Cuban NT 2012

  • Setters:

    Leonardo Macias - Santiago de Cuba
    Yoandry Diaz - La habana
    Raydel Hierrezuelo - Ciudad Habana
    Denny Hernandez - Pinar Del Rio


    Rolando Cepeda - S.Spiritus
    Fernando Hernandez - C.Habana
    Inover Romero - Ciego de Avila
    Livan Osiora - Santiago de Cuba


    Wilfredo Leon - Santiago de Cuba
    Lazaro Fundora - Ciudad Habana
    Yenry Bell - Galatasaray Yurtiçi Kargo
    Yordan Bisset - Ciudad Habana
    Osmani Uriarte - Sancti Spiritus
    Nelson Loyola - Cienfuegos
    Alfonso Lamadrid - Ciudad Habana


    Yassel Perdomo - Santiago de Cuba
    Osmany Camejo - Ciudad Habana
    Danger Quintana - Ciudad Habana
    David Fiel - Habana
    Isbel Mesa - C. Habana
    Dariel Albo - Ciudad Habana
    Lian Estrada - Santiago de Cuba


    Gustavo Leyva - Ciudad Habana
    Keibel Guitierrez - Villa Clara
    Yonder Garcia - Ciudad Habana

  • Their lineup could be Hierrezuelo- Fernando Hernandez- Wilfredo Leon- Osmany Juantorena -Simon- Osmany Camejo- Keibel Guitierrez .
    It will be a huge loss for us not to see Osmany Juantorena and Simon in the Olympics.

    Don't forget Sanchez who plays in novosibirsk ;-)

  • Cuban Federation has given Wild Card for Osmany to play in Europe and Cuba NT but He has said that He will play if Other Players play also in Europe like Him.

    The Federation has said no, He also.

  • Didn't Juantorena change his federation of origin(Cuba->Italy)? If he did, there is no way in Hell he can play for Cuba again.

  • Probably when or if Castro's regime falls :whistle:

    That's nonsense.. Castro is popular in Cuba, you dont understand what Cuba was before Castro, an American colony run by drug dealers.

    Now when the sanctions against Cuba are lifted and america and other cuban enemies stop recruiting exiles as potential agents against the Cuban goverment than maybe some of this policies including letting those who go abroad play for the national team will change.. That's the reason for the policy.. EXILES(yes even athletes) can be recruited by anti-castro groups and intelligence agencies for anti-castro activites whether it's spreading propaganda or others things. You do know there are groups/goverments that have been trying to overthrow Castro for decades.

    Don't blame Castro for this. I know political stuff is fobidden but I had to post this when I see so many people blaming Castro for this policy.. He is not the person most responsible.

  • Interview with Wilfredo León taken from the argentinian site
    (I translated it the best I could)

    1) How did you start playing volleyball?
    I started at age 7, in my province of Santiago de Cuba. I watched the World League matches on TV and liked it. My mother also was encouraging me because she was a player and showed me the games. She took me to a coach whom I had for two years and with him I learned the whole technique. Then I went to another trainer who took me to play the National League Regional when I was 11 or 12 years. At 13 I was called for the first time in the Youth National Team and 14 for the Mayor.

    2) Your best and worst game.
    The best, the 2010 World Cup semifinal against Serbia for winning a tie break we had almost lost, we won it and I also had a good game. The worst, against Bulgaria in World League that year. We lost 3-0 very fast, I have done 5 or 6 points, no more ... disastrous.

    3) What was it like for you to play a World League with 14?
    It was in Havana and against Russia. I had to enter in a set that we were losing and that we won. In tournaments prior to that World League I had already played but I had a shoulder injury and so I went to the bench. At that time it had settled the question of whether a boy so young had to play in the issue of pressure, but I wanted to play and I was very happy to have the chance. I was not nervous or anything because I had always played at a younger age than everyone and I was adapted. My teammates said 'Well done, go on, continue looking for a position since you're good for this'. I lived like a pressure cooker and always with the mindset 'you have to solve'.

