The 2013 CEV Champions League

  • :dance6: Congrats to Dresden!

    I've never been a big fan of them, but I really appreciate the way they rely on young players this season, and it paid off in the end, last two points were an ace by Junior setter Gryka and a block by Junior hitter Izquierdo :thumbup:
    Schoot also played a really good match today.

    For Dabrowa, Kaczor was really impressive, I don't remember her playing like this before...too bad it was her that got blocked on the last point. Skowronska also had some very impressive attacks...

    Agree :win:

  • Nadia :obey:
    Good game by T. Markevich and T. Kozlova too :cheesy:
    B. Mihajlovic in trouble against her former team.

  • Can somebody give me the link of Lokomotiv- D.Moscow game statistics?

  • Azerrail totally dissapointed me,horribile match,bad decisions at most important time! Lokomotiv played super match,altough Dinamo was not in best form,that win is very important,and it was sooo easy 20,18,13!! :super:

  • I do not like to make judgement about trainers so often but again I will say Illic is the hindrance of Moscova. And the worst part I believe is the players know she is not this level. This is a pity because they have nice team but are without capable trainer. This is why I suggest Osmokrovic must take more leadership position. All players know Illic never played on such a level and you can see in timeouts and critical moments that coach is only repeating elementary things. Very sad!

  • thats bullshit ! to coach on high level , you must be one ex-high level player? so with this stupid rule , 90% of the coach cant coach her actual teams....on the other hand, i'm sure that maybe only 5% of the high level players can made good coachs in future.
    other question : to judge coachs and players , i mean high level peoples, you must have a CV of high level player or coach,?or you just can hide yourself behind your computer and give your so precious "expert" opinion because you use one avatar and are registred as member of inside volley?

    Les pieds dans le fumier, mais toujours le verbe haut et la tête droite ! Cocorico !

  • :lol::lol::lol: you do not need to be a good player to be a good coach but it cannot be denied that moscow is underperforming so far

  • Ilic was used to coach young players without lot of experience in past years. She is a good coach, she prooved that with volero And their good results. She just need to adapt her coaching style to a group of solid And experienced players.
    You don't coach an 18 years old girl who never play CL and Osmocrovic the same way.

  • thats make sens

    Les pieds dans le fumier, mais toujours le verbe haut et la tête droite ! Cocorico !

  • getting so worked up over something small is stupid and irrational :D

  • Uuuh :cheesy:
    High level game in this 1 st set !
    Go on :P

  • Good match by now, Both teams doing damages with their serves. And the staring look of Karpol in time outs is scary as usial :lol:

  • Yes, matches with two teams who are rather solid in reception are quite fun to watch.
    The teams could not be any more different by the way. On the one side a collection of world stars (plus a terrible Bahar), on the other side 4 of Uralochka's starters (Estes, Chaplina, Rusakova, Salina) were raised by Karpol since childhood.

  • Uralochka tie the match, 1-1. Very deserved by Karpol team, playing very solid against a such a great team as Vakifbank

  • What a great player is Filipova becoming.

  • i wonder how long uralochka will be able to keep up this high level of playing