talk about that position. :)

    Gs played last part of the game with trying only Calderon from attacking zone. That was big mistake of Gamze passing to Calderon all the time. It is not surprise GS lost this game with this style.

  • As expected Susana Rodriguez is the 1st refree of final :lol:

    2010/2011 Eczacıbaşı VitrA - Turkish Cup Winner :cup:
    2011/2012 Eczacıbaşı VitrA - Super Cup Winner :cup:

  • and so it begins the match of the titans

  • Congrats to Busto, a real, well-knit volley team : they fully deserved being in the F4, they deserve the bronze

    And now, ... we're likely to see Abbondanza lose his 4th final in a row (after the 3 Italian leagues he had lost as the trainer of Villa Cortese )


  • seems they are saving brako for later moments in the game