The 2013 CEV Champions League

  • Glinka and Naz were the decisive players and they were the missing links which other finalist, Rabita, lacks. (their setter sucked at set distribution whereas Naz was perfect at that part, and they also lack one strong winner OH as Glinka) Other position's level were similar (Montano&Brakoçeviç, Akinradewo&Fürst etc.) From my point of view MVP award must be given to the player who makes the difference and contribute the success of the team most, not the captain of champion team, which is very poor argument :what:

    I accept that Fürst was very beneficial at blocking and she improved Vakıf's overall defence system a lot however she was not good at attacking during final game as you claimed :roll: (4 points with %44 ratio is not impressivefor a MB) Montano may have the MVP as well if she did not play so poorly at final. In leagues, local or international, generally MVP award is given to the best player who showed best performance during the final four. However in tournaments such as OG or WCh, a player's performance during whole tournament is decisive. That's why Kim's and Montano's case were different. Besides, Kim reach semis with a mediocre team whereas Montano eliminated on final with a team which is normally supposed to win title ;)

    Where did you get this statistics? 4 pts? My statistics sheet says 11 pts for Furst, 2nd best scorer after Brakocevic whose pts are 14 only. So, 11 pts is really good in such a game with pts distributed by different players, and show team-game. This is why I am saying the captain, Gozde, should have been MVP.
    What has everybody said here and there? similar things were said by Vakif players as well as Guidetti "we won the cup and its main reason is we were TEAM." So, difference maker in Rabita (as well as in other games) was not any player individually, but, their being a TEAM. So, with your claim (that says difference maker should be awarded MVP), difference maker was the TEAM who should be awarded MVP and the captain represents the team. And, she (together with Furst) performed very well in the first set which too was a difference maker in Rabita game as 1st set was a big punch which shaked Rabita.