Yeltsin Cup 2012

  • Like last year, Brasil is going to play with a B team.

    Better this way! ^^

  • This is just a warm-up tournament anyway no need to send the a-team

  • Russia Roster:

    Пасующие. Евгения Старцева, Анна Матиенко, Марина Акулова

    Блокирующие. Мария Бородакова, Мария Перепелкина, Юлия Меркулова, Регина Мороз

    Нападающие. Евгения Эстес, Екатерина Гамова, Наталия Гончарова, Леся Махно, Виктория Чаплина, Дарья Исаева

    Либеро. Светлана Крючкова, Екатерина Кабешова

  • July 4:

    17:00 Brazil - Cuba
    18:45 Opening Ceremony
    19:30 Russia - Poland

    July 5
    17:00 Cuba - Poland
    19:00 Russia - Brazil

    July 6:
    17:00 Brazil - Poland
    19:00 Russia - Cuba

    July 7:
    16:00 semi-final
    18:00 semi-final

    8 July:

    15:00 Match for third place
    17:00 final
    19:00 tournament closing ceremony

  • Italy as 5 Team will join the Tour. The schedule has changed. Round robin system without Semis and Finals.

  • For this competition, most probably teams will be resting their main players. My Russian starting 7 for this would be:

    S: akulova
    OH: Kosheleva, Goncharova
    OPP: alisheva
    MB: Moroz, Merkulova
    L: Ulanova

    Meanwhile, interesting to see Italy! It's been a while since Russia and Italy face each other. (Was it Edison Cup in 2010?) :)

  • 2011 World Grand prix qualifier

  • Intresting u ask this Bibetron, because Russia and Italy have faced each other very few times since the game in ECH 2007 when Gamova was very angry at the italians for calling the russians "tall clumsy skyscrapers". I think the match-up Italy vs. Russia is one of the less contested match-ups last 5 yrs. actually, the only meetings I can remeber is this:

    WGP qualies 2008 in Omsk (for 2009 WGP): Russia won I think but dont remember exact score.

    Olympics 2008: Italy 3x1

    WGP qualies 2010 in Italy (for 2011 WGP): Russia already qualified played with B-squad without Gamova, and Italy won 3-1.

    Some more matches I have missed? They also played some friendly games I guess. However, only around three "real" matches last 5 yrs. is very few for the two giants of the continent.