    4) What are your expectations this year given that the Olympics are the only major tournament you are yet to play?
    Now I think about getting the only ticket that gives NORCECA. Training very hard, very strong and with the goal of making the best in the Olympic qualifiers. The girls who were in 2008 told me that is very nice to play an Olympic game, so my first goal this year is to be there and once inside go out and play for the medal.

    5) What do you like to do outside of volleyball?
    Listening to music, reading books, studying. Now I am studying to become what is known in Argentina as a Teacher of Physical Education and then I will have a degree to be able to coach volleyball, I'd like that very much. Also, lately I'm very hooked to series, particularly Games of Thrones, I know that now comes the second season and I'm crazy for it to come out. I also like Spartacus, who finished good and Diary of a Vampire. As to recommend movies Titanic, which is a classic, and the Fighter without law.

    6) Where do you keep the trophies and individual awards that you have won in so many tournaments? Which is the most meaningful?
    I have all but two at home. The first gold medal I won was when I was 11 and played a tournament in Venezuela for boys of 13 and 14. I was chosen MVP and we were champions. I left the medal at the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre, which is the Patroness of Cuba and is in Santiago, my city. And then the Youth Olympics 2010 medal I left it in a special place in my house that only have access to my mom, my dad and me.

    About which trophies and individual awards meant the most to me, was the best server at the 2009 World League, I prepared hard for that and I did it.

    7) How is your family like? Where do you live?
    I have no brothers and my mom and dad live in Santiago. I'm in Havana that is where I study. From very young I lived alone, traveling in all directions, coming and going ... so I'm very used to. I do not mind doing any of the chores, but I don't let anyone touch my stuff, I always want to find everything as I left.

    8) You came several times to Argentina ... What surprises you most of the country?
    It's all different. Something that strikes me is that here the trains enter the city, in Cuba they just go through the sorroundings, plus in Argentina there are bigger buildings. The culture and food ... I love these ham and cheese empanadas and the dulce de leche.

    And funny thing is that whenever I come to Argentina is very cold. In 2009 we came and played the coldest days, the same happened in 2010 in Formosa and now we are again and again we see on the news that talk about the coldest day of the year! Ahhh, what happens here?. I do not like the cold. We are used to 30 or 32 degrees.

    9) What do you think of the Argentine players? Which ones you see with a higher level?
    I get along with Quiroga, Conte, Pereyra, Crer, Alexis Gonzalez ... of course there were moments of fever of play, but nothing more. All are talented and now I think the best is De Cecco, has good level.

    10) How is a typical day of yours in Cuba?
    Depends on the day, but for example on Monday I get up like 8 in the morning, breakfast, I go to training, lunch and then rest a little longer to go training again. On the return, afternoon tea and always having to wash something, study and sleep. Sometimes I prefer the pc until sleep comes.

    11) What's your opinion on Che Guevara?
    Is a reference, a very important character in the history of Cuba and Latin America. It is one of many international men who fought for freedom, for us is a companion to follow, a fellow soldier. At school, just starting, the first thing they teach you is "Pioneers for communism, we shall be like Che."

    12) Favorite food.
    Shrimp, I love them and when not raw ... inside. I eat a lot.

    13) What music do you listen to prior to a match?
    In all, Cuban reggaeton, which is hotter, and the Puerto Rican. The softer American music also... listen Pastilla, Ammonia.

    14) The best trip.
    The one I enjoyed the most has nothing to do with a tournament. It was in November 2010, South Africa, and with government officials. We were on a solidarity mission, which also had its political side, lecturing on how it is to live and practice the sport in Cuba. We were several athletes and I was took as a representative of volleyball.

    15) A dream.
    To become the best volleyball player, there's still a bit to go.

  • Cuba! Welcome to Sofia! :drink:

    Радо Стойчев каза: Мизия, Тракия, Македония! Западните покрайнини - завинаги български